Andromeda, by Joe Nobel - Part 24

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You don't have to start from the beginning. Just hop in bed and join the fun.

 June 10th, 1960

 “Hey, we’ve got to talk,” Anna said. Uri had just left for the day. Last night had been another orgy in which he called all three of his girls to his bed. Anna was sure he did it just to prove he was still more virile than all three of them together. Now, they sat at the kitchen table, relieved he was gone.

 “Okay, so talk,” Liudmila said.

 “This isn’t what I stayed for. Who wants to end this and get out with me?” Anna asked.

 “What are you talking about? Escape?” Liudmila asked.

 Anna looked each of them in the eye. “If there is going to be an escape, it’ll have to be all of us or none. I don’t want anyone left behind to answer to his wrath.”

 “How will we slip away?” Liudmila asked. “There’s always someone following us. We won’t get far.”

 “And assuming we do get away,” Aida added, “where would we go? There’s no place in this country we can hide without eventually being caught. Remember, everyone has to carry their internal passports — something we don’t have.”

 “You’re right,” Anna said. “If we’re going to find a way out, it’ll have to be a total break, out of the country. Back to America.”

 “That’s fine for you,” Liudmila said. “But if we follow you, what could we do? Where would we live? We don’t exactly have job skills. The only thing I’m good at is,” she paused, “well, I don’t want to become a prostitute.”

 “I’m not saying we do anything, not right now,” Anna said, “just that we think about it. I’m not even sure how we could get out of Hungary if we do get away from Uri. But, if we do, I won’t abandon any of you, we’ll stick together once we get away.”

 “I don’t have to think about anything,” Liudmila said, “if we come up with a good plan, I’m in.”

 “Me, too,” Aida added.

 June 12th

 “Anna, did you come up with a plan?”

 “No, Aida, not yet.”

 June 15th

 “Anna, I was thinking, we could steal his staff car and drive to the border —”

 “Liudmila, you know his driver drives the car away when he drops Master off. It never stays here. Assuming we do it, and manage to make it to the Austrian border before Uri notices, how do we cross without documents?”


 “That’s okay, keep thinking.”

 “Have you come up with anything, yourself?”

 “No, I’ve been too busy cleaning the house this week.”

 June 21st, Summer Solstice

 “What’cha readin’?” Anna stood in the doorway. Liudmila sat on her bed. She quickly slammed her book, got up, and sat on it.

 “Nothing,” Liudmila said. “It’s just an old book.”

 “Let me see.” Anna’s curiosity had gotten the better of her. Liudmila’s guiltier-than-sin motions were too much to resist. Anna pushed Liudmila back. She tumbled back onto the bed. Anna had no trouble lifting the twig-skinny girl off the book.

 “It’s just an old Russian book.” Liudmila looked like the young girl whose mother just discovered a stash of pornography. “You can’t read it. It’s in an old style. Here, let me get you a newer book. I’ll read to you from that, okay?”

 “No, this book is fine.” Anna leafed through the pages. “I can read it well enough. The Russian lessons are finally paying off. Hey! This is that old book of yours on witchcraft!”

... to be continued...

Book on witchcraft? Is that Liudmilla's old book of magick spells?
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Hmm I love your mascot :P


Thank you, and the young miss thanks you, too.

I don't understand all good but inaf to see that it's very creative, I will read some other post of this story


Thank you for finding it.
If you'd like to, you can download the whole novel Andromeda in PDF format at
Might be easier to catch up that way if you are interested.


Ok I will check it, thank you