The State of Steem Forum #4 (Steem Economics & Ned Scott) - Thursday 17 January 2019 [recording]

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The fourth State of Steem Forum covering Steem Economics was broadcast on MSP Waves on Thursday 17 January 2019.

Steemit Inc CEO Ned Scott appeared on the forum as a special guest to present his recently released Mission, Vision and Values document.

This forum focused on Steem Economics, covering topics such as steem inflation, attracting investors, revenue streams, advertising.

The people speaking on this forum were...

A number of other prominent steemians were in the Discord audience chat including @acidyo, @anomadsoul, @drakos, @gtg, @hr1 and @shredz7.

Due to a technical problem, the first few minutes of the forum were not recorded correctly. The discussion opens with @fredrikaa speaking. Ned's interview begins around 6 minutes in.

@traveller7761 spoke about polls that have been running alongside the SOS Forums...

There are a further three forums scheduled. If you would like to take part in any of there please message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

  • Forum 5 (24 January) : Marketing, onboarding, PR

  • Forum 6 (31 January) : Communities, content creation, curation, retention

  • Forum 7 (07 February) : SteemCommerce, shopping with steem

This recording is also available on YouTube


great stuff @pennsif, you are an amazing host, job well done.

if steemit is powering down, which would seem to be a negative thing, why is steem rising? or is it the fact that steemit will finally be taking a reduced (or eliminated) role that's sparking optimism.

Thank you Paula, and thank you for taking part.

Thank you for the recording! Looking forward to listening to it very soon...

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Hey, @pennsif.

First off, I'll say I appreciate this State of STEEM forum, and in particular Ned's participation in it. I feel like I got more information out of this turn than I did the previous one a few days ago, and specifically enjoyed hearing Ned getting into details about the reasons behind the power down and his belief that there were enough witnesses talking about it and potentially leaning toward the implementation of HF 21 to lock them out that it led to a serious look at options and powering down seemed like the least "loud" thing to do.

It's one thing to read that being the case in a post from others, it's another to hear it come from Ned himself.

I'm wondering what your take on that particular bit of news is, since the comeback against such a thing seems to be, "Well, it would never happen. You'd never get 17 out of 21 top witnesses to do it."

Apparently, though, what Ned said is causing quite a few witnesses, top and otherwise, to address it. I find that interesting in and of itself.

It seems to be fast changing at the moment.

Thanks for sharing this replay. I missed the live one due to Timezone being on the opposite side of the world.

Finding a good time day for the whole world is always tricky.

Enjoy the replay.

Thanks for the recording! 💯

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thanks for sharing this @pennsif!

Is the comment about @ned as the reason for STEEM price still a joke? Meant to be ironic, hilarious, untrue? I fail to understand the comedic reference to @ned causing a increase in price.

Do you realize that yesterday the total power up was negative? To be precise there was 106K worth more powered down than powered up. Your comment that STEEM price is up due to @ned showing up is completely unfounded. Don't fool yourself. That STEEM is not going to magically show up here and be powered up. The reality is that SEEM is being bought up on exchanges (primarily in Korea) because it is the hot thing to trade right now. That STEEM is not being invested into STEEM system as there is more power down as there is power up. The primary factor for STEEM price is what is happening on exchanges.

but why would it be hot in Korea? steem is up dramatically while everything else is negative. i surely don't know why

It happens every once in a while. UpBit gets some serious trading volume and drives the price of STEEM and SBD.

Hy @pennsif

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