Venezuela in the dark | The crisis is becoming more and more acute

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In the face of frustration and uneasiness I can say that I no longer know what to do, let alone think.

If inflation, resources and the political situation are extremely delicate, now we must add to this the complete paralysis of a nation, an issue that makes it impossible in matters of food, health, transportation and other factors that move the Venezuelan day to day.

To explain a little, on Thursday the Guri dam suffered a malfunction, the same caused by failures of maintenance that include:

  • High vegetation in electric turrets.
  • Vegetation fire that affected high tension lines that provide 85% of the electrical energy of the country.
  • Charge rejection due to overheating.
  • Reconnection of loads disabled years ago due to damage.
  • Transmission problems.

Which to date have not been possible to solve by:

  • Lack of personnel.
  • Lack of spare parts.
  • Lack of investment in the electrical sector.

As a result of this, on Thursday I experienced a situation that I had never experienced before: being trapped in a city very far from home, traveling more than 15 kilometers in the dark, with fear, with wounds caused by a fall in an uncovered sewer, using alternate routes for lack of transportation, without money, with the uncertainty of not knowing if I could find a friend who would give me shelter, just walk, walk and pray for having where to go. I can say that I was not the only one, millions of people, not only in Caracas, went through exactly the same thing. If we live in fear because of insecurity, that day was much worse.

Since the beginning of this period of darkness, Venezuelans have had to deal with the serious electrical situation that affects at least 95% of the nation, days in which we have all suffered in some way from the inefficiency of a government to carry out the proper maintenance of the country's hydroelectric plants, in this case, the Guri dam.

Material by Telemundo (use subtitles)

The government continues to insist that nothing is happening, but the reality is different:

  • More than 15 dead in hospitals.
  • No cash.
  • No transportation.
  • No drinking water.
  • Looting.
  • Decomposing food.
  • No gasoline.
  • No telephone coverage.
  • Dollarization of products by merchants.
  • Only a couple of hours a day of electricity.

Shutdown Venezuela (translate with deepl or any translater)





Every day the crisis in our country becomes much more acute, every day we see how the negligence of more than 20 years of government of a badly called "revolution" continues to wreak havoc.

They are unable to recognize their mistakes, they are unable to see the damage they have done. I don't want to see how people die, I don't want to see how people pay in one way or another. This has gotten out of our hands, but I just want to ask the world to show the truth.

Stop believing only with what you read! Stop thinking that your truth is absolute when you have never set foot on this earth! Speak! Know the real situation, know Venezuelans and see that we are not well, see that there is no medicine, there is no food, there is nothing and leaving is almost impossible with the salary we earn monthly.>

Sometimes I wish I had come to Steem from its inception and been able to become a whale, not to enrich myself as many do at the expense of the real meaning of the platform they are unable to fulfill, but rather to somehow have the ability to help all these suffering people. My country hurts! It hurts to see what we live! And it hurts me to see how even a damned humanitarian aid is unable to pass into this land!

I ask you, give your grain of sand and help those who need it, money is just something material, do if you want your own campaigns and look for how to send the money, or look for someone to trust and process things through them but the important thing is to HELP in these situations, not only Venezuela, all the countries that can.

Tomorrow, when you are tired of living, when your body can no longer stand, you will see that the money you take care of so much meant nothing, you will see that while you lived long enough, someone could not move forward because of a health problem, food or because depression or a bullet in his chest took his life in a nation full of hatred and corruption towards its people.

That day you will remember that above all we must be HUMAN.


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No real words to express the sadness. I am with you and your people @zaxan.

Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it. Hope this end soon and we can have a life quality better

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Agreed. May it be so @zaxan.

@zaxan, I would be very interested in your opinion on this video:

I would also recommend it for @everlove, @delishtreats, @r2cornell, so nobody can call you naive.

If 28min. are too long, just the first 5 already raise interesting questions and are also in contrast to what is written in this post.

I'm very sorry to say that, but I can't shake off the feeling that what's written in this post is not true.
(self-upvoted so this is not at the end)

I am so sorry to hear all these details. It was definitely not easy to read. I wish that the situation would be better for you very soon. It's going like this for so long and people must start losing their hope. I can't even imagine how it is to be without electricity, access to water and food. These conditions are not human and no one should go through it.

Stay strong and go for what you believe is right. I am sure that you and your nation will make a change!

Ty delish! and yeah, we can't loose the hope... but it's hard when you see so many people without resources, and it's much harder to see how people are dying. Here there is a deficit of everything.

I figured things were bad when I had not heard from followers from your great country!

Now it is just trying to survive for the citizens.

There are no words I can share other than I will resteem and hope some of my followers will upvote your post.


ty cornell! Hope this situation become better.

Hi, @zaxan!

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I am very sorry to hear that you are in such a predicament. People don’t deserve to suffer like that. My heart is with you.

The determination to overthrow the Maduro government by the West is ever so pressing at this moment. They will continue to ratchet up the heat on Maduro and see when he will break. If crisis worsens, a civil war will most likely become imminent.

What you are going to see is humanity at it's best and worst.

When traveling at night, find a walking stick so that you can feel what is in front of you. If injured, the stick will help you support yourself. If attacked, it becomes a weapon. Jab, don't swing. Swinging opens your core up for damage.

Do not give up! Only by being tested can you find your true worth.

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What Happened to this beautiful country... I hope it will be save by cryptocurrency...

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The power outage in Venezuela wasn't caused by mismanagement, it was caused by a deliberate act of sabotage by agents of the United States. The situation the Venezuelan people find themselves in is due to sanctions and actions of the United States and it's allies. All governments are corrupt but if you or any other Venezuelan honestly believe that the puppet Guido or the United States are your friend or will bring freedom or democracy to Venezuela I can only assume you have been asleep for the past 20 years. The only people who would benefit if the USA get their way and overthrow Maduro and install a puppet is the rich Venezuelan's who are not suffering because they have back up generators and plenty of money to buy things from the black market that exists and thrives in large part due to the actions of the United States.

I'm hoping you are not calling for the United States to save the day but if you are, all I can say is good luck to you because you are going to need it.

  ·  6 months ago (edited)


There's nothing more pathetic than seeing someone who doesn't live the country's situation expressing an opinion about what's going on here as if they knew the truth.

  • It was not sabotage, the Guri system is an analogical system and is one of the most reinforced structures with surveillance in the country.
  • I invite you to come and observe the state of the power plants that have not been maintained since mid 2013.
  • Only a couple of turbines have been in operation for years.
  • The government made a law years ago that required the delivery of power plants to the state.
  • Guess which were the only places with electricity: The presidential palace and the house of some ministers.
  • The only ones that don't suffer are the state, which didn't even worry about dealing with the cases of deaths and affectations at the national level.
  • Already here there are 3 countries that have taken the resources: Cuba, Russia and China. Do you really think that the USA is the only one pending to take the resources?
  • I am 24 years old and the only years in which I lived peacefully, being of low economic class were the first 8, when this nightmare badly called "revolution" had not been fully gestated.

I don't have 20 years of sleep, on the contrary, I have 20 years living this shit of revolutionary communism, something that you haven't lived and that you seem to defend.

In this picture we can see the United States by growing weeds and avoiding pruning them.

In this other we can see the little house of Diosdado Cabello in Maturin - Ve.

In this video you can see Chavez donating electricity plants to Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua in plenty energy crisis of 2010.

But of course, that was all USA.