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“You can’t always visualize the reward, but you can believe in the sacrifice if the vision is strong enough.” – Don Connelly

Long time ago it was considered that talents, visions and prospects were not enough to bring the into physical or financial limelight it was always very difficult to have a podium to showcase that unique thing about you that you needed to be appreciated. There was a time financial rewards are only attained if you are tested and trusted on an avenue that people know.
Today we live in times where our experiences, visions and abilites can take us hight even above the gravity of the moon, dreams are no longer had at night, it's now in the blockchain battlefield where you can go far with sacrifices made to achieve your visions and desires.
two years ago a a blockchain was established to take away the "cons" and make "pros" possible, with only you being the limit to the height you can attain.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to STEEM.INC

In other not to keep the cat still in the bag, I will spare you the technicalities just like @ned the CEO of steemit would.

Steemit is a blockchain social media-like blogging platform that rewards users for their contents in either SBD or STEEM.


Me on red at a meet-up in Lagos


Here is a carefully written content, this will help determine your first week on steemit, help guide your footstep against mistakes that may seem inevitable.

Guide for Steemit Beginner | A Simple Way for Getting Started

Here is a carefully written post by @beanz, as a newbies you probably would be wondering how the blockchain works when it comes to the monetary aspect where here you go.

Where does the money come from?

Content creating is one of the most difficult thing on the platform, and here @walkingkeys took time to stress and talk about tips for writing a great content

5 Tips To Writing Great Content On Steemit

Niche is one of the most important things on steemit and if you're going to be a success you need niches, that is your area of concentration when it comes to creating contents and @arbitrarykitten covers it here

Finding Your Steemit Niche

Tags are part of the water through which you can get exposure on the blockchain, and you need to be able to use them perfectly without abusing them to get maximum results and exposure with your posts

5 Tips On Using Tags To Get More Exposure On Steemit

Relating with members of the platform Is very essential, and it can go a long way in establishing you on the platform, the relationships you build will bring support when it's well channeled and here Is a dtube video to find out how

How to Build a Relationship With Your Audience

Steemit of course is a planet of possibilities on it's own and being a newbie here may want to warrant panic, but you're not alone, it's best to say steemit is a sailing ship, you must be on board to really be on board, you're however a lay man wondering what is blockchain, cryptocurrency and SMT, I wouldn't say these things are so important to know to make it on the platform, you may even be planning to hit the register button but you heard it's a place only meant for cryptocurrency traders, spare Me that shit and hit that register button and immediately you get confirmed how about taking a look at this?

building relationships with meet-ups

unnamed (1).png

Me on red fathrest left with @ejemai @oluwoleolaide @jotmax

How to Write a Good Introduce Yourself Post

The steemit world needs to hear from you, let the feel the vibration you've brought along the vigour and the vision you hold, you should not hold back on yourself, just like an emperor announce your arrival in the sweetest way ever, and don't forget to let the blockchain know of what you're bringing on the table.

"In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact."- LES BROWN.


Communication is key in this amazing platform , communication gives you the opportunity to see from a different perspectives it's through communication that you get to form relationships and it's through relationship that you can form friendship hell yes! Friendship that will bring timely support and encouragement to continue steadfastly. you can do this by downloading discord on play store


Or also register on here


Discord will give you first hand access to communicate with far more experienced people on the platforms, get to listen and speak on live shows and have a direct linkage to that person whom you consider as role models.

Now as newbies here are the communities you may want to join


MSP, which is Minnow support project

STEEMGIGS, ran and owned by @Surpassingoogle


ISLE OF WRITE, If you're a growing writer.

Its endless and still going, you're rapidly going to develop faster in 6 months with this, and the difference is better than a user who have not utilized these amazing tool

Here is a post guiding you, on how you can utilize discord to grow on the platform.

Using Discord To Enhance Your Steemit Experience: The Incomplete List


These are decentralized platforms that works with the blockchain, strategically a very good content creator that makes video and sounds can earn big using these platforms, a lot of users are big earners with these tool for example @coruscate with Dtube and @d-pend with Dsound as well. Check out @flauwy's post on how to utilize them

The 5 Shooting Stars Of Steem - Busy, dMania, DTube, DLive and Utopian


bid-bots are very controversial on the platform, but as a new user it helps you gain visibility as well, sometimes a content writer may be so good, but you know not getting upvotes on their post may drown the content and make it disappear, but as a new user, bid-bots are like helpers, you pay them to help you make you content go viral and as new users it's very essential as well.

Here you may go with @minnowbooster of @reggaemuffin, @booster @postpromoter, this is not a bidbot ad, but it's a whole new way or method to helping you showcase your content.


These are people elected by the community to keep charge and oversea the community, In other words they're guardians you can Vote for them, my witness choices so far are @curie @reggaemuffin, @abh12346 half steemcommunity @steemgig and many more I voted for, you have 30 witness choices to make.


Contests can be found on the contest tag on steemit and they're another quicker way to earn and gain popularity.
There are a lot of contest on the contest tag and participating in them can also cure content block, and even you can earn when you're not getting upvotes on your posts.

Contests you may want to conside?

@Surpassingoogle's everyday ulog post

@kpine may not be a regular contest host, but when he does host it's always huge, do follow him for contests.

@D-pend 100 days poetry challenge; this is certainly for poets and writers, do follow d-pend to join

@fibra meme contest, this of course Is for meme makers

You can see the contest tag for more information.


Are you still contemplating about this community? I came to steemit a clueless nobody, and today through @ned's visionary that birthed steemit, I can tell you the story Is different, Africa has been plagued by lack of job opportunities, poverty and lack of platforms to display individualistic talents and abilities, the story has certainly changed, will you join the crusade? to eradicate poverty and enhance entrepreneurship tendencies all over your community, and your society?

The knowledge of steemit alone is like a needle through a camel eyes, that Is making a way where the government or your society cannot. Steemit is paving way, like Jesus here is your chance to walk on water it seems too good to be true? Yes I know and that's why you must join today and live that dream.




This contest was Made possible by @abh12345

Competition: #welcometosteemit


Written by @Josediccus

Meet-up pictures taken by me at steem Lagos Nigeria

Discord and steemchat images screenshots by me

First image from google

Thank you so much for reading

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Well that is some kind of promotion! I really like how you included all the different links to help people out, instead of trying to cram all the information in here. Nice job :)

It really was something watching everyone participate on Sunday, wasn't it? It just goes to show you how many truly believe in the power of this platform. Your "Conclusion" was very touching for me; it warms my heart knowing that steemit is truly making a difference for a lot of people in their everyday lives! That is huge!!

Thank you for tagging me and I'm glad you got this entry in, even if it was too late for the contest, it is never too late to write an awesome post :)


Well what can I say? I really wanted to help new users and @abh12345's contests as well did inspire me so much I'm glad you did like it, I thought nobody likes it really.
Thank you so much I'm glad you read

Going to follow them now. Thanks for this help

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Спасибо, что поддержали канал моего сына @andruto.