Andromeda, by Joe Nobel - Part 26 Anna bound in the Pentegram

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You don't have to start from the beginning. Just hop in bed and join the fun.

So, Liudmila is going to tie Anna up and stake her out in a pentgram and summon a god to help them escape...

Later that night, Summer Solstice

 Anna sat in the corner with her knees against her chest, hands tied to her ankles. She watched Liudmila and Aida move the heavy furniture to the side. Uri’s play room became all the more menacing as it turned empty. She wondered why she let them talk her into this. Yet, the ceremony would certainly prove to be theatrical. Let them have their fun, she thought, the girls needed a release after all that bickering they’ve been doing. Besides, the brooding energy of the cavernous room with the ornately carved oak furniture piled against the walls was starting to give her dark sexual thoughts.

 Liudmila drew a pentagram on the floor with chalk. They all hoped it would wash off when they were done or there would be a lot of explaining to do. It was a very convenient coincidence that Uri was off to Cuba for some secret conference for a few days, leaving the girls to themselves in the apartment.

 Liudmila placed candles around the room and lit them one by one. Aida turned off the lights, letting the candles provide the only illumination. Liudmila then placed baskets of summer flowers as pagan symbols in each of the room’s four corners. Aida lit incense in the meantime.

 They dragged Anna by her underarms to the middle of the circle, refusing to let her walk on her own. They then lowered her to her knees and untied the ropes binding her ankles and wrists. They bade her to lie on her back. When she did, the ropes were retied with the other ends attached to hooks screwed into the baseboards. They pulled the ropes taut and the ends were tied off.

 Liudmila moved to the head of the pentagram. She pulled off her hooded robe and let it fall to the floor around her ankles. Her well-defined and perky nipples stood erect, dancing in the shadows of the candle light. She waited for Aida to get undressed. Liudmila then turned around to look out the one window in the room. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then she spoke, “Oh, Guardians of the east —”

 “Luidi,” Aida called, “Liudmila! You’re facing west.”

 “I am not!” she snapped. “Oh, Guardians of the east —”

 “Actually, you’re facing north by northwest,” Anna said from the floor.

 “You’re both wrong! I’m facing east. If I wasn’t, the circle would be misaligned, and we can’t have that, can we?” Liudmila shot them both an angry look then began again. “Oh, Guardians of the east, I summon you to guard this circle.” Then she turned around on her heel and spoke again, “Spirits of the south —”

 “Since when is south opposite east?” Anna asked, breaking out in laughter.

 “Very well,” Liudmila hissed, “have it your way! East, south, west, north, and any directions I left out,” she said turning one complete circle too fast to fix her words to any point of the compass. “Oh, Guardians, of your respective ... guardian places ... I summon you to guard our circle and our victim within — I mean, sacrifice — symbolic sacrifice, in case you get any cheeky ideas, but I’m sure you won’t. You’re not that kind of spirits. Um, that is, guard us, while we summon the god Perun, god of summer, god of thunder and lightning, and all sorts of other really cool stuff and powerful too, to intercede on our behalf in releasing us from our miserable situation in which we find ourselves situated within, miserably.”

 “Eloquently put,” Anna giggled.

 “Shhhh,” Liudmila said. Then she took the dildo she got as a Christmas present and used it as a wand to cast a circle around their pentagram. “I cast now this circle.”

 “Yep, sane friends,” Anna thought, as she watched the sex toy outlining a circle above her.

 Liudmila started chanting in a hushed voice. Her words were in Russian, and Anna couldn’t follow them. Aida joined in on the second stanza having memorized the words by rote in the afternoon.

 Anna felt the constant tension of the rope in her arms and legs. She dwelled on how her legs were forced open and exposed her for all to see. She tried to squirm, tried to close her legs, but even then she felt her loins turn hot. Her belly started to quake in anticipation of something without being sure of what that was going to be. She wondered if it would be orgasmic.

 Liudmila and Aida lit candles in unison from one on the floor and waited for the molten wax to build up. As soon as a pool formed on the candle tops, Liudmila nodded and they both tipped them above Anna.

 The first drops startled Anna as the rain of hot wax splattered, then quickly congealed on her belly. The next set of drops arrived on her left shoulder, just above her breasts. Liudmila’s chanting intensified. Then, she added a high-pitched screech to her voice. Aida followed her lead.

 Anna looked up at Liudmila and Aida with their candles in hand. The girls seemed to have turned into primal spirits lurking in the twilit solstice forest. She didn’t know why burning, lusty thoughts filled her, but they did. She felt like she had become a beacon for someone or something trying to home in on her.

 A splash of wax directly on her right nipple caused her body to tense. She took a deep breath and forced herself not to struggle. Another drop fell on her left nipple. Then one landed on the hairs just above her pussy. The wax dripped down on her most delicate of places before it hardened. The next set of drops found the same targets. It became apparent they were purposely aiming for her erogenous zones.

 Anna could hardly contain her lust. She struggled to get her hands free, not to escape, but to pleasure herself. Yet, try as she might, she couldn’t move. Any possible release she might achieve lay much further into the night.

 Mounds of molten, then hardened wax covered her nipples and streaked down her breasts. Her pussy was sealed in layer upon layer of wax that dripped off her mons and ran stalactite fashion to the floor. The heat from the wax and the sealed-in heat from her burning loins caused the fire storm within her to amplify with a fury. She cried out when she could no longer bear the immensity of her frustration. She tried to beg for sexual release, but only primal, throaty sounds of lust came out of her mouth.

 To the girls it seemed as if Anna was possessed of a god or a spirit. Liudmila and Aida hesitated for a moment, but fell into their second chant when they surmised this was what they intended. Their next chant was also high pitched with the words perverted into screeches in the old Russian style. This chant was faster and wilder than the first. They walked around Anna in a counterclockwise circle all the while dripping wax over her. Burning drops fell everywhere, thighs, neck, ribs, loins, arms, and belly. They were only careful to avoid her face and eyes. Anna felt the sudden splashes of heat, then the lingering sting of each drop congealing upon her body. Each drop leaving a track, a route to be revisited as a holy a pilgrimage of the flesh.

 Anna writhed and squirmed, she tried twist so she could rub her legs together so she may feel some release she needed, but the ropes were secured too firmly to allow any movement. The orgasm she felt building up within her had no way of fulfilling its promise. She desperately needed to be touched. Uri had tortured her before by not allowing her to come. He had teased her softly for hours with her hands tied behind her back. And when he'd stop just before she came, he watched her stew in her own frustration. At one time he’d kept this game up for two days. But he had never brought on such intense passions as she felt at this moment, tied down in the middle of this pentagram.

 Anna screamed in a voice that was not her own. She arched her hips as far off the ground as her bindings would allow. She was certain she was emitting some kind of psychic signal. Yes, she was a beacon to something that was looking for her, something that had been awakened.
Liudmila just pushed Anna’s loins back down to the floor with her bare foot as she walked by.

... to be continued...

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