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I've been getting this purple light effect on my iphone.  Not all the time, just sometimes.  It's funny because I practice with a purple energy flow when I meditate ...but I think maybe this color is somehow coming from my iphone case.  The photo above is on the way to the beach where I go for a morning walk.

This is looking up on a lunchtime walk.

This is me practicing meditation on the deck ...Yes, it's an odd one I know. 

...and this is the wetlands near where I work.  

My Chinese Chi Master positively glows with a purple light when he is working with energy. It is especially visible flickering above his head and you can feel it showering through you.  I'm hoping one day I earn the ability to do that, in the meantime I'll just have to keep practicing.   

Have you captured any strange lights on your iphone or had any light experiences in your meditation practice?


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That's really cool and weird at the same time.
It has been my experience that many inexpensive cameras have a lot of difficulty handling the sun - in fact, it's so prevalent that it's one of my key questions now when looking into buying a new camera - can it handle the sun?

Even one of my more expensive cameras (disappointment from the outset on that one) had great difficulty handling some sunset pictures I took. It was really frustrating.

Not sure why yours is doing purple though.

Its great.. walking on the sand!