What Looks Brighter?

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"It's 2pm in the afternoon.  At last the sun is shining after a dreary day.  I'm looking for my second wind.  I get quiet for a moment.  I tune in to find my spirit animal.  She is an owl so that usually involves looking up. 

I'm wondering what my right direction is for the rest of the day.  From all the things I have on my desk, one object suddenly seems brighter than all the rest.  It's a drawing of a girl dancing, her hair flying out behind her, bare feet playing on the grass.  That's it, I think to myself.  Start Dancing."


Hi, I'm Margot.  Welcome to my world.  This is what I like to do.  Lift my head above the ordinary to find something brighter - something that is sparkling with more chi.  When I do stuff just because I have to, life starts losing its magic - and I like magic.  I like having more fun. 

It doesn't always happen that way.  Tuning in to the Owl Goddess helps me lift my vibration.  She helps me shift my focus from the everyday world to a world that seems to have more creative potential.   Do you want to try it? 

  1. The first thing you need to do is become still and quiet for a moment.  Really bring your whole self into the present.
  2. Then you need to do something that lifts your vibration.  Look up, connect with your guides, take calming breaths, or picture a symbol that has a special meaning for you.
  3. Then gently think of your question, just for a moment.  Hold it lightly in your awareness, then let it go.
  4. Now look around you.  Look at all the objects and things that are in front of you.  Just quietly take them all in.  Is one object starting to look brighter now?  Is something calling your attention? 
  5. Take note of what it is.  Can you get the message it has for you straight away?  Or do you need a little time to explore if further?  How does this item help you answeryour question? 

We are listening to energy or 'chi' all the time, even when we don't realize it.  Make it a habit to go towards what shines brighter.  The more you look for what energises you, the more you will find it.

My three favourite things are working with energy, art and intuition - but right now, I'm going dancing! 

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