How an adware works

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A toolbar appears in your browser when you have not asked for anything? Advertising has opened since you installed a program? Or a pop-up window appears each time you want to download a file on the Internet? You may be dealing with an adware. We will see what it is.



The nice adware is the adware typically found when you install software and you end up with advertising inside it.

This type of advertising usually allows, like advertising on a website, to provide you a service or program for free (like Facebook). Authors earn money through these ads. More precisely, they earn a fixed amount by thousands of displays and another (bigger) amount per click on the advertisement. On your side, you have nothing to do (except supporting the display of advertising, and possibly click on it if the ad interests you).

Criteria can potentially be applied varying the money earned:
• If a Spanish advertisement is clicked by a Korean, the click does not necessarily have value.
• If an advertisement is clicked but in addition the person signs up or buys something on the site of the advertiser, the click is expensive.

In short, the operation of these ads is completely legitimate and fair, everyone is a winner: Facebook receives a fee, the advertiser receives customers.

This is also why many web site administrators ask you (sometimes too directly) to disable your ad blockers.



Of course, adware is subject to several excesses. Starting with posting more ads to earn more. Even if it blocks some features or encroach on the comfort of navigation.

And inevitably the user experience becomes immediately less pleasant, forcing many of them to adopt ads blockers: Programs that have been developed to detect, quarantine, and remove advertisement-displaying malwarelike Ad-Aware, Malwarebytes, Spyware Doctor and Spybot

Normally, the publisher of a site or program creates content first and then monetizes it with advertising. Nowadays, some adware is designed in the opposite direction: features are added to "embed" the party that manages the ad. We therefore fall on many browser extensions or relatively useless services, such as the display of the weather, the display of news ... etc. Reassure us, this type of extensions is in a strong way of disappearance because the browser editors have now implemented mechanisms to prevent these extensions to be downloaded or used.

Note :Adware that observes the computer user's activities without their consent and reports it to the software's author is called spyware

I strongly recommend you to use Brave browser to block add and to protect your privacy.



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