You Feel Hot? Your Computer Also!

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I’ll speak about the fact that we forget too easily that our computer gets hot fast.

Be careful, I'm not talking about a heat wave, it would be too simple.

No, as soon as the temperature begins to increase in a notable way, your computing equipment risks a lot and some damages may be irreversible!

Again: the heat is the first cause of direct or indirect breakdown.

Inspecting all your computers will allow you at best to slow down your systems wear and in the worst THE BREAKDOWN.


Moreover you can see here that your Boxs and Modems (which until proved otherwise are computing equipment) gets also warm.


Tell me doctor, what should I do?

I shall never repeat it enough: the prevention is the key (and it is not expensive). Yes, it’s as your car, you verify the levels regularly (well, I hope) and you do a drain once a year, if you do that it’s to avoid the breakdown and to keep it as long as possible, no?

It’s the same thing for a computer, do not wait until it breaks down to worry about its maintenance.

  • Before anything else, as I said it in this article paid attention on the warning signs, any behavior or abnormal noises have to alert you.

  • Then, there are elementary precautions to anticipate the breakdowns.

  • In complement I propose you this article where you can see a dismount laptop computer which warms and where you can see how to clean it.

  • If your hard drive has left you down, all you need to know to change it is in this article

Finally, I propose you to end with this article which will show you how the maintenance is the pledges of longevity.

The ball is in your court!



In order to protect PC from overheat you can before you buy PC choose good case and at lest cooler better than stock one for CPU.

Of course power supply also needs to be one of better product

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