Basics tools to protect your privacy and your computer

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Today I’m gonna give you some tools to protect your computer and to realize a part of informations you give by surfing on internet. Indeed, computer security is not taught by default and is often learned "on the spot".

-There’s some online Scans which offer you to scan your files online with several antivirus at the same time:
Virus Total
No Virus Thanks Scanner
BitDefender QuickScan
Kaspersky Security Scan
ESET Online Scanner
Virus Scan Jotti
Anubis is a slightly different service whose analyze suspicious programs or suspicious URLs. It will literally launch the program or URL in question to analyze its behavior and generate a report. Select the file or specify the URL in question, fill out the security captcha and click on "Submit for Analysis" to start the analysis.

With them, you will be able to know if the files you want to download or the site you want to visit are infected.


-Some anti-Spams

-An anti-malware

-And some Various utilities
Attack Surface Analyzer
Last Activity View
Process Monitor

You can also see your Google searches, topics that interest you (or not) for your advertising preferences, and your YouTube history.

Useful to realize what they know from you!

Much more are coming speaking of informations that you spread on the internet when you surf.

Hoping that these tools will help you!


Nice list. I think you should add which is a really cool site. I suggest you also have a look at Cuckoo sandbox.

I add Threatcrowd, thx man, I appreciate!
You should look at my last article, he might interest you ;)

Thx man! Do you have a lot of knowledge in cyber-security??

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I used to work in penetration testing for mostly web applications. So yes :)

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