That's awesome. There will also be a meetup in Nigeria as well

Hello @robin-mctities,
Feel free to contact us, or tell the organizers to do so, if you/they want to create a badge for the Nigeria meetups.
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he ich hoffe Ihr seit alle in Essen dabei

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Cool! I think this area is where my last name comes from (: Enjoy the meetup, everybody!

Thanks, was so far and still is a nice meetup


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GodSpeeeeeeed ! :) ♥♬

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Ven y únete a nosotros cuando quieras @yujomar
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I would like to thank you for keeping me in this group with you.Keep me with you all my life,I'm like you. esteetmit....

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Wow! Tokyo Meet-up will be held!
I will contact you soon!

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