Mindfulness is Fun

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Mindfulness is fun.
 Try this.  Just Breathe Out!   

For a few minutes, just focus on your out-breath.  Let  your in-breath do whatever it likes.  

Aim to be fully present when you breathe out and experience every moment of it right til the end. Get behind the out-flow. Enjoy the release of exhaling.  Breathing out is letting go.  Breathing out is returning to the self.   This little mindfulness practice is so effective. You can practice it anywhere, anytime. It will take the weight of your shoulders and help you feel free.


Hi, I'm Margot.  I love to write about energy, art and intuition.  Mindfulness practice is a great way to tune in.  I hope you enjoy my posts: 

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Allen Ginsberg has a wonderful poem called "Mind Breaths" inspired by his study of samatha meditation, which he learned from Chögyam Trungpa, a Buddhist monk. He follows his breath westward all the way round the world.


That sounds like a great poem. I will look it up. Choyam Trungpa was quite a character.

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Thanks for looking out for me @alaskahippie

Beautiful, reminder! Thank you

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