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source: "Tokyo Drifer" 1966


sow 2


read part one

In a dully obnoxiously modern office (a suit job where they didn't wear suits)several young men sit around a cool piece of driftwood they found on the beach and loaded into Markus' Toyota matrix (an impressively versatile and dependable vehicle) then and with much difficulty and many uncle's called to see if they had freetime Eix finally got hold of Uncle Ed (the only uncle he had in his contact list, called repeatedly while his two contempories tried to remember whatever stupid nickname they had labeled their respective uncle's when they had rudely called while they were rid in the middle of real shit (possibly capitalized, review needed before Sciednch Inc feels comfortable alluding to the R(r)eal levels of alluded to but not conclusively existent s(S)hi t (?)*.) The three had made it a DIY project and had sanded and stained it in the basement where 2/3 also lived causing a temporary permanent pneumonia and Eix's continued insistence he could easily spell rythm before simmering his alveoli in wood finish fumes until the metaphorical minced garlic got brown and crispy and some were still salty but some; some were bitter and could no longer spell rythym. Eix has tried various nootropics over the years and has come to the conclusion: fuck that idiot word. Ryhtm. Fuck.

Eix was the defacto CEO - technically there was three CEO's but she did all the work. "Eix" was both her name and pronoun I think, though I believe Eix secretly regretted being so militant when she first "came out" if that's the proper term (he was already a boy named Carol I mean) pre self-discovery. The name took some getting used to but wasn't really a big deal but lining up freshman and tying them up as if they were about to catch two in the back of the head only to start humming hot breath the new alert jingle in their ear before reading some problematic tweets was looked back on as misguided and profoundly unproductive re: the intended message of "words hurt". Though identifying as a woman she had stuck with the neutral pronoun/name primarily for the fun egg related alliteration at her disposal when it came time for a social event where you brought food, though she had struggled with quiche of late (or she would of... except it ryhmns-fuck-!). Her attention took a cursory break to check in on her current reality:

"Versatile." Nods. "Versatility... mobility." Excessive nods. "Mobility - blockchain. Pay - no banks - money...?"

And quickly rescinded. Eix's brow first lifted in suprise then furrowed in deep thought. Enchillada's. Eix's Enchillada's. There the whole time, it was Mexican night two weeks ago and she had slaved over some guacomole-Eix amalgation for hours.

Fucking driftwood fumes.


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This made so little sense, I had no choice but to upvote ... I'm pretty sure this is a bot making all this money on an autopost?

believe it or not the entire purpose behind this story was to be less cryptic and more approachable lol (it appears i've failed [or more accurately also forgot] ).

Oh my goodness, you're a human. Alright, now I'm actually curious about -how- you managed this piece. It seems so AI ... Interesting.

If there was any chance of me remembering what state and/or class of intoxication at the time of writing I'd let you know, but I don't remember.

I wrote it like everything I write (bursts of 5-15 mins stream of consciousness that sometimes works sometimes turns out like this)

I was actually going for a really cold robotic tone for this character so this comment makes me kinda happy

Well that's kind of awesome. I have a similar process for the Etaletai music. We may as well promote to one another eh? Haha, I dig the story.

Sure thing. I've been thinking about giving music yet another try, expressing joy, fun and irreverence in a literary setting is proving difficult (shit always turns out too mean or too crazy)

Personally I've found irreverence just as difficult in life. By that I mean I'm entirely too mean, and crazy.

“Her attention took a cursory break to check in on her current reality”

I LOVE this!!! I probably perform this subtly throughout my day with great expectations..but disappointed with mundane result to the contrary.

Thanks a lot, nice to have another human being comment on my stuff (I believe this is one of the few cases where saying "I think they're all robots" doesn't make you a dead ringer for a schizophrenia diagnosis), v I think they're all robots v

Haha. So true. Your absolutely right.

oh my god no are you a robot too

No. Just surrounded by them.

I feel like I get a disproportionate amount of the buggers, I think one told me it loved me a couple posts ago. It's like what if these russian bots get so advanced they genuinely fall in love with me then fuck with my life via email and social media, yknow?

Also they're annoying.

There are just too many. Too many Russian robots and no election for another two years..uggg. Sometimes I think they watch me while I'm in the shower..I think that's inappropriate..

"I wish a robot would get elected President. That way, when he came to town, we could all take a shot at him and not feel too bad." ~ Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

I'm really not making me wonder if there are ulterior motives behind this comment sir, or if its even genuine (!)

good writing follow now interesting blogs

have liked your story,nice composition

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