The Worst sides of drug

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We all know how bad these drugs are and how they effect in our life. Actually we know that they are really harmful for our life but we do not know exactly how and where they harm whenever someone is really into it and it is high time to let people know about the bad side of this drug issues. I think it is really necessary to let them know about this.
In the previous Post of The initial steps to get rid of the curse of the drugs I mentioned lot of ways to get out of this cruse things from our society and so does our life. Now it is time to let you know its bad effects too.

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It can not be said within just some words about the negative side or the bad sides of the drug. The drug causes a person to suffer differently. And at one point it's exhausted.

Physical and mental harm:

  • HIV / AIDS may be affected.
  • Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C can be infected .
  • Cancer may be affected.
  • Brain distortion can occur.
  • The drug addicts have the possibility of growing with autism, down syndrome, CP or other abnormalities.
  • May retard memory.
  • Sex power can be reduced.
  • Female infertility can occur.
  • Neurasthenia can occur.
  • May suffer from depression
  • The aggressive attitude can be shown.
  • Suicidal tendencies may arise.

Family Issues:

  • Peace, respect and security of the family are wasted.
  • Relationship with family members is lost.
  • Other members of the family are losing mental peace along with that person behavioral fact.
  • Family breakdown (divorce separation) occurs.
  • The mental development of the children is hampered and obstacles in their proper care are created so that their future becomes dark.

Financial loss

  • Self-financially damaged and damaged family members financially.
  • Extremely wealth and money are wasted.
  • Success of student life, workplace and business organization is interrupted.

Social harm

  • Considered to be a hatred in the society.
  • It has been involved in various crimes.
  • Socially lose respect.
  • To be abandoned by society.
  • There are various types of social discrimination.
  • Crime in the society is spreading.

Impact of Disease on Pregnancy time Due to Drug

  • There is a possibility of abortion.
  • Babies may be born before the scheduled time.
  • The child may be crippled and the child may have problems with the heart and breathing.
  • The child may be mentally handicapped.
  • Due to addiction, various diseases (such as HIV / AIDS, hepatitis) can be transmitted from the parents to the child.
  • Drug reciprocity may also come in the child.


I hope these few words which has been said about the negative side of the drug could let you think about the curse factors of the drug and help you to be careful about it and do not let it into your life. Thanks to Mamun Ar Rashid Sir to let me have a chance to share things with you guys to talk about these factors and let me h. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks



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