Andromeda, a novel by Joe Nobel, Part 31 - the big clean

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You don't have to start from the beginning. Just hop in bed and join the fun.

 “Boy, did you summon the wrong god,” he stood up again. He looked down at her then held a hand.

 They sent Liudmila out for groceries while Anna and Aida cleaned the apartment. Apparently, Odin had left his dirty dishes in almost every room and everywhere he sat. Once the plates and forks were herded into the kitchen sink, the two of them scrubbed the pentagram off the play room floor. The chalk came off easier than Anna thought, but the drops of candle wax, which were everywhere, took hours to pick off with their finger nails.

 By the time Liudmila returned with her bags of groceries, she found Anna and Aida sitting on the play room sofa, now back in place along with all everything else.

 “What’s wrong?” Liudmila asked when she saw the grave looks on their faces.

 “We found this,” Anna said, handing Liudmila the scribbled note.

 “Dear girls,” it said. “It was an immeasurable pleasure to partake of the release you summoned me for. I will remember this night fondly for a long time. You were all so gracious in surrendering yourselves to me. Only, next time please don’t doze off. Many kisses, Odin.”

 It took Liudmila a moment for the note to sink in. But when it did, her eyes widened and she gasped.

 “Oh no, did you see what he wrote!” she cried. “It says ‘next time.’ There’s going to be a next time. He’s not done with us.”

 “And Uri will be back in a few hours,” Anna said, “hornier than ever.”

 Anna, Liudmila, and Aida had just finished cleaning up when Uri arrived home. Naturally, he wanted his three slaves on their knees in front of him when he stepped into the living room. True to Anna’s prediction, he was hornier than ever. The girls said nothing of their supernatural encounter, for what could they say? They just made themselves available to their master to be used as he pleased, no matter how worn out they felt.

 He took each one of them in turn that night. Uri Konstantine had thought he was giving them the pleasures denied during his absence, never suspecting they had much too much sex the night before.

 As soon as Anna fell asleep that night, in the arms of General Uri Konstantine, Odin, Father of the gods, poked her in the ribs.

 “Psst, wake up,” he said.

 “Odin!” Anna screamed just above a whisper. “What are you doing here?”

 “Can’t stay away,” he said.

 “Well, you can’t be here! Uri’s sleeping.”

 “So you better stay quiet or you’ll have a lot of explaining to do.”

 “But, hey, mffffff!” Anna didn’t know how it happened, but she found herself with Odin’s cock in her mouth as she lay beside Uri Konstantine. She could do nothing but pleasure the god as he stood beside the bed with his hands on her head, directing her up and down his shaft.

 Anna hoped he wouldn’t cry out and wake her master when he came.

 Uri stirred more than once. Each time, Anna froze in terror. What would he think if he woke to find her with a stranger’s cock in her mouth as she lay next him? In the dark, Anna could still see the amusement over her predicament on Odin’s face. It took way too long for him to come. Anna was sure her master would have woken by then, but he slept on, exhausted from his long trip.

 After Odin finally did orgasm, Anna thought he’d leave her alone, perhaps pester Aida or Liudmila. But, to her horror, he grabbed her around the waist and turned her over, landing her on all fours on the bed. Uri Konstantine mumbled something in his dreams but didn’t wake. By the time she realized what Odin was up to, he had entered her. Her pussy was hot and wet and more eager to accept him than she had thought; this was a condition that had surprised her before — but with Uri.

 Anna let out a moan of pleasure as she felt him slide into her.

 “What are you doing?” Uri asked, snapping out of his slumber. He propped himself up on his elbows to find Anna quivering on all-fours in front of him.

 “Tell him you want to give him a blowjob,” Odin said. “He can’t see or hear me.”

 “Um, let me pleasure you with my mouth,” Anna said. She glanced behind her nervously.

 “You are eager, tonight,” Uri said.

 “Tell him you missed him, and you want to make up for it,” Odin instructed.

 “I missed you while you were gone. You must have been lonely. Let me make it up to you,” Anna whispered to Uri. She then pulled his bedsheet aside and kissed his still soft, but growing cock. As her lips touched him, she gasped in pleasure, for that moment, Odin pushed deep, finding Anna’s sweet spot.

 “I guess you did miss me,” Uri said, stroking her head, thinking the sigh was somehow his doing.

 Anna felt his member grow hard in her mouth. At the same time she was distracted by Odin’s firm hold on her hips, and his thrusting into her. She didn’t know how she’d be able to service her master under these conditions, but she matched Odin’s rhythm as she bobbed up and down on Uri’s cock. She thought she might even be able to get away with it, to satisfy her master without him catching on that there is more here than seems. That is, until she felt herself edging closer to orgasm from Odin’s relentless thrusts. She wondered how she’d be able to hide her cries and quivers when she came. Uri would surely notice. She wished Odin would just go away.

 But he didn’t. If anything, Odin intensified his thrusts as she came closer to coming.

 Soon, Anna was at the edge of orgasm. She knew she was going to gasp and scream when she came. She went deep down on her master’s head to muffle her moans of pleasure. She clutched the base of his shaft between her fingers to hide her quivering.
General Konstantine watched Anna as she quivered and moaned. He’d heard of this interesting phenomenon of women working themselves into an orgasmic state while giving oral sex. He stroked her head as he wondered if Anna was putting on a show or had really come. Whatever the answer, he found this new twist in Anna’s repertoire quite amusing.

... to be continued ...

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