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Hi Steemit!

I didn't get a witness update out last week due to the holidays and want to get one out before I head over to our friend's house for New Year's Eve. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and have plans for to end the year off well.

Hardware has remained the same, I have multiple witness nodes with remote fail-over kill-switch. Both running smoothly without any problems.


I currently run two witness nodes, one in the USA and one in Canada. They are monitored by remote servers and controlled with a kill-switch.

Witness Nodes

32GB Ram
1000MB/s SSD
Quad-Core Xeon Processors
Geographic Redundancy (USA & Canada)

Auxiliary Servers

8GB Ram
1000MB/s SSD
Dual-Core Xeon Processors


If you haven't noticed already, my account has been zeroed (all rewards taking for the week) as a result of two battles going on. One I am not part of (@grumpycat) and another I am the prime target (@haejin).

I was flagged by @grumpycat, I believe, as a result of flags towards him from my delegator. A full week of work from my curators also got zeroed in collateral damage. I am thankful @grumpycat removed those flags as I don't know how they should be penalized. At this point, we stopped doing our community daily Curation Digest and ending it completely is an option on the table. The support for such a large effort just doesn't seem to be there, and the amount of garbage we have to sift through on a daily basis is becoming overwhelming. It has nothing to do with the flags, it was something we have been talking about for a while. No decision has been made, and we will see how it goes in the New Year if we start back up again.

As for @haejin and @ranchorelaxo I am not going to go into details, but there is a discrepancy of rewards that I provided some graphs and data from Steem.Supply & Steemworld that I posted in a comment to a @berniesanders post. This made me a target for death threats, dox threats, harassment, and a shit ton of downvotes. I'm a big boy, I can handle it but the amount of harassment has gotten out of hand. I have tried to be reasonable and respond to everyone, I just don't have the patience anymore. Many have suggested I use my bots to counter their flags and attack them back, I control almost 3M Steem Power and can zero their accounts and only take my bots offline for a day or two.

I really don't want to resort to that, I prefer to build than destroy, but I still disagree with one person getting 4500 Steem a day by posting 10 times a day. I don't know where this is going to go and how it will end. I am a very active blogger here, I try to do something awesome on a daily basis, and I will continue to do so even if I continue to get flagged. I have enough loyal followers I hope they will read my content even if it gets zeroed. As with the rest, time will tell.

I think a big part of this entire mess is the lack of understanding of how the Steem community works. We all share a reward pool and when one person receives a large of the total distribution of 64,000 STEEM/day, it is not fair to the community, everyone else suffers.

I think a big part of the escalation was due to the original screenshot showed 6% of the reward pool was going to @haejin, this was later found to be an error in steem.supply as it later showed 1,200% of the reward pool. This was an honest mistake but doesn't change much in the end. The rewards were still over $50K USD/week and I estimated around $150,000 it continued for a full 7 days at the same rate. When you factor in the conversion rate of SBD to STEEM, it would be around 4,500 STEEM/day. That's about 7% of the total distribution of STEEM/day. Granted SBD is a debt instrument and not part of the 64,000 STEEM generated daily, it is still a ridiculously large number for one person, especially when they are posting 10 times a day to maximize this number.

Although my involvement in the whole thing has been supplying 4 images showing the total weekly revenue and three charts showing how much one person's vote influenced the rewards on three sample posts, a campaign was started against me spreading I am a corrupt witness because of this. I'll continue to do what I do, fight for our community, write about cool stuff, promote awesome content, and remove as many spam and abusers I can.

I was planning on doing another 100 STEEM giveaway like I did on Christmas but all the post revenue for the post was wiped to zero and it's fairly discouraging to lose $2,000 in a fight you are hardly involved in and then give away money.

After some thought though, I decided, fuck it, I'll do it anyway. I'll figure something out. So keep an eye out, I'll try to announce something soon either before the ball drops or after. I learned from the last scavenger hunt I did, it was far more difficult than I expected. I'll make this a lot easier.

As always, I like to end with something different, and not witness related. I recently wrote about a new service called Coinlib that allows you to track your favorite coins, your portfolio value, and create custom alerts based on token or portfolio performance. I really love the portfolio performance as I have it let me know when my portfolio goes up or down 5%. When it does, it sets that as the new peg and alerts when that goes up or down 5%. Really nice to have an idea what is going on and how much it affects you.

You can find my post that shows how it works here but will need to show images as it is flagged to -$40. I still think it is a good post if you want to see how it works before setting it up.

Dispite all the bullshit and hate coming my way, I plan to have a fantastic New Year's Eve with my wife and son and I hope you all do too. (Well not with my Wife and Son, find your own).


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Thank you for continuing with Steem after doing through the fire of criticism and downvotes that seems to consistently follow good work! I will keep you in mind for a witness vote again when I have a spot open and am giving my support here for anyone that does have a vote open!


He should definitely be supported as a witness as he is a great representation of the platform and role model here. He fights to protect the platform and those who deserve the support through good content. He is a very caring and trustworthy person. I know this personally. Then you look at his skills as a programmer and the creation of the full node. One of the most talented people when it comes to the skills needed to run the witness and the node. He needs to be up in the top for sure.

Haha same sentiment here leave my wife and son alone this new year as well. Not 100% sure what curatuon work you're doing, but if you need some help let me know. Don't have a load of free time, but I can try and help lighten the load.


i'll be in contact with you.

I'm disappointed to see this and you have my support. I know what a positive force you are here on the steemit platform I'm sorry to hear that it's costing you money. I know that you do a lot of good for the communities when you have a lot of knowledge and have helped me when I've asked you questions. Have a happy New Year to you and your family.


Welcome. <3

Dear friend, I feel what is happening to you. For some time now I have been corroborating that there is too much whore in this world for weapons to sell freely. Unfortunately Steemit has embedded in his genesis the philosophy that weapons are to defend themselves. So why discuss if I can kill or invade; So to speak if there are flags.
I do not get into your fights, I have enough problems on my own. I can only tell you that I think you are a good witness and that is why I have voted for you. Also I recognize that your posts are good and that's why I follow you.
But the reality is that I am waiting for the Tibetan monks to learn to program and build a new "steemit" in which their philosophy is in its genesis, to get out of here.
A greeting and a wish: that in 2.018 you can find through dialogue the end of your disputes!

Coinlib is a really useful tool! Bookmarked. Much gratitude!

And you know what I think about flag wars...

Hi, sorry for disturbing you my mate

Hi, mate i am just stopping by having found out you are one of my classmate.

I wanna wish you happy new year and a prosperous 2018



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And here we are. We, the small guys are competing for every cent and there are once again rich people getting richer.
Have a great and Happy New Year!🎆

New Year will enter tonight with midnight
We hope that it will be better than 2017 and that there will be more progress and prosperity
Happy year to all and we wish all the struggle and diligence in this year to realize your dreams
Let us make this year a beautiful and happy year for all

Hi @themarkymark,

I have to admit that the politics of what goes at the top of the Steemit food chain is a little beyond me at this point. From what I have seen, you do a fantastic job and you will continue to have my support!

Keep up the good work in 2018.

Just want to say again how useful coinlib.io has been to me. No more going to coinmarketcap and opening multiple pages, and I can see how well I did selling SBD for Eth, total.

Very useful. I don't use the alerts, but it still made my life simpler, the goal of any good tool.

Good luck Mark, and good on you for not joining the flagging war as another whale. Though the rewards are out of whack, that sort of thing isn't going to help the system, definitely not long term.

I am depressed to see what is happening to you. For some time now I have been corroborating that there is too much whore in this world for weapons to sell freely.

witness the #themarkymark
just loving it...cheers!