jamzed witness update 9/30/18

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The last weeks were crazy for all witnesses. Bugs, crashes, blockchain issues, steemd upgrades in the middle of the night and never ending replays, but finally... HF20 is live.

I'm not going to comment the way of implementation of HF20, bugs happen, this is a part of development cycle. We can have a bunch of fancy tests, but the real world is full of corner cases and unforeseen situations in which software starts to live its own life, but if something goes wrong I expect someone to say it out loud.

Of course there were moments I was really pisse^H^H^H^H^Hsurprised and frustrated, like when I tried to push my backup signing key to switch active node to failover and couldn't because of not enough MANA, but instead of yelling and looking for someone to blame I tried to look for solution.

For someone like me who don't write C++ code in daily basis, reading and reviewing steemd is tough. Even if I can understand single functions probably I will never see a full picture. I'm really happy I could see developers in action, this motivated me to spend more time on learning C++ ;-) I know it sounds like a bullshit, but hopefully I'll be able to do more when it comes to the next HF.

My current witness position is #164, 0 missed blocks, primary consensus node v0.20.5 is up and running, failover is still replaying, seed node will be up soon.

If you want to vote for me as witness, please click here, or use SteemConnect.

Thank you for all your votes, for those I got, lost, and will get. ;-)

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You got my vote already but I still expect you to somehow more active in the community. Because that's what makes people climb that ladder, there are guys with almost no knowledge about the code or the blockchain has higher ranks :|

"if something goes wrong I expect someone to say it out loud." :thumbsup:

In jamzed we trust!

How could I stop a man who wants to develop so much?
I just could not!
What's more, I want to support you @jamzed. You have my voice :)
Best wishes and I keep my fingers crossed.

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