The Reports from the Witnesses 2017-12-31

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The Reports from the Witnesses aims to provide the community with a summary of what all the witnesses have been up to. Every week, I collect all of the reports from the individual witnesses and assemble them into a single aggregated report. New witness announcements and witness retirement announcements are included in the report as well.

Witnesses can continue posting their posts to the witness-category and/or witness-update tags, and I will assemble everything I find there. If I miss any reports, just let me know and I will correct it. If you want to direct message me a report via chat, that is fine too.

Historic Reports from the Witnesses can be found here:

So without further ado, I bring you the fifty fourth edition of 'Reports from the Witnesses'!

Reports from the Witnesses 2017-12-31

@curie - Witness Position #14

@drakos - Witness Position #30

@themarkymark - Witness Position #39

@steemgigs - Witness Position #60

@blockbrothers - Witness Position #66

@rival - Witness Position #72

@anarcho-andrei - Witness Position #93

@bsameep - Witness Position #102

@stuwhisson - Witness Position #105

@guiltyparties - Witness Position #108

@evildido - Witness Position #130

@cryptwo - Witness Position #184

@nnnarvaez - Witness Position #122

New Witness Announcements:

@phoenixcraft - 12/30/2017

Some Notes:

  • Many witnesses do not report every week, and prefer to only report when they have updates.
  • I recommend that you include communication as one of your criteria for evaluating witnesses, but keep in mind - it is not the only criteria. There are some witnesses that prefer to work "behind the scenes", and do not do much as far as reports.
  • For witnesses that are not currently posting any reports, I would encourage you to provide the community with at least some insight into what you are currently working on :)

Remember to vote for witnesses!
If you aren't sure who to vote for, check out this Witness Voting Guide.

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How many Witness there are?
thanks for the report is a great way to follow all of them!


There are 20 top witness. As a guestimate, there are about 80-100 backup witnesses.

Do you know where to find an explanation for each one of the columns in ?
Remark for the record: as usual the alternative is far superior to its page, which in this case is


The witness voting guide that is linked in the main post has info for most of them. If you have any specific questions beyond that, let me know.


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Oh noes! Where's my report?
Out there, unwritten. ;-(
Adding it to the New Year's resolutions.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks @gtg :)
I've found that doing a monthly report works best for me. I'll do 'out of cycle' reports too if there is anything that needs discussing outside of my regular reports. Doing a regular one every week seemed a bit much though.

@timcliff, Greatest update about witness-update. Appreciated task.

Wishing you Peaceful and prosperous new year 2018.


You too!

Hi @timcliff!

I'd like to become a witness.
I read a suggestion to setup/create another one steemit account for using steemd. Would you suggest the same?

If so, I cannot understand how to connect my current account with an empty new created just for steemd. People should vote for me @allfabeta to be a witness but not for a newly created for steemd account.

Could you clarify those, please


The reason to have two accounts is for security reasons. If you accidentally leaked your key for your 'personal' account, your witness account would not be compromised; if someone was able to hack into your witness server and steal the key to your witness account, your personal account would not be compromised.

Personally, I just use the same for both. Like you said, it is easier for people to know which account to vote for if there is only one account.

You could look at @lukestokes as an example of a witness who splits accounts though to see how he does it, if that is the way you want to do it.


thank you!

Hey Tim, can anyone report something without being a witness? I ask this because the abuse form requires user names for "reported by" and "investigated by". Can the one reporting be the one investigating? Can he not be a witness?


The Reports from the Witnesses series that I post is specifically for witness reports being written by the witnesses. If there is abuse that you need to report, the best place for that is #steemitabuse in

Happy new year @timcliff.

Great acknowledgement @timcliff. Thanks for the 2017 support.
May your all dreams come true.
Happy new year to you all.

Thank you for all of the valuable work you do for this platform.

...i like your work .. now i voted you for witness ...thankyou


Thanks :)

Have a happy one, as they say. Peace

Helpful post.I also Upvote and resteem your post sir.Upvote and resteem done.Wish you happy new year.

so informative post to read it