SteemitBoard to support the german speaking community meetups

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The sixth meetup of the German community will take place today in Aachen.

This meetup is organized by @detlev and many Steemians from different countries (Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Luxembourg, ...) have already attended the numerous occurrences of this meetup. For more information about this events and it's previous edition, read here.

@steemitboard's team wanted to support such meetups and to celebrate this 6th edition, it has prepared a new commemorative badge that attendee can receive when participating in the meetup. The badge attribution will be managed by the meetup organizer @detlev and anyone getting the badge will be able to display it on his/her board of honor.


We wish all participant of this Steem Meetup Aachen 6th edition a lot of fun!

Happy Steem meetup!

If you are a meetup organizer and you want to reward participants with a personalized badge, do not hesitate to contact SteemitBoard’s creator @arcange on discord or on

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That's awesome. There will also be a meetup in Nigeria as well


Hello @robin-mctities,
Feel free to contact us, or tell the organizers to do so, if you/they want to create a badge for the Nigeria meetups.
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he ich hoffe Ihr seit alle in Essen dabei

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Cool! I think this area is where my last name comes from (: Enjoy the meetup, everybody!


Thanks, was so far and still is a nice meetup



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Hey @alexvanaken, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!


GodSpeeeeeeed ! :) ♥♬

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Ven y únete a nosotros cuando quieras @yujomar
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I would like to thank you for keeping me in this group with you.Keep me with you all my life,I'm like you. esteetmit....

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You're welcome @litonmia
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Wow! Tokyo Meet-up will be held!
I will contact you soon!



cool idea, @arcange
i will contact you in the next days ,
so i need for Graz, Salzburg and Amstetten


Sure, feel free to contact me whenever you want.
BTW, I would love to visit all the wonderful cities you mentioned


Hope to see you as well again here in Aachen to get one of our badges....

#SteemMeetupAachen 6 is still ongoing with some - what do you think - nice #beer from The Netherlands


I'm sure we'll see you at one of your next Meetups, maybe in June.
Have fun with everyone who is with you today.