Mindfulness is Fun - Move to Match

in yoga •  last year 

Connecting with your body is great for your mind.

Move to match your feelings.  It will set you free.  

When no-one is looking, strike a pose that matches your feelings.  Don't overthink it.  Just do it!  You'll see in an instant what your body is trying to tell you.  Releasing this message will bring on the antidote.  Negative feelings disperse.  Positive feelings increase.  Move to match your feelings.  It's spontaneous.  It's fun.  It's one of the most simple and most truly effective practices around. 

Hi, I'm Margot.  I love to write about energy, art and intuition.  Mindfulness practice is a great way to tune in.  I hope you enjoy my posts: 

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Nice way to find spontaneous balance -- really, really fun! And most surprising!


Glad you tried it! It's great for writers block. It's my westernisation of 'spontaneous qigong.'