Andromeda, a novel by Joe Nobel, Part 30 - waking from a dream

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You don't have to start from the beginning. Just hop in bed and join the fun.

 “Boy, did you summon the wrong god,” he stood up again. He looked down at her then held a hand.

 Andromeda dreamt she was floating in a warm tropical sea. And she was a part of that sea, one of so many drops of water intermingling with the others having no clear boundary or definition. The sea was a sea of body parts: arms, legs, torsos. Her head rested on a soft belly, and her hands each rested on soft flesh on either side. Waves undulated gently around her and she basked in a serene sun.

 She remembered a storm somewhere in the distant recesses of her mind. A storm of grand magnitude. She, being a drop of the sea, was dashed and twisted and squeezed and formed only as shapeless water can be. Yet it was not an altogether unpleasant experience, that storm. Yes, he was there, too; looking down upon her, with his one eye. He was the one that stirred up her oceans. He swam in her sea. He was the one that bade them to intertwine their bodies and writhe together and become his waves. And he commanded them to rise like crests and suck his —

 Anna woke screaming when the thought became too focused to bear. She found herself lying between Aida and Liudmila in a tangle of arms and legs.

 “Shit, what happened last night!” she cried as she sat up.

 “Mmmm,” Liudmila said, still dreaming. “Do that again, Anna. You do me so well.”

 “Wake up! Wake up!” Anna nudged both girls.

 “Mon dieu, did that really happen or was that a dream?” Aida said as she woke. She sat up quickly and disentangled her arms and legs. “I mean, the circle, and that break-in, and —” She jumped out of bed and quickly put on her robe.

 Liudmila yawned. As she sat up, she said casually, “I can’t believe it, I was actually fucked by a god. Not what I expected.”

 “Not what you expected!” Anna growled. “I could slap you.”

 “I think you did, in the middle of the orgy. My bottom, that is.” Liudmila sat and slowly swung her legs off the bed. “I’m sore all over. I think I’ve worked every muscle I didn’t even know I had.”

 The three made their way out to the kitchen to put on coffee.

 “What happened here!” Anna cried as she surveyed the mess. Plates, bowls, cups everywhere. Along with the well-gnawed bone of the left-over ham from two days ago, the picked-clean carcass of the chicken from last night, and the empty pot that once contained their vegetable soup from who-know-how-many days ago. Discarded jars of pickles, sauerkraut, and three kinds of jams lay strewn about, all empty. The smoked sausages hanging in the pantry were gone, so was the bacon curing in the back corner.

 “He ate everything!” Aida cried. “What is Uri going to say!”

 “I only gave him the cold chicken left-overs,” Liudmila said, “along with a bottle of palinka I’ve been hiding. Oh, and then he asked for some bacon, so I fried that up for him along with eight eggs.”

 “Liudmila, what did happen last night?” Anna asked.

 Liudmila told them a very different story of how the intruder subdued her in the hallway and carried her off on his shoulder. According to her, he locked Aida in the room where Anna was tied to the floor. Then Liudmila explained in detail how he’d used her for most of the night. Then, after taking her in every position imaginable and making her come more times than she could count, he got hungry and made her fix him a nighttime snack.

 Once he had his fill, eating everything Liudmila put in front of him, he took her back to her bed again. This time he released Aida and Anna from the playroom and put them all together for his entertainment.

 “That last part, I’m not sure if it was a dream or not,” Liudmila said, “we did some improbable positions together. And by the way, I don’t think that was the god Perun.”

 “No,” Aida said. “He introduced himself to me and said his name was Odin. And that’s not how it happened. He selected me out from all of you, because, he said ‘I was the youngest and fairest,’ then he made me pleasure him with my mouth for hours while the two of you were tied up, watching. Then, he spanked me for not making him come, and then took me hard, in the pussy, that is. And, he made me come many times over before he took his own release. When he did, I must have passed out from too much pleasure. When I awoke, I found myself standing over the stove and warming the left-over soup for him then slicing up a cold plate of sausage and bread, like I was his maid.”

 “Interesting,” Anna said. She started picking up the scattered plates and bowls and putting them into the sink. Liudmila and Aida followed her lead and began picking up, too. “I’ll tell you what happened from my point of view,” Anna said. She told them her version of last night’s events as she washed the dishes.

 “But how could all three of us be right?” Aida asked. “It looks like the only things in common is that he broke in at the beginning of the night, and put the three of us together for his amusement at the end — which may or may not have been a dream.”

 “I don’t know,” Anna said. “I seems like this guy has enough power to play with reality: split it into three, one for each of us, and then bringing it all back in the morning. Maybe that’s why we’re not sure if that last part was a dream or not. We couldn’t comprehend him weaving the various realities together.”

 “Anna, that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard from you,” Liudimila said.

 “Crazy?” Anna shot back. “As if summoning a god is sane!”

 “Hey,” Aida said. “Stop fighting, Uri is due back this afternoon. He’ll come back to an empty pantry.”

 “We’ll be in serious trouble if we don’t replace his food.” Liudmila said. “We have to go out shopping. How much money do we have?”

 “Not much,” Anna said, putting the dish-washing aside. “The food money is almost gone. I was going to get more from Uri as soon as he got back.” Anna went to the living room and took her box of household cash off the top shelf and counted it. “This won’t get us very far.”

 The three girls each dug into their hidden caches of “ice cream” money and found enough to replace most of the provisions Odin ate. Anna was surprised to see how much emergency money both Aida and Liudmila had each squirreled away. But then again, she had her own reserve of cash she put on the table. At one time she had called it her “escape” money. But lately, she'd reconciled herself to knowing it would only buy the occasional round confections or ice cream at the Gerbeaud.

... to be continued ...

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Nice! Dialogue can be difficult and you've done a great job of pulling it off. You are a naughty boy🐓


Thank you. Yes, I can be very naughty.