The initial steps to get rid of the curse of the drugs

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Drug addiction is really a serious issues for our family and so does the society. It ruins youth side of our nation and this is hamper a lot for our family sector and all of those things related to him. It is ruining his life eventually but he cannot leave it anyhow. And no one wants his / her child to be seen in such a position like drug addiction and this is why the initial some steps are really important to help them out and not let them get into these sides. They are our future and next hope and our next generation and so their safety is the most important issues for us. Today I will talk about some way out of this kind of problem and the basics of these problem out from initial steps star from the family and society sides...

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Initial steps for staying out of Drug Addiction

  • Always be careful about anyone in the family who can not get involved with intoxicants or any type of drug things.

  • Strengthening family ties, giving children time with the job or without the job, looking at them regularly, reading their books, playing sports and cultural activities and maintaining healthy recreation and so on.

  • Providing moral teachings for not having a conflict between a husband and a wife in front of a child, a self-restraint and a moral education for children from their childhood. To develop religious values ​​and religious rites in the family.

  • If there is any addictive person in the family, arrange for his medical treatment without considering him as a criminal and not expressing hatred towards him or ignoring him, instead of helping him as a sick person.

  • Understanding child abuse and drug addiction, smoking or drug addiction, appropriate explanation of any child's natural explanation and responding to it and responding to it about its inferiority.

  • Child care, conversation, meeting with others, going out of the house and returning on time, eating, drinking, mood, behavior, habits etc should be closely monitored.

  • Children should be over-ruled or over-exacerbated and should not be given money in the hands of the child without a reasonable reason. In the child's failure, punishment is not a proper way, but to extend the hands of consolation and counseling.

  • If the child is nervous, arbitrary, stubborn, quarrelsome, incomprehensible or weak, then he should try to develop his psychological development and become a trustworthy, aware and healthy child. If he is older, he can easily become drug addict

  • Help the government or non-government organizations in any work for suppressing drug crime and these types of things.

  • Reporting to the law enforcement agency if illegal narcotics are sold or smuggled and anything you see related with these terms.

  • To create anti-people resistance to buying or selling illegal drugs in the neighborhood. Madness is a social problem, it is a social disorder. It is possible through social movement, it can be eradicated.


I hope these few steps will be helpful for you guys to help your beloved child to step out of these dangerous cruse of our society. Thanks to Mamun ar Rashid sir for take into account these factors and his words are precious on this side. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks



Drug addiction is so out of control these days. I used to go to clubs when ecstasy first was on the scene. People used to think that was crazy now look what they have. Every prescription pill you could possibly want for something to make you feel a certain way which are very addictive. Then your regular drugs like heroin and cocaine people are adding Fentanyl to cut. A big enough dose of it will kill you. Anyway your post really got my attention because I have a lot of friends that are not in a good place right now I wish they were reading this. Have a good one man see you around!

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