AID VENEZUELA | Resumen de la semana “Summary of the week.”

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We bring you information about what has been done recently in the project. We hope that people can continue to support this cause for further growth and increase support to our country and communities to be supported.

Les traemos información sobre lo que se ha hecho recientemente en el proyecto. Esperamos que las personas puedan seguir apoyando esta causa para un mayor crecimiento y aumentar el apoyo a nuestro país y las comunidades a ser apoyadas.

Support on the Way

From outside the country people have heard our call for help with medicines. Today we can say that @r2cornell and @alaqrab are making a great effort to send these resources to our country in order to support those in our hands.

Thank you so much for understanding the message and supporting the cause.

You can read this for help: AID VENEZUELA | Donate Medicines from USA now!

Desde el exterior del país personas han escuchado nuestro llamado a la ayuda con medicinas. Hoy podemos decir que @r2cornell y @alaqrab están haciendo un gran esfuerzo por conseguir enviar estos recursos a nuestro país para poder apoyar a quienes esté en nuestra manos.
Muchisimas gracias por entender el mensaje y apoyar la causa.

Puedes leer la información aca:
AID VENEZUELA | Donate Medicines from USA now!

Bringing food aid to the streets:

Although it has been a busy week motivated by political problems, we continue to look for cases in the streets to provide support to these people who need it so much. Next week we plan not only to provide support for dry food such as pasta or rice but also to be able to prepare food and take it to the streets for all those who have nowhere to live or cook.

A pesar de que ha sido una semana bastante movida motivado a los problemas políticos, seguimos buscando casos en las calles para poder brindar apoyo a estas personas que tanto lo necesitan. En la próxima semana tenemos pensado no solo brindar apoyo en materia de alimentos secos como pasta o arroz sino que además pensamos poder preparar alimentos y llevarlos a las calles para todos aquellos que no poseen donde vivir o cocinar.

Food For life program

The main reason we haven't started this program is for the simple reason that we don't have specialized nutritionists to help us do the screenings. We are still looking for them, but we already have communities to support. At any moment we will be launching the program through @fundition.

El motivo principal por el cual no hemos iniciado este programa se debe a la sencilla razón de no contar con nutricionistas especializados que nos presten la colaboración para realizar los despistajes. Seguimos en la búsqueda de los mismos, sin embargo ya tenemos las comunidades a apoyar. En cualquier momento estaremos lanzando el programa por medio de @fundition.

A request from the "Manos de los Ángeles" Foundation

This foundation has been very consistent in supporting the project, mobilizing one of the future communities to attend and keeping us informed of its status and possible ways to support it. However, today we are receiving a personal request about a very serious case of a patient who is being visited at the Vargas Hospital in Caracas.

This is Jesús Álvarez, 16 years old, born in Trujillo state, who has a cutaneous defect in his upper and lower limbs due to third degree burns, causing in turn an infection of skin and white parts by pseudomona aeruginosa bacteria, moderate anemia, hypoalbuminemia and moderate grade 2 protein malnutrition.

He has been hospitalized for a year with 70% of body recovery in terms of burns, however his nutritional and medical case is worsening because he does not have the resources for care.

From Crypto Aid Venezuela we ask for support to purchase protein formulas as well as personal hygiene items. We will appreciate any collaboration: include the memo "aid for Jesus Alvarez" in your transfer. Thank you very much.

Esta fundación ha sido muy constante en el apoyo del proyecto, movilizando a una de las comunidades futuras a atender y manteniendonos informados de su estado y posibles formas de apoyarle. Sin embargo hoy nos traen una solicitud personal sobre un caso muy grave de un paciente al cual están visitando en el Hospital Vargas de Caracas.

Se trata de Jesús Álvarez de 16 años, natural del estado Trujillo quien posee un defecto cutáneo en sus miembros superiores e inferiores por quemaduras de tercer grado, causando a su vez una infección de piel y partes blancas por bacterias pseudomona aeruginosa, anemia moderada, hipoalbuminemia y desnutrición proteica moderada de grado 2.

El mismo posee un año hospitalizado con un 70% de recuperación corporal en cuanto a las quemaduras, sin embargo su caso nutricional y medico esta empeorando al no contar con los recursos para su atención.
Desde Crypto Aid Venezuela pedimos el apoyo para hacer compra de fórmulas proteicas asi como articulos de aseo personal. Cualquier colaboración la sabremos apreciar: incluye el memo "aid for Jesus Alvarez" en tu transferencia. Muchisimas gracias.

We'll be providing new updates this week so keep an eye out for it.
Thank you for your continued support!

If you want to help us disseminate the project we invite you to use the following markdown at the end of your publications, with your help we will be making more and more people know about the project. Thank you very much. They will add a image + link to our mision as project!

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If you are interested in supporting us we invite you to read our introductory post where you can learn more about us and some frequently asked questions:INTRODUCING AID VENEZUELA | CRYPTOCURRENCY HUMANITARIAN AID



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Great update. Thank you.

I hope many will join me and send a little extra for "aid for Jesus Alvarez".

thanks for all your support mister cornell! Really happy to see you helping us from the start! Today i will go search in the stores for some nutritional supplements! ♥

everyone send a little extra for "aid for Jesus Alvarez...plz

Every little bit helps....I am keeping this post open and aid.venezuela's wallet open. I will upvote comments @20% to anyone that sends some "aid for Jesus Alvarez"

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good program, hopefully the goal of the project's growth will continue and get support for the country and the community.

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i resteem the grat post . for seeing my friends. who can give aid for Jesus Alvarez . this will help little bit .