ARK Wants to Finish the Correction

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ARK is still well within the boundaries of the Broadening Pattern. After tagging the upper blue line, price has returned to the lower support line and seems to be bouncing off. ARK wants the correction to end; however, it could potentially produce another bull wick scenario.

Here are the finer Elliott Wave labels. IF the abc count is correct, then it could be labled as a zigzag since wave A has five subwaves. This means that wave C also requires five subwaves and its count shows that i,i,ii,iv are likely complete and placed. That leaves wave v and it could be how another bull wick could be formed as its placement would likely require one more lower low. Would this require BTC to also generate a lower low? Not necessarily; as during the July and Sept of 2017 corrections, BTC turned up while many Alts were still making slightly lower lows.

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Doubled my bag of ARK the other day. ARK CORE v2 currently at 60%. Expect movement in mid feb.

Ark is about to explode...0.029BTC here we come!!!


I hope you are correct.. just holding..

ARK is a very interesting project... and it's founder has just started Persona, running on the ARK Network. I was going to invest in it, but since the token price is fixed to FIAT... and after such a hard correction of ETH, I decided it wasn't a good deal:

Anyway, if anyone is interested, he's the link:

I might still join, depending on the value of ETH in a week or so.

thanks for the analysis. I think that ARK has massive potential, looking for it to break out

good advice i think it will helpful for all thank you

Nice advise.thank u very much

I like your advice me support you

great. thank you for this.

Thanks for the advice.

It will continue to stabilize for some time, then another spike will happen and massive gains will come! Great post @haejin!

It's not just ARK that wants the downtrend to end. I really do to!! :) Thanks for the post Haejin




Thank you...very nice post...

Hi @haejin please follow me

Fully agree

Vote and resteemit done.


This looks crisp! Can anyone say buy ladder!!! Thanks for this!!🙏🏻


What about Rise, anyone ?