ExpressVPN Full Test | Why is it also a good choice?

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During the last years, ExpressVPN quickly acquired the reputation to be the best VPN’s on the market.


They are recommended by dozens of websites but I was wondering: does it really worth its high cost compared to many other VPNs? Is it really fast and secure as promised? Can we use it for Torrents and Netflix streaming?

These are only some questions that I try to answer in this post.

ExpressVPN introduction

ExpressVPN is managed by ExpressVPN International Ltd., which is based in British Virgin Islands. This country is known to respect the confidentiality its companies’ customers whom it shelters. Here is thus a complete test of this VPN service provider.

No logs preservation

Keep in mind that the great majority of the VPN suppliers try to explain in their TOS (term of service) that they do not keep a history of your activities, but I have seen some VPN services which have a policy VERY debatable (ex: PureVPN and Hidemyass).

Fortunately, ExpressVPN is transparent to this subject …

ExpressVPN also works with a "No Storing Your History" policy.

Fundamentally, it means that they do not follow or store your personal data when you use their services. As soon as you connect to an ExpressVPN server, your information is encrypted and hidden from the hackers, from the government agencies (Hadopi), and even from ExpressVPN.

However, ExpressVPN registers certain data as indicated in its confidentiality policy. According to their website, they collect:

  • Applications and application versions successfully activated

  • Dates (not the hours) during the connection to the VPN service

  • Choices of the VPN server location

  • Total amount (in Mb) data transferred a day

But as we saw it yesterday, this is a standard practice that is really necessary to ensure an optimal user experience.


Speed of ExpressVPN

Speed is one of the reasons that make that this VPN one of the best in the market. We made four tests:

Test without VPN


Test with Open VPN protocol on a server in **Europe **


Test with Open VPN on a server in the USA


The results are more than satisfactory, the difference of speed with and without VPN is almost imperceptible, whether by browsing the Web or by downloading torrents. There is a difference of less than 1 Mb/s with the Open VPN protocol, the most secure protocol. These results are very impressive.

Visit ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN servers

So, ExpressVPN has currently 148 servers in 94 countries, and this number increases regularly. These servers are located on the American continent, in Europe, in Asia, in Africa and in the Middle East.

VPN protocols

To make sure that their customers' data are protected at the highest level, ExpressVPN uses a strong encryption.

Known under the name of Advanced Encryption Standard or AES, the 256 bits encryption used by ExpressVPN eliminates the possibility of a brute-force attack (and most other attacks).

I’m not going to bother you with all the jargon and the technical details about AES 256 key that is used to protect your Internet experience, but I'll just say this:

When CIA or FBI decides that it wants to protect the transmission of sensitive data, it uses an AES-256 encryption.

If security is one of your main concerns, you can be reassure knowing that ExpressVPN won’t risk to be compromised anytime soon.

VPN protocol are the methods your device uses to connect to a VPN server. While most of the users will only need the default "OpenVPN" protocol, ExpressVPN also takes care of SSTP, L2Tp/IPsec and PPTP protocols.

For users having more technical requirements, it is an interesting feature because it allows you to establish a connection adapted to your specific needs (typically speed versus security).



The P2P is 100 % authorized with Express VPN. This is an enormous advantage for many users.

Everything on their service from the military quality encryption to the unlimited bandwidth and fast download speeds allows to say that Express VPN is one of the best VPN for Torrents.

Compatibility with Netflix

As Netflix VPN detection procedures continue to evolve, it becomes more and more rare to find compatible VPN suppliers with Netflix.

It is advisable to note that all the servers are not compatible with Netflix and that you will meet probably some proxy errors when you will try to streame Netflix from non-US servers.


But only 3 devices connected simultaneously

Another point I have seen about [ExpressVPN( is that it allows to use only three devices simultaneously on their services.

This is not an inconvenience when you have few devices to connect but it can be frustrating if you wished to protect the data of family devices.

When you compare the limit of devices of ExpressVPN to other providers that constantly offer 5 to 7 simultaneous connections, it can be annoying.

Although this does not question their general performance, ExpressVPN should think of dealing with this issue.

Company not very transparent

Just like NordVPN, [ExpressVPN( remains a rather anonymous society. There are neither visible telephone numbers nor contact on the Website but that said they serve millions of customers.

However, remain anonymous in the VPN field is a common thing. Companies tend to do it because of the various laws and of their wish to protect their customers' data.



Did I recommend ExpressVPN?


They offer a fantastic service that will allow you to benefit from a wide choice of features which will delight as well the novice as the experts Internet users.

It’s fast, safe and secured.

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I confirm that ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs you can pick up. Nice review my friend.
Top recomendation if you want to secure effectively your pc/laptop.

It seems to rate pretty high across several sources. I do like their privacy policy.

Interesting post!

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