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One Year Update: ***One Year Witnessversary - A Great Start!

Chinese Version:来吧,投行长为见证人,带领CN社区一起脱贫致富!

Hello guys! I am @justyy , now I am a SteemIt witness.

My Witness Slogan

Let's make the world a little bit better. ^_^

Witness Server

CPU: ten cores
Intel® Xeon® E5-2620v3, E5-2630v4 or 4114 processor
50 GB RAM (guaranteed)
1200 GB disk space (100% SSD)
100% SSD disk space

My witness Information: https://steemyy.com/witness-data/justyy

I have already paid the fee for a year. and so looked forward to the witness journey!

About me

I am utopian moderator. Utopian is all about rewarding open source contribution by STEEM, see @utopian-io

I have a strong faith in STEEM and I love STEEM! My aim is to let more people (especially the CN community) know steemit and enjoy steemit, set a role model and most importantly, develop the-useful steemit tools.

My contributions - SteemYY.com

I have made the following tools/APIs.

SteemIt Essentials

Voting Reports

Witness Tools

Delegators and Delegatees

Delegation Ranking Tables

Payout, Powerdown, Resteem and Misc.

From time to time, I support the CN community and here are the achievements:

I have made a few Chrome Extensions:

Apart from the APIs that come from above tools, I have provided a set of additional SteemIt APIs.

  • Get Account Information: /account
  • 50/50 or 100% Power Up: /pu
  • Get Account Report: /account/profile
  • Get Witness Account Information: /witness
  • Get Account Steem Power (ESP): /account/sp
  • Get Account Effective Steem Power (ESP): /account/esp
  • Get Account Steem Power Details: /account/steempower
  • Get Followers: /account/followed
  • Get Following: /account/following
  • Get Curation Stats: /account/curation
  • Get Latest Conversion: /converter
  • Get Transfer History: /transfer-history
  • Get Voters of a Post: /votes
  • Get Reputation: /account/reputation
  • Get Voting Power: /account/vp
  • SBDS Block Number: /blocknumber/sbds/
  • SteemSQL Block Number: /blocknumber/steemsql/
  • And many more, please visit https://steemyy.com

I also wrote a few tutorials at here and also check out my steem blog posts.

Open Source Libraries

Other Tools

VPS Database: https://anothervps.com/vps-database/

Discord Bots

I have written the following bots:

Bots are running 24/7 but may be taken down occasionally if there were upgrades or maintenance.

How to Vote me as a witness?

Click here: https://steemconnect.com/sign/account_witness_vote?approve=1&witness=justyy
and Continue

Enter Active Key to vote!.

Thank you!

and I'll keep working harder, I promise!


Support me and my work as a witness by

  1. voting me here, or
  2. voting me as a proxy.

My contributions: SteemIt Tools, Bots, APIs and Tutorial - SteemYY.com

You may also want to unvote inactive witness via the tool I created:

Hi Justyy

Thanks for reaching out. I've had a look at your profile and achievements, it looks like you've done a lot for the platform and i'm hoping you'll do more in the future. I'm happy to vote for you as a witness.

Thank you very much.

Hello @justyy, thank you for your gift. I'm here now and look at your post. I'm glad I followed your invitation. Wow, what you do! I'm going to check my witness choice and find a place for you. You're definitely worth it. Thanks also for the information.

Hi @justyy, I checked my witness choice. Of course I had to make room and tested your tool. I voted for you now. I'm looking forward to testing your tools now. And surely you will provide us with much more. What I've seen of you so far is damn good! Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Hi @justyy

After reading what you do for the community, you have my support

Regards @xpilar

Thank you very much.

Done voting you as a witness. Keep on keeping on

Thank you very much!

Waoh! you have a good profile and you have done a very good job so far. I would have loved you to translate your website and your apps to English language. You are just like me, having much interest in programming than wireless networking where you did your Ph.D. lol. From a fellow Computer Scientist.

Thank you very much.

You are welcome bravo!

Not a good idea to pay for a year, the RAM requirement keeps rising, 50GB may last a few more months before you need to upgrade!

oh no... thanks for advice... it is too late... but luckily the server as SSD so I hope it can last for a year.. if not, I need to pay extra to migrate earlier :(



Hey justyy. I just gave you a witness vote. You have built great tools for the community. Many thanks.

You have listed some tools for Steem delegations. I have a quick question for you. Do you know how I can convert VESTS to Steem Power for historical data? I know how to calculate it for the current day with the values from the dynamic global properties (total_vesting_fund_steem, total_vesting_shares). Is there historical data for these values anywhere? Maybe you can point me in the right direction. Thanks.

Thanks... I am not aware of any historical data for VESTS to SP, but you can always set up a script that captures the values and store it locally for future access.

That's what I will do then :) Cheers

I love your post very much, I think it will be very good for everyone...i waiting for your next post....





@justyy from the above it can be seen that you have done alot of work in this platform although we expecting much from me. Keep up the good work.

Steemit 需要更多像你可以做 dev 的人.




Great contributions from a great developer, You've got my vote :)

Thank you so much

Done with gratitude

thank you so much.


I'm a web developer too.
I might vote you as a witness.
But before that can you answer my questions.
Why there is no private messaging here in steemit?
And when are they going to implement private messaging here in steemit?
Who are the programmers behind steemit.com website?
Are the programmers of steemit.com website consistently improving the site?
Where and how could I make contact or talk to steemit.com programmers?
By the way how did you became a utopian moderators?
and why you wanted to be a witness?
what are the benefits of being a witness?
Kindly answer all my questions please...

Just got your message. I'm always on the lookout for another witness to vote for as I still have a few votes to spare. But I need a bit more information from you first.

I would like to know your position on:

  • bidbots
  • paid upvoting
  • Making money by delegating to bots rather than manual curation
  1. Rarely
  2. Not at the moment
  3. Most of time manual

I respect you . your works are awesome

Thank you very much.

這真來臨了! 我前幾天還在聊你何時選 witness, 如果是, 一定投你. 恭喜!



Ok, you seem to work hard on steemit related projects, you earn your vote.

Thank you!

Hi Justyy. Thanks for reaching out and good luck with being a witness. I have voted for you. I can see that you are talented and committed in this work.

Thank you very much.

Hi Justyy, great job, I really appreciate your work! I hope my vote makes a difference. Cheers.

Thank you very much.

I have voted for you
thank you

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Hello, I received your transfer of 0.001 steem 5 days ago and have just voted you as a witness. thanks for helping the site.

Thank you very much.

I confirmed you! Best wishes!

Thank you very much.

Approved my friend! Enough of proofs for me :)

Thank you very much, I'll keep working hard!

Hello! Thank you so much for the message you left on my purse history. I appreciate your attitude. In addition, I am pleased to hear about your contributions to Steemit, and consider it of great value to the Steemians community. It's good to have you here. Within the next few hours I will do my best to support you, with the vote as a witness. Greetings.

Thank you very very much.

Thank you.

This is impressive! Well Done and all the best!
I will make sure to check your tools :)

Hi lovely it looks like you have made great contributions to the program, I am still a little new here so if you can point me in the right direction of how to vote for you, il send you a vote xox

Well, if it isn't a smart boy who knows hella of programing, developing and, so far, pretty well comunicated.
Goos luck on the Witness train, you sureley have my almostvestless-for-now, vote.


Very impressive @justyy. Just voted you as a witness. Thanks for all the hard work. Blessings.

Thank you very much.

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