Look Inside Your Heart. You Might Find the Universe.

in yoga •  last year 

This isn't just a lovely saying,  it's an actual chi practice that works.

If you can get quiet, connect with your heart and listen inside
.....amazing things will begin to happen.

Gradually stuck energy releases, chi starts to flow and an inner space opens up.

That space is not empty, it's full of fresh, beautiful energy.  It's the universe inside your heart.

This moment of spaciousness is a true result of meditation.   Treasure it.

You can give it a go.  

If you feel nothing, don't worry.  That's something.  
That's the beginning of the big shift - if you can just sit with that.  

Let anything stale release on the out-breath.

Just let your heart breathe for awhile.  Give it  your full attention. 

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