Allion (ALL) Complex Combination Correction Nearing the Finish Line

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Allion (ALL/BTC) has been moving in a complex combination correction where the blue wxyxz is also inclusive of much of a price rounding formation (white arrow line). The Cup & Handle formation is quite clear and crisp in that the blue wedge symmetrical triangle is carving out the handle pattern. Given how close price is to the Apex, the handle could be about complete and so awaiting breakout confirmation.

The finer waves show another round of wxyxz but mostly contained within the symmetrical wedge pattern. The final abc for the blue z wave needs a minor lower low as it would also bring price closer to the apex. This is all at the moderate risk of price morphing into a sideways moving continuation. Even if Bitcoin starts making higher highs, these smaller Altcoins will most likely lag the trend reversal as it had been seen in just about every correction during 2017.

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