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Today I have a nice and juicy video for you. Just a short one. But all about Streemian. If you are new to Steemit you should definately check this out as it will aid you big time in getting curation rewards and perhaps some new followers too.

Check it out and dont forget to become my fan on Streemian!

Who to Follow

@gktown cool guy, is very actively going for success in the Steem Music industry :D Started his account May 2017. Check his post about whaleshares right here

@reggaemuffin sounds like a true Jamaican but actually is a smooth German. Witness of the day. Has my vote. Great guy with a lot of potential! Joined May 2017 and is really going places.

@akrid You can find him on Discord Whaleshares chat as he is a mod right there. If he finds you it's even better since he is a curator at OCD. Loves to give away whaleshares. Started in May 2017 (Another one?) but has gain over 560 followers already.

@eirik Joined March 2017. One active guy on steemit. Loads of posts and comments which all do well. Runs a competion for Students right now. Want to win 5000 euro and think you qualify? Check it out!

@mynameisbrian all about blockchain themed comics. I personally love them and find them very good. But hey, that's me. What do I know right? Anyway, follow him and keep a sharp eye on him as he might tech you a thing or two. He is around since July 2016 so he knows his way around.

@liberosist Curator at Curie. Curie is like Bruce Wayne's friends. One fundraiser with his friends and you are set for life (Or get a great motivational boost in terms of rewards) You want them to come and visit your blog. Really. But you don't want to invite them yourself. A big NO NO. In fact, they have guidelines which you should dream about. He is fair and honest. If you stumble across him anywhere on Discord or Steemit.Chat don't send him URL's. You can ask him to check your blog tho, and he will. Even if it's a few hours later. Around since July 2016.

@whatsup Around since August 2016. He is a survivor (26 years of marriage can do that). Loves to trigger people into thinking. It's a trap really. You can find him on Discord daily.

@crypt0 you might have guessed it by his username but he is all about Crypto. And good at it too. Check his latest video about cryptocurrencies and you might learn a thing or two about the blockchain!

Special Mention (Gmuxx and the search for the Hidden Gems)

If you are a minnow, someone who just started and can use the help in making the first steps on Steemit then you should follow @gmuxx. He constantly is on the search for hidden writing talent and in a combined effort has the possibilities to boost selected minnows who excell in contributing but lack the following base.


With all religions come Witnesses who see the miracles up close. As a practising Steemian I vouch for these witnesses

Allthough I don't fully understand the concept of being a witness I can tell that these guys are the reason why Steem is Steem. They are the beating heart of Steemit and everything that is connected. I will add one more witness daily for the next 24 days untill my votes are done. If you believe you should become a witness and deserve a mention please don't hesitate to either reply to this post, contact me on chat or discord (@cem) or try to raise your attention otherwise.

Find out who was on yesterdays "Who to Follow Daily - Do or do not, there is no try!" Edition

Cheers y'all and Steem on!

I'm looking for the designer of this .gif as I want to give him credit for it

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Thank you @cem for your support :)


You're welcome brother. I hope you get alot of "witness" votes. Cheers and Steem on!

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What an excellent post again!


Thanks mate. Dont forget to become my fan on streemian ;P

@akrid is the man! :)


thats why he is on the list :D

@Cem... Thank You Cem... will continue to follow & read Your Posts.

This was a really Good One... Thanks Again !!

Have a Great Weekend !!


Thank you. Dont forget to become my fan on Streemian :D


Just now watching the video... Thanks Cem !!


sign up for streemian, follow the steps to succesfully sign up, verify, and then click on services - fanbase - fill in "cem" and hit "become a fan" :D

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followed all .... but i need to be followed too bro...resteemed too


Dont worry mate. Try to get onto steemspeak and connect with some people. You'll find a lot of people from these list on there ;)


ohk thanks


You are doing well mate keep it up


what im doing how you can say here

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This is so informational for a newbie like me. Thanks a latte!