AID VENEZUELA | Help is coming to the project!

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We thank everyone for their fervent support for this initiative. In just 24 hours we have grown quite a bit and received a lot of support from valuable users of the platform.

Also @r2cornell, @scilwa, and @juliakponsford have given us a great gift by delegating a little of their Steem Power to allow the growth of the project and be able to generate resources that allow the self-sustainability of future humanitarian activities.

aid-venezuela - Steem 14-3-2019 10-52-24 a- m-.png

You can delegate through and give some love to our project.

@victoriabsb has joined the team to create links with the eastern region of the country.
@exzorltg will support us from the west of the country.

We continue to grow to form a team that allows for greater dissemination of aid entering this project. Also, we will be creating publications where the same people through images and videos, to tell them about the reality we are living.

If you are interested in supporting us we invite you to read our introductory post where you can learn more about us and some frequently asked questions:



Join our discord channel:

Latest related publications:

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It is wonderful to watch @aid.venezuela grow in this short period of time. It takes time to build a presence on steemit, but maybe if everyone spreads the word it will build faster than normal. It is great to see a "team" being pulled together.

I know there are other areas of the world with issues, and I have helped out with a few organizations here on steemit, but right now the situation for many in Venezuela is very desperate. So for now I will do what I can to help.

I hope others will also do the same. I know many have little VP, but small upvotes or other means of helping add up to a larger sum if enough people join forces. I also know there are many with ample VP and I trust they will also help.

You have provided useful information.Thank you for sharing

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