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Create a uplifting Post, worthy of hitting Trending that would best suit a new visitor to


What is Trending?

Trending is the 'home' page that new visitors to see when they hit site. It is the page that the likes of Bloomberg scanned when preparing their interview with @ned the other day. First impressions are clearly important, and judging by what they saw, Bloomberg felt the need to comment:

People have said that the content so far has been pretty low quality

Now as @surfermarly stated yesterday, it's not that Steemit is all low quality, it's that:

the evaluation mechanism as well as the way of sorting and displaying the published content that could be improved. - @surfermarly

I agree, but how else can we sort the 'catch all' Trending page?

In future, I see Communities with their own Trending pages, potentially managing them with a powerful community account, and restricting/hiding Bot boosted content.

This doesn't help the Home page though, and so for now, the articles with the highest potential rewards are what the world sees first. And let's face it, this potential reward does not correlate to the quality of the Posts. (As least not how envisioned, burn!)

Would anyone begrudge @steemit releasing 1 vote a day that could blow any article to the top of the pile? - I'd take a reward pool hit for that.

It is one of my arguments against Bid-bots, but not the main one. If you take those boosted articles out of Trending, the quality doesn't rise much, if at all. Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked, back to the reason for this Post...

Competition #welcometosteemit

I'd really like to see at least one (but the more the merrier) positive and killer article regarding steem/steemit hit trending. An article, that if I was a new visitor to the site which would make me think, 'hey this place looks pretty sweet!', 'perhaps I should register and get involved', 'this place could change the world!'.

OK, wishful thinking perhaps, but let's see what we can do.

What to potentially include?

  • A positive title and theme!
  • Basic intro to 'blockchain' / 'steemit'
  • Some basic/clear data
  • Mentions of thriving communities - tag them?
  • Humor is usually a good thing!
  • Something awesome you have witnessed that happened because of Steem/Steemit
  • The tags #welcometosteemit and #steemit

Rules / Guidelines / Help me

Arranging events on a Blog site isn't easy, and I don't expect this to be any different. But I've decided on the following to try to give a good shot. The goal is to get something on Trending, apologies in advance if that doesn't quite happen!

  • Do not post today! Prepare the article and make it look pretty, ready to go out on Sunday. It's going to take a concerted push to get the best one/s anywhere near Trending, and so any support I can muster up, needs to be focused.
  • I will put out a post on Sunday at 2 pm Eastern Time, which will be 8 pm Central European Time, prompt the posting of the links in the comments
  • Drop a link to the post in the comments on Sundays post

So if/when posts start to arrive on Sunday, It would be cool to get some help reading through the entrants and deciding which one/s to push. I will put a @steem-bounty on the post to try to encourage entrants and reviewers.

Again, this could not go as planned, but I'm going to try and make it worth your while working on such an article.


Put your Steem where your mouth is time. Guaranteed for the owner of the post deemed best suited to task by myself (and anyone around who's reviewing):

  • 1000 delegated Steem Power for a month
  • 20 SBD
  • a 100% upvote and a resteem from this small Dolphin with 9500 followers
  • a 5 SBD Bounty added to the post

Potential other kickbacks include:

  • Bid-bot sends - Potentially - Maybe a Bid-bot owner would like their account showing high on the voters list of such an article, and wish to promote it themselves - stranger things have happened!
  • Up-votes from awesome Steemians who think your post should be on Trending
  • More eyes and followers on your future content
  • Further prize boosts from anyone willing to chip in
  • A thank you from @ned for saving his ass ;)

I will be dropping a link to the chosen post to people who I think may see this as a worthwhile initiative to support. No promises here at all, but I shall try my best.

It's a big ask to get something on Trending. But if we can get enough people to collectively focus their energy/SP on a particular post, it could happen.

Then, we can all stand back and admire (for a few days at least) a piece of content that is pushed by community consensus to the top of the tree - wouldn't that be something.

Good luck everyone, see you on Sunday afternoon/evening (EST/CEST)




I am one half of the Witness, @steemcommunity - Find out about our project here

Discord: SteemitBC


that's the reason why new users are so excited at the beginning, then after they saw the true reality in steemit they easily discouraged and lost appetite of writing a good and quality content.

this is a hot idea.... any way i can help Ash?


Well i'm sticking the 'call for entries' post out in 5.5 hours (8pm Central European) and will need some help reading through the entries. Hopefully we can get a general consensus of what to push, and then see how far the community can push!


ok, i've gotta go rest soon, this could be good, there is also a 48hour window (after each candidate post goes out) to get this done due to restrictions on upvote bot, etc. so if you can walk us all through the respond time etc, and what and how we're going to co-ordinate this push?

can you possibly add the #comedyopenmic tag to your post, a great retention point to any platform is comedy, that's the biggest retention factor for Reddit (that why r/funny is the biggest community with 50Million members), even Facebroke uses comedy and videos to keep users (even those with fake friends) entertain and coming back. Do a quick invite for any #ComedyOpenMic Entry that is #WelcomeToSteemit worthy and I'll push it with $50+ of upvote from bots along with my 100% upvote, if there is other post more worthy, I'll be more than happy to push it that way and double the ante to help out.

final suggestion, not needed, but if you can mention 1 small paragraph, 2 liner about #comedyopenmic entries being considered for #WelcomeToSteemit, I'll talk to all the judges to see if they can vote your post as something the community can re-steem to get the word out to the Round 13 folks....totally not required but just a brain dump that any publicity is good publicity if we want to crack the 1st page trending in this experiment!

ok...i'm totally brain dead...just random thoughts....let me know, we can us 90% of this or 0% of this....i'm flexible hope we get some measure of success

drop by COM's really quiet now but in 12hours time it will be buzzing, we can chat in about 7+hours (after my coffee):


Well the post is already a few days old and people have told me they are ready to go. If there is comedy in the post, then maybe we can get them to change a tag before we push - which ideally i want to do in the first hour or so.

We'll learn some things no doubt today, and this should help any future initiatives of the same style - maybe you can do one directly for the COM community, that sounds pretty cool.

So yeah, the push I expect to be in 6 hours time - and hopefully it will continue as the post hits hot and perhaps trends in a few categories too.


Well i'm sticking the 'call for entries' post out in 5.5 hours (8pm Central European) and will need some help reading through the entries.


Well the post is already a few days old and people have told me they are ready to go.

sorry, i'm tired....and a bit confuse

so your post in 6hours is the post you have already selected from others....or

is this the coming announcement post (that I asked to add the #comedyopenmic tag into it) before the various post we hope to select and push?

now I don't even know what i'm saying makes sense :P


The post will be the call for entries.

Do you want me to add #comedyopenmic to it, even though it won't be funny? 😂

I will do that, and add a plug to COM if it might help the chosen post get an additional push.


i think it would help.... be logical to pile on to the glory, in COM we encourage posters to do competition within competition, and to engage and collab with as many communities as possible...not of that territorial shit... or mentoring includes:

Big Ego = Small Income
Small Ego = Big Income

Makes sense to put key tags that will bring in the right talent and attention.... send the post and put in into the COM post-Promote and I'll ask the judges to all come by to support and get the word out to talents...

Also @abh12344 can you please join the discord so I can one of us can give you joker status ASAP before my eyes shut?

See you soon Ash!

Sorry, just read this one.

Sounds like a plan then, we'll see what happens later!

Let me know when you choose a post, if it is good I will help promote it.

Thanks @yabapmatt

More incentive here to anyone looking in, nice!

yes indeed! @yabapmatt is the real deal!!

Thanks for the mention, Ash! Now that's a cool challenge. Am I allowed to participate?

I would primarily submit an entry in order to get...

a thank you from @ned for saving his ass ;)

JK :-)

Of course you are, I would expect you could put something really cool together!

Haha, you spotted my funny :D

Thank you!

Sounds like a great idea @abh12345.

What exactly is it that puts something on the trending page? Is it potential earnings?

It would be cool to get some help reading through the entrants and deciding which one/s to push

What are you looking for specifically? Are you saying you would like us to read through articles that are posted and comment on the ones we like or something else?

I'm actually away this weekend and not sure what time I will be back so probably wont' be able to do much until Monday afternoon. Is that too late to effect trending?

Hi Gillian

Yes it's potential rewards that ranks the Trending Posts for the most part. Then I think they fall in time, even if they are the top potential payout.

What are you looking for specifically? Are you saying you would like us to read through articles that are posted and comment on the ones we like or something else?

Just a comment on the posts submitted to sundays post saying 'I like this one' will do!

Monday might be OK, it depends how high it goes! :D

Thanks for asking these questions, hopefully they will help others too.

OK. Will do my best to read as many as I can on Sunday evening. 😊

I don't expect 100's so don't worry. 5 Would be OK, as long as they are decent efforts. Thanks!

I hope @glenalbrethsen and @lynncoyle1 have a go. I think they'd produce great articles and I'm sure there are other great writers from your League. 😁

Yeah I hope they will too - we'll have something to look at Sunday, whether it will reach TrendingI don't know, but it will be fun to try :)

Thank you for that @gillianpearce! For some reason, ginabot missed @abh12345's post and your mention altogether! I'm so glad you told me about this in another comment! Thank you.

Great idea Asher! I'm going to have to put something together for sure, but I will be interested in seeing what you end up with on Sunday.

A thank you from @ned for saving his ass ;)

So funny! How embarrassing that our Trending page is what Bloomberg saw as an overview of what steemit contains. That should be reason enough to want to clean up some of the nonsense that gets poor quality posts there in the first place. As you are well aware, the Trending page is no where near a good indications of the quality that is produced here.

Ok, I just got myself fired up, so I guess I'm working on a post now haha

Regarding my post: You know I'm not very technical haha, so I'm thinking a more personal approach; that is, "my" story and how steemit/steemians have affected me. Think that will work @abh12345?

This is such a great idea! Maybe it's silly to say this after-the-fact, but I told my husband back in February that if all the communities and curation groups that are focused on high-quality content would give their full support to a few articles on a rotation system, it probably wouldn't be hard to fill the first few spots in trending.

I really hope you can pull this off! Maybe it will encourage other groups/whales/communities to do something similar.

I'd like to submit an entry (not so much to compete with the high-quality writers here) but just to show my support of your efforts to turn around the system!

Two questions: can we use tags like ocd-resteem? Is it okay to mention this initiative in the post or should we leave it out?

Thank you! :)

I hope we can too.

Any other tags should be fine I think. It's OK to mention the initiative, just thinking how it would look to a visitor - perhaps more confusion than understanding? Up to you :)

A great idea Asher. I doubt it that I can write an article which would be worth showing up on the trending page, so I will probably won't take the effort to create one.
But I will support the competition by upvoting the ones which do make a chance!
Edit: maybe I will try to write one about the SBC community! Or maybe we as SBC community should write one, so that the community will get to trending.

But I will support the competition by upvoting the ones which do make a chance

This is good enough for me! We (myself included) aren't all great content writers, but I think most of us can appreciate something good when we see it.

Edit: maybe I will try to write one about the SBC community! Or maybe we as SBC community should write one, so that the community will get to trending.

Could be a plan! i think it needs to be fairly general for outward facing. I might enter from that account, but be available for my own prizes of course :)

I am beginning to think that the fount of good ideas flows through you, Asher. :)

I think the concept is great. As you say, whether a pro-STEEM(it) post makes it up to the top of trending is big ask, but at the very least, it would be nice to have a bunch of articles that talk up Steemit to a realistic degree.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to participate, though. I take Sundays off and this one coming up just happens to be Mother's Day on top. But it sounds like you've got people chomping at the bit to participate, and it also sounds like you might have some firepower to getting the post up there, so I'll wish you all the best here and will check Monday morning, along with the leagues, to see if it all succeeded. :)

This is a good idea, isn't it Glen! You really should try to write a post; I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to read it :)

That's very kind of you Glen :)

Yes I think some positivity wouldn't go a miss, and even if we don't get one there it will be fun to try - and profitable for those that produce the best effort :)

Why not start on a piece tomorrow? Then you just have to find 10 mins on the Sunday to post it up :)

This is a great idea, the community coming together to lift the content they see as quality... sort of how steemit should work in the first place 🤔.

I’m not so good at writing about steemit itself, but will give it a try. If nothing else I will help on Sunday to read through them all. I’m sure we could get a few Curie friends to help as well.

Nicely done ❤️

Hey! My nephews name is Asher! And for that reason, I'll get my thinking hat on!

Awesome! Never met another :)

And for that reason, up-vote!

Ha!!! He is a super smart kid into electronics, robotics and... knitting! And who knows what next....

Good man.

Honestly, it's a weird name to carry. Most people hear Ashley, or think you are sneezing. I mostly just use Ash, and then people smile and say 'hash?'.

But yeah, I'm happy with it. Cheers mum (I know she'll be reading this later!)

Ha ... nice name Mum. Why did you choose it??

Weirdly... and my sister didn't know this... my boy Jarrah was nearly Asher. I think it meant happiness in the bible? Plus that song... brimful of Asher... ;) .... And Ash is a beautiful tree. So who cares what crew think... rock that awesome name!!!

I'll ask her this afternoon, but I think I know the story (she doesn't have an account).

I've had loads of people say it was on their shortlist, in the end, no-one went for it!

Happy/Fortunate, yeah, err, ok!

That song got me some free drinks at Uni :D

Ah ah so worth it in the end haha

Obviously Asher this is amazing I saw @kafanarchy84's post about the @ned's Japan's visit and I can feel it in my bones that something is pretty about to happen very soon.

And well if you ask me, I think you are heralding the change as well with this.

Now with all humbleness can I also dive in on this?

Well I hope your bones are right, I think we could all do with a lift :)

Thanks for the kind words, and yes please do dive in!

Certainly, you're a fore front for beautiful things here really, I look forward to you everytime

Are you implying that Ned hasn't refreshed the trending page since March 2017? :D

haha :D Might have looked better then than it is now?

Was thinking more along the lines of, we push something that looks good there and tell Bloomberg to hit refresh :D

Certainly did look better back then. Even as far back as July, I had a post on the trending page that got there without bid bots (thanks to curie of course).

If i have time, I might create something trending worthy. ;)

Would love to see it :)

Yeah, back in the day when a community account, or a good push from the community could help a piece of non-botted content from a 'normal' user reach the top. Those were the days...

If I introduce a new steemit member in my post is that considered as welcoming and using the tag of #welcometosteemit?

I think the post should be aimed at trying to pull in new visitors, and thus introducing them to steemit.

Imagine writing it to a Sunday afternoon web browser, and trying to spark their interest.

Very timely idea for a competition. To pick up on something @surfermarly said above (/ below, wherever this comment ends up), yes, it might in the future help save @Ned's ass...


It's probably still sore from the grinding he gave his seat when asked that question about the shit content at the top of trending pages. I don't think I've ever seen somebody literally squrim before.

ha :)

Wondering if you've seen this one and have anything to add?

I'll go back to it later, steemit's being very unresponsive at the moment, and I can't scroll down any further than the first two bullet points... very annoying.

for sure I will support this. I might even enter :-)

Sweet :D And I hope you do!

Hey I am going to do a Deadpool contest around then that I will try to trend, would that count or should I do a separate one for this?


I was thinking a post 'generic' enough to catch the eye of anyone passing - Deadpool is pretty popular but perhaps not everyone's cup of Tea!

Could be worth a shot though, hopefully there will be enough people chipping in with comments on what is submitted and so if Deadpool is what the collective wants, then so be it!

I'll do both :)

I would give a 100% vote to whatever article you choose. Great initiative!

Thank you, thank you 😁

Still time for a post / vlog from yourself to be prepared...!

Sent to various communities and resteemed.

Will think hard if I will join hahaha

Thanks Mav!

I have no more creative juices to write an article in an attempt to get to trending. My one effort was my cookie post and that made it nowhere near trending. I even used up all my sbd to bidbot it to sky heaven. Followed every single step the trending cookie post I saw did, made a photo session, a recipe, even included flowers, zilch. I did discover I might be a comedic writer with that post, but no chance of my writing making it to that trending post.

I will watch from the sidelines and see the glory unfold on Sunday. 🙂

Well I hope someone gives it a shot, the prize is pretty good I think! :)

I like cookies, but not enough to watch them trend for 3 days. I just want them in my face :P

Perhaps I'll discover a new author when they put in their entry. The prize is great, and I saw Matt's offer as well, so there is definitely incentive to all the great writers out there.

I like cookies too, but not nine different photo sessions of the same darn cookie. How many angles of a cookie can you possibly photograph?

I got this post by a resteem from both @surfermarly and @paulag and if one of them resteems something I usually read it but if both do then this is a MUST read sign...
So I did...
And I must say this is a cool initiative...
BUT (there has to be a but)
and that is my main issue here, who will determine what is great content? I personally really enjoy reading @tarazkp for his thought provoking articles and @lukestokes on his wealth of steem knowledge and anarchism but I can imagine that a lot of people find this boring and want to see a chart on a potential investment...

So that is why I like @ned mentioning this account based voting on 3 separate occasions now. This will apparently be part of SMT and the whitepaper will be released next week...

This would solve the whole thing in one fell swoop

Well for me (as the host), I'll be looking for pro-steemit articles, that a new visitor would read and think 'i want a piece of this'.

From what I gather from the Account Based voting, it's only likely to be an option for SMTs in the near term, and have heard nothing about it's appearance here?

Ummmm, some serious synchronicity going on here...I just wrote something the other day, as a type of promotional piece for steemit. It's not in a conventional style article form though...Is that a problem?

Nice :)

Well I think it needs to be a focused time-frame to get the votes/push coming in all at once. So maybe do a re-work of your article with the above in mind and have it ready for Sunday?

I actually have not posted it yet, so it's ready now. I was obviously in tune with the synchronicity on this one:) I will be posting on Sunday...Thanks man, great idea and timing!

Awesome, sounds like the first guaranteed entry! :D

Leave out the trolling lingo 😉

So, I've been working at building the electronic music community on here on the tag of the same name. Basically, a lovely introductory post to advertise this to external entities would be a good suggested post?

Perhaps yeah.

My thinking was the post should be a general, look this place is cool, but perhaps with some focus on a community that is thriving, or an event that made/makes this place special.

It would be for the eyes of a visitor.

Hope that helps!

So a little bit too focused on one area then.


Well, I might do one of these at some point anyway as it is a little pet project of mine!

Perhaps, it could be a small part though?

Good luck with your plans :D

That would sound good to me!

This is a fun idea and a really good one considering the way the news anchor kind of attacked Ned on that.

There is tons of great content here, it's just that most of it doesn't go trending.

I'm just going to do what I do and write what I write, if the timing is right, I may enter, but I will be glad to see what kind of submissions there are.

Thanks man.

Yeah they put him on the spot, but that's what these guys do for a living right?

It will be cool to see some pro-steemit posts, let's hope we can give a few of them a good push. Cheers!

Hi @abh12345, This is great. I'd like to be part of this competition. Good luck to all the contenders. Also, you're doing a superb job. Keep it up man.

Steem On!

Thanks man!

Feel free to rustle something up for Sunday :D

Seems like something worth attempting! Let's face it, Trending is a pretty sad representation of the talent in this community. Resteeming for more visibility.

Thanks @denmarkguy, worth a shot isn't it. Although to reach the first page of Trending we are looking at a $800 post! That really sucks doesn't it? Only paid content at the top these days 😕

It's totally worth a shot. I still might write a post as a candidate, although I may just support by upvoting and spreading the word. Actually, I got a little sidetracked this afternoon, writing about a possible alternate solution to the "Trending" dilemma... but I'll get back on task here.

Part of why I believe this would be great is not ONLY to kick a post into Trending, but also to show the power and impact of "community driven initiatives."

Edited to add: $800 is a LOT. I remember a couple of my posts last summer/fall organically making it into Trending... and it was only in the $250-$280 range...

this would be great is not ONLY to kick a post into Trending, but also to show the power and impact of "community driven initiatives."

Exactly, some fun and a community feel -we need more of this!

Well done on Trending last year. I remember when a curie vote was enough to get you there, this feels more like how it should be.


"Community" is harder work than it used to be. If you look at a community organization like @qurator, they often get a thousand upvotes to get a $50-$70 post. Although a different type of gig, @steembasicincome often 400+ upvotes. Point being that the "representative" community member casts a vote of maybe 3-6 cents.

In a sense, you're doing some of the BEST work in Steemit at the moment with your "Curation Leagues" because it gets a LOT of people excited and interested in participating.

YES! Love this idea. Thanks for spearheading it, Asher. I'm in! Hopefully I'll be able to pull a post together, but even if I don't, I'll help boost however I can. This is the kind of vision we need to give Steemit a better public image. Resteemed! 💖

Thank you! I'm trying! I hope you manage to come up with something, and that we can boost something up there 😁

If you take those boosted articles out of Trending, the quality doesn't rise much, if at all.

Trending has been the same since I started last November, the only difference is now anyone can buy their way to it and not just the normal self-voting circle jerkers

Yup. This is why I think it would be really cool to see something up there with a stack of organic community votes. We shall see :)

I kind of see the idea but would they truly be organic community votes if we are only picking a post that happens to be submitted to the post you make? That is sort of just over rewarding one of your followers or followers, followers. That is not really organic to me that is the selective targeting of a selective group.

Still be nice to see someone get a big fat stack of votes but to call it truly organic is a little sheepish, IMO. So, I am for it but these are just my thoughts on it.

If you have any better ideas, feel free to put them forward :)

Just of of my own interest, i ran a few stats:

This post has been resteemed by 37 people.

The unique count of accounts reached is 31444.

The number of unique accounts that have submitted any content in the past 7 days is 58930.

The number of accounts reached by the post that have submitted any content in the past 7 days is 12034.

12034 out of 58930 - about a 5th of 'active 7 days' Steemit. Remove the community accounts / alt. accounts / bots / spammers / none English speaking / etc) and I would say that is not a bad effort.

No, I am all for it but we are talking about only voting for post that get dropped in your post. Also giving people a few days to think up something directly for this contest, wouldn't it be better to go grab a post that was written today based on the users feelings and production in place of planning and picking?

I don't think so, no. By sending out an advance warning.

  • people can prepare something 'good'
  • reviewers and then voters are prepped and ready - a focused push
  • VP can be recharged
  • more chance for word to spread that this is happening

What you suggest would be like starting an event with no guests, and having them slowly arrive through word of mouth. The combined push is lost like this, and there is less of a community feel that people are involved in working towards something for Sunday.

I might be wrong, but i'm not really up for arguing the technical aspects of it. It's something to try, and try is seemingly not too high on many peoples agendas at present.

As I said I am all for it but see this as the problem, we should already be doing this as a community. It says that people are not already producing content good enough and no one is rewarding. I stopped looking at the trending long ago as most did. What we have is in line with other forms of social media, those who pay to play are at the top.

It is worth a try, and I hope more grace is given to those with lower Reps like 55 and under as that would be even more beneficial to onlookers that this place isn't a full circle jerk of the high reps.

Again, I am in, it is worth a try.

As I said I am all for it but see this as the problem, we should already be doing this as a community.

Absolutely, but we are not - at least not pushing together - and that's cool, we all have our communities.

It says that people are not already producing content good enough and no one is rewarding.

I think there is enough good content - but as above...

It is worth a try, and I hope more grace is given to those with lower Reps like 55 and under as that would be even more beneficial to onlookers that this place isn't a full circle jerk of the high reps.

I would love for the post that is seen by the reviewers who come and check what's been linked decide the best post/s is of a newer user. I don't want to decide on my own.


THAT IS a shitty amount of users producing in 7 days [email protected] was just throwing out 1 million user statistics on Bloomberg.

Are we really having all the current fighting and bitching between less than 100k people? What type of shit-show will it look like with a 20% world adoption? This info makes me feel even worse than before you wrote it.

My pleasure :)

I would hazard a guess that the number of unique people on this platform that are active weekly is 15-20k.

or less... depending on what you define as being active :P

I wasn't thinking along the lines of wiring a post or a comment. That number as a % of accounts is a mighty 1 - 1.5%. Youch!

Thanks for the replies elsewhere, I'll get round to them after the league post, prep for this 2nd post tonight, and hopefully a stats post on inactive account witness votes which has taken days to organise!


I don't think I will do a post . This is one heck of an idea . I will support the hell out of it and get others to do the same WTG

Thanks very much, it's going to take a big push to get one up near the top!

Great initiative, @abh12345.
I think the organizing part is going to be less difficult than you think.
I’m going to try to get something out, but I’m by far not the best writer out there.
I’ll try to get as many people on board as possible. It would be great if you (we) would be able to pull this off!
On Sunday, I’ll be cheerleading from my hospital bed :0)

Thanks @simplymike :D

Aww, sorry to here that's where you will be - I hope they have a nice bottle of water and a good net connection for you!

If there’s no good net connection, I’ m going to start a riot - lol

I had visions of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and a big needle heading your way. But I fully support your actions! :D

Hadn’t thought of that movie in a while. Now youVe given me the creeps. Thanks! ;0P

hahaha What an image to put in poor @simplymike's head Asher!! :)

Are you having surgery again then?

Unfortunately the hernia is back already, so yes. Another surgery, another 4 to 6 weeks of lying sown and walk a little every once in a while. I’m so thankful for SteemIt. I would go crazy if I didn’t have anything to do..

I'm sorry you have to go through all that again! I hear you about steemit, it will be and is a godsend for you and me! Good luck with it all. When is your surgery scheduled?

Great idea !
Count me in, my post is well underway, the delay is really nice to make something really meaningful and finely worked.

Seeing all the qualified authors taking part in this, I'm not sure my contribution will have any impact, but well, it's for the greater good and the exercise if fun and interesting. I will of course read the other posts and vote for the best ones at the fateful hour !

Let's put the nicest post on top of the trending page, TOGETHER !

Thank you!

It's worth anyone having a shot, hopefully there will be folks around on Sunday to support the best one/s, and let see how far the community can push it - like it is supposed to be!

I'm in for sure... This is a great idea and gives us something worth while to work on.

Great stuff, looking forward to seeing what you and others can come up with :D

I really like this initiative a lot because it is quite different from the convention of all the contest/competition done on steemit ecosystem that have been following for a while.
@abh12345 if I get the rules all right, we suppose to drop the link to the post via a comment on your post on sunday at that time?
Guess I'm up to this, and thanks to @surfermarly for resteeming this!
Now following you @abh12345

Thanks :)

Yes, a link in the related post I put out on Sunday.

Good luck to you!

That's 3am my time, so I won't be much use...
I'll certainly look in later and look forward to seeing if it works. Hoping it does!

Yeah sorry, was never going to be idea for the whole plant. Hopefully you'll wake up to a nice pro-steemit article on the Trending page. We can dream!

Or maybe even two! Why not dream big. 😉

Very cool contest. I am still a little new to this whole thing, but I think I am getting the hang of it bit by bit. I'll definitly think about this subject and perhaps throw some words on it :)

Great :)

I think it's something everyone can have a go at, would be really cool to see a 30-40 rep up there! :D

Its a great idea Asher... I think you will get some great entries :)

Thanks Dave, let's hope so!

Yeah! Now here's a idea that might grow some legs and go!

It would be nice if we could send a variety of great content to Trending, but that's probably not going to happen... but at least one or two great posts at the top of the pile would be great!

It would be even GREATER if they were NOT about "how to make money on Steemit" or the latest technical analysis of the price of Steem. There are tons of stories out there about Steemit — the community— helping individuals in distress. There are awesome internal programs that have transitioned to external 3D space.

It would be awesome if commuities like Qurator, Curie, Steemitbloggers, Stewards of Gondor and others also came onboard. It would be awesome if some of the people who sincerely care about content on Steemit (like fulltimegeek, carlgnash and others) also got behind it.

As you say, it will require a massive community effort.

Good luck to us ALL!


Thanks cat!

Yeah a big ask it will be, but hopefully if there are outstanding entries (or even just one!) then together we can give it a go!

i reaaaaallly like this! and will get my wheels churning; may put in an entry. i like the way you think asher and this incentive is such a great "create/incentivize what we want to see"!! resteemed (to my nearly 1300 followers lol)

Please do!

A vlog with text could be a standout original piece!? 😁

Thank you!

Good one Asher! I haven't posted much in the past few weeks because I've been on the road but I have told more people about Steem because of my travels. So, seriously, it would be amazing to see great posts trending rather than dumb memes to help to birth new Steemians while giving them the mindset and tools to thrive. Resteemed!

Thanks Karen!

Yeah let's hope we can see some good stuff to try to boost up there past those flipping memes!

So, will you be publishing a follow up post to this (as in, the winning post hitting the general trending page, how high or visible it got, for how long, etc.)? And, in this post, might you also include the point that the winning post basically got where it did because of the vote from some kind of bot? :) Just wondering.

I have a list of posts planned, longer than my arm at present :) This wasn't on the list but I suppose I should note it down.

The bot vote certainly helped, and I did kind of ask in the post if any owners fancied supporting a piece of content that had been read and viewed as really good by the folks checking in. Lets be honest, it was never going to get to top 10 Trending without a Bot - push.

Did it make it to the Top 10? When I looked for it, the post was at No. 20, but that would have been 18 hours, give or take, after it went up. I just saw the bot vote at $178 or something like that with the total over $230 I think it was.

Well, reality is one thing, and changing reality is another. You did suggest the bot push, and one came through very generously.

If you've got a bunch of posts planned, no worries. I thought it might be in the works for a breakdown of how it did on the trending page. Since there's really not a good way to tell other than comments whether new people might have seen the post, there might not be much analysis to really do.

Hello, Philippines is advance 12 hours from EST time. So, if 2 PM is your posting time, maybe I would try to post it at 2 AM Monday using Steemauto. And will try to comment my link at 7 AM Monday and that's 7 PM EST.

I'm excited to do my blog!

Ok then, good luck to you! :D

I'm so excited! I can't wait to finish it hahaha.

Who are on the top are growing fast and top users are helping top users not minnows. It is hard to make a trending post for a new users.

As a new member I'm finding little incentive to continue making posts. I put in a lot of effort into my posts with no recognition. I will keep on doing it because it makes me happy to produce content. I just wish someone would see it.

It's tough at present for sure. I would advise commenting on the blogs of others, and not spending forever on your own stuff.

Ok thanks for the advice!!!!

Would really love to be part of this competition, i will start my research now and work towards sunday. Good luck to us buddy

Super, good luck to you! :D

Gonna give it a shot....this is very interesting. I can see a lot of "big names" in here. Haha. I have stopped going to the trending page, cos of the filth on there. #TakingSteemitBack.

Nice tag, good luck if you do decide!

Thanks mate.... I'm definitely in. Put together an article yesterday. Just some touch ups :)

I was going to join in, and I know I can make a compelling case, though not while this kind of garbage is on trending I have no defence for that kind of thing, so I choose not to join in

I would hope that pile of sh1t is a good reason to want to produce something to push it out of Trending!

If you click trending, most of them are that shit, who let this place get this shitty? Haejin is all over trending also. I could not sell this site to a blind man as it stands, sorry my friend, it is the way it is, and I am all out of defending it.

This place needs some honesty, and people not just sucking up to each other, and agreeing with each other just because someone has more sp, it feels fake here most of the time, people just be quiet because they are afraid, it is not healthy, and it will be why I am out in June if nothing changes, I am sick to death of the easily offended in real life, and this place mirroring it is not for me, and everyone turning a blind eye is just absolute bollox.

Very cool idea!

Thank you! Worth a shot isn't it :D

This is absolutely brilliant idea. I would consider to participate. But how to adjust your post time on sunday? Coz I am in Indonesia.

Thank you :)

I'm sorry the time doesn't suit, maybe you can prepare the post and just wake up to submit it? :D

Its a good idea, and when I first got on Steemit almost two years ago, we had a lot of good quality "how to STEEMIT" posts. Those have faded a bit as the userbase has gotten more knowledge of how to use markdown format, what kind of posts get you to the top, etc. I'd like to see some of those type of posts come back.

Thank you :)

We shall see what people come up with...

Is there something specific you'd like? I've been doing some of those and am always happy for more ideas.

The deadline is tomorrow 2 pm? OwO

Oh my... I was about to create a post for newcomers a few days back. I really regret of not doing it...

Is there more chance? I think it's impossible for me to do a quality post in just 1 night :(

Yes, sorry!

Well I guess this time I have to give up... I could come up with a post for tomorrow but it would be a shitty post and that's not the idea. Good luck to the participants anyway! Greetings :)

Seems like a very cool challenge.

Thank you, let's see what people can come up with!