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Dear Community of Steem. By means of this letter we ask all those who might be interested, for their support to initiate what would be one of the stages of this project which seeks to provide with medicines to institutions and people who require them in the various regions of Venezuela that can be reached.

Under this argument we look for the power to support those institutions that motivated to the humanitarian crisis that lives the country have a shortage of supplies to attend the most serious cases of hospital emergency that affects our nation, which have not been attended due to the prohibition of the national government to allow the entrance of the humanitarian aid sent by diverse nations, who in their attempt to continue forward use alternative means to obtain supplies by means of foundations and external projects that obtain the same ones from other countries.

Steps to fundraising:

  1. Talk to neighbors or friends about the situation in Venezuela using different sources, including this project, and organized an input collection.
  2. Locate a pharmacy or drugstore together with friends and neighbors.
  3. Make the selection of medicines and medical supplies that according to your economic capacity can be acquired and according to the list established later in this post.
  4. Introduce the content in a box so that it can occupy the full dimensions of it.
  5. Identify the box correctly including, if possible, the list of inputs it contains.
  6. Go to a courier (specified below).
  7. Inform about the shipping data to Venezuela including the box in which the donation will be received.
  8. Inform us by this means or by means of our email [email protected] of the sent supplies, date of shipment and person that sends (if you wish it).

Necessary products:

  • Over-the-counter (OTC) medications: anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, anti-allergic, anti-flu, anti-diarrheal, or any over-the-counter medication.

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Medical Supplies:
Liquid Bandage, Band Aid liquid10% sulfur soapTylenol (suppository, tablets, syrup)
Folic acidAdhesive tapeTopical analgesic with lidocaine (Solarcaine Spray, Dermoplast Spray)
Arnicare - Gel Aloe VeraÁrnica en gel Bengay Stop Pain Perform Ice Hot Max-FreezeBactine (spray) Neosporin
SilvadeneLip balm lipstick-style tube (Chapsticks)Sodium bicarbonate
Arm SlingsCaladryThroat Drops Lozenges
Disposable bed padsSteri Strip Skin ClosureCervical Support Collar size S,M,L
Instant cold packsCulturelle (Enterogermine)Orthopedic equipments ( Elbow pads, Wrist Guards, Knee Pads, Shinguards)
Burn gauze padsIndividually-wrapped gauze pads 4x4Eye drops (Visine ,Clear Eye )
Sterile nitrile unpowdered and Non sterile nitrile/latex gloves sizes M and LImodium (in tablets)Syringes (5, 12, 20 ml)
IodineAntiseptic Wash (Band-Aid Hurt-Free Antiseptic Wash)Cough syrup (Robitussin)
Ketasol Injections 250 mg, Lidocaine HCl injectionsFirst aid KitBedpans and Urinals
Disposable nebulizer kitMadecasol (Asiaticoside) Protosulfil 1%Silver Sulfadiazine Cream 1%
NebulizersOmeprazole Lanzoprasol / LansoprazolePedialyte powder
Permethrin 5% or 10% (scabies)QuikClot (stops hemorrhage)Betadine Solution
Ophthalmic saline solution (Boston eye wash, Unisol 4)Sulfur butterFace masks
ThermometersHydrogen peroxide wipes)Combat
Elastic bandages 4”- 6” y 8”Vit C 1,000MG (chewable) or EmergencVitamin D
Vitamins B1 B6 B12 injections (B Complex)

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1. CARGO HL (Free Shipping for medicines): It is a company located in Miami, FL with 16 years of experience, in charge of shipping to and from Venezuela anywhere in the United States and Panama. URL:

Shipping address (how it appears here):
Phone number: (754) 2071733

2. Liberty Express (charge costs): Liberty Express is the leading company in the market for the transfer of Internet Purchases and International Shipments, from Europe, Latin America, USA, Canada and the rest of the world. We have a great experience of more than 14 years for the handling of your packages and parcels that gives us the basis to offer a quality service, providing excellent advice and continuously exceeding all your expectations of home delivery at no additional cost. URL:

Shipping addres (how it appears here):
LIB-VE0535433 8952 NW 24TH TER DORAL
MIAMI, FL 33172-2422 United States
Phone number: (305) 5009199
Disclaimer: We invite you to contact the shipping houses before making any donation. This to avoid sending products that may be prohibited before them. We also recommend using Cargo HL as they offer a free shipping service to Venezuela.

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Our project seeks through the blockchain provide the greatest amount of aid possible to the most vulnerable communities in the country, who are not only suffering food problems by the high cost of products, but that coupled with this the pharmaceutical companies do not have the majority of products necessary to meet the need of the user, or in such a case they are at a very high cost because they are imported products.

This campaign seeks to attack that aspect and allow at least one medical aid that serves to assist them and prevent more deaths that are occurring in hospitals for lack of supplies.

Archive: Images takes from severals sources from the years 2018-2019.







From @aid.venezuela the commitment is with the Venezuelan people and we will look for all the forms that are in our hands to take care of them.

Thanks for your support!

If you are interested in supporting us we invite you to read our introductory post where you can learn more about us and some frequently asked questions:


Join our discord channel:
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