4th ART-TRAIL CONTEST - RESULTS and next theme

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Here we are, this amazing contest finds its winners and mentions here - but it's not the last Art-Trail Contest, of course! You can read anticipations on the next contest, the fifth one, we will launch in the next days.

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The 4th ArtTrail Contest, with its theme "Self-Portrait", collected more that 40 artworks submitted in the 3 categories!

I want to thanx the artists who joined this contest with their artworks. Here they are (random order):

@kalemandra, @twirble,@aksinya,@gavicrane, @mikkolyytinen, @aishwarya, @awispa, @aneblueberry, @winstonwolfe, @errymil, @rachelsvparry, @henry-gant, @artwithflo, @flowerpowerart, @jennswall, @shady, @girlbeforemirror, @drawingsbymilena, @makedonsk, @justoneartist, @ovnisaki, @billyjohnsonart, @toonpunk, @funkit, @inber, @urielromeo, @kryo, @mrssignificant, @shortcut, @yoganarchista, @omwith, @aniestudio, @artwithflo, @mymoontao

I want also to thank the SteemTrail communities and guys for their amazing support.

 🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪 

Now, let's see the contest!

I posted yesterday a list of the submitted artworks, for the 3 categories (1. Self-portrait; 2. Painting; 3. Digital art).

For the 1st category, Self-Portrait, here are the selected artworks:












It's a hard selection to do! Not only because it's always hard to make a choice, but also because these are self-portraits, the most sensitive and subjective of the artworks, for an artist! :)

 A special mention for  @billyjohnsonart,  "Self Abstraction" 2.12.2008 - Ink Pen On Wood Glossed - 61.5in x 29.75in - that will receive 5 Steem

Anyway, here is the winner:


La Agonia y Euphoria de un Pintor, by Hans Doller (@kryo) 

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size:  105 x 135 cm 

Created: 2016


The winner will receive 5 steem and 250 Trail tokens

 (To get the tokens, you have to create and account on Openledger and post the OpenLedger username and the Steemit username in the open-ledger-accounts channel on Discord SteemTrail 

 ✐  ✐  ✐  ✐  ✐  ✐  ✐  ✐  ✐  ✐  ✐  ✐  ✐  ✐ 

For the 2nd category, Painting, here are the submitted artworks

 (just 5, so I repost here all of them):






The winner is 

 Artist: Cristina Castañeda

Category: Painting

Title: Egosurfing

Size:  65x81 cm

Date: 2011

Technique: Acrylic on canvas


The winner will receive 5 steem and 250 Trail tokens

  (To get the tokens, you have to create and account on Openledger and post the OpenLedger username and the Steemit username in the open-ledger-accounts channel on Discord SteemTrail  

 🍇  🍇  🍇  🍇  🍇  🍇  🍇  🍇  🍇  🍇  🍇  🍇  🍇 

For the 3rd and last category, Digital Art, here are the submitted artworks

 (the Self-Portrait category attracted the most of the artists, so the Digital art too has just 6 artworks for this week)






And the winner is

 "Etheric Shrine"
Digital Art 2014 

by @billyjohnsonart


The winner will receive 5 steem and 250 Trail tokens

  (To get the tokens, you have to create and account on Openledger and post the OpenLedger username and the Steemit username in the open-ledger-accounts channel on Discord SteemTrail  

 💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙  💙 

I hope no one will feel let down or disappointed for these results. I did my best! You all do know this contest is mostly a way to share around your artworks and to let artists on Steemit know each other. 

Steemit is a great community for artists. We know it. So I would invite the partecipants to share the contest in their web contacts and social media, so to attract more artists here.

 💨  💨  💨  💨  💨  💨  💨  💨  💨  💨  💨  💨  💨  💨  💨  💨  💨  💨  💨 

Ok, get ready for the next ArtTrail Contest (in a few days, I think)


The first category for the 5th Art-Trail Contest will be a classical subject in Art:

Human body - Nude - Anatomy

What do think?


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Congrats to winners. Next ones going to be interesting, got a lot of talented people who'll be pleased about that.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all the participants. Steemits art community is absolutely amazing!

Congratulations to all the winners! This was an awesome experience. We are all winners as we learned something new! Thank you @paolobeneforti for this challenge and lloking forward to more challenges!

Thank you very much to the organizers and the jury for awarding me 1st place in the category Self-Portrait! It's a honor to be able to share my work, my love and my passion with all of you STEEMERS! Hans Doller


thx to you, really great artwork

Congrats to all the winners! Very much looking forward to the next one! :)

Enhorabuena a los ganadores, hay trabajos muy buenos!!

Great pictures amazing art!

Wow! Wow! Wow!!! This is so impressive. What incredible entries -- all of them. Steemit really has some magnificent creators. I'm so grateful for this platform to share our inspirations and create community. I'm so glad I don't have to choose winners. This must have been incredibly difficult.

I want to share also that @sflaherty runs Steemit Blogger Central on FB and twitter. Check out his post--he loves the arts and will be a great supporter of these types of initiatives.


Impressive all portraits presented, difficult choice.
Congratulations to the winners and @art-trail for the initiative.
Thanks for this presents!

Congratulations to the winners. I'd be interested in entering the next one.

Is sculpture accepted as a medium?


we did a category Sculpture in one of the past edition, but it always hard to find sculptors ;)

Thanks again for organizing these; great work!. Look forward to submitting more next time:)


Congratulations to the winners!

Just great!!!!!!!!1 Congratulations!

Congratulations to all the winners! :)

Wow some remarkable work, so much talent out there and our current world economic system doesn't encourage this, shame. But thanks creation is beautiful!

congrats. all beautiful pieces

Ohhhh thanks you!I'm one of the fortunates!!!! 👏👏👏👏🙏❤

Hi @paolobeneforti! Thanks for this!
I'm trying to follow your instructions here, but I have no clue how to do this:

"post the OpenLedger username and the Steemit username in the open-ledger-accounts channel on Discord SteemTrail"

Do you have some more elaborated how-to-instructions please? I'm a newbie here! :)


Hi @paolobeneforti! thank you so much!!
Unfortunately I have no idea how to claim for the tokens :(
Could you please help me?


you have to
1 create an account on openledger
2 post your openledger and steem username in discord --> https://discordapp.com/channels/237494690100936704/260548877055295499


..ok, I opened my openledger account and also an account in discordapp. But then I don't know how/where to post my usernames in discord :(
I tried, let me know if it worked :(


the discord channel to post your steem and openledger username is this https://discordapp.com/channels/237494690100936704/260548877055295499
that's open-ledger-account-add.
I don't know if you have added it already: what is your OpenLedger username?
(btw, the 250 trail tokens for the winners are worth just a couple of dollars, as far as I know. I just manage the contest, but I'm not the owner of the trail or of the tokens. :))

Super Pictures ))))

Ah gutted I missed this one!! Self portraits are my jam.

Awesome work, love these collaborations. I run Steemit Blogger Central and our mutual friend @everlove shared this with me to resteem for you, about to do just that. Feel free to keep in touch and let me know if you need further outreach RESTEEMS from us, be happy to help. Followed you

Our pages are at the following links




As a musician myself I am always happy to share the arts with others so hope my little posts help you reach even more users. Keep up the awesome work!


thx! glad to share your project! :)


I really appreciate the help, trying hard to make something of this so I can help others grow here on Steemit, just followed you and down to help you out as well anytime. Through community we can do great things together I feel.