Walnut supports batch of SP Delegation platforms such as upvu, tipu and peanut, etc. Start the share and get upvote activities

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Yesterday, we announced the official launch of Nutbox Walnut. Today, the total amount of SP delegated by Walnut【https://walnut.nutbox.app/ 】reached 6.33million, with a total value of $1.74Million.


Support dozens of SP Delegation platforms

In order to allow more SP holders to participate in the NUT mining, Walnut plans to support @upvu@tipu@upmewhale@nutbox.mine@justyy@robiniaswap@coin-doubler@wherein@steemhunt@steem-sri.lanka@boomerang@cnbuddy. SP holders can mint NUT by delegate SP to any of the above accounts through Walnut.【https://walnut.nutbox.app/#/sub-community/staking?id=0xaf1772fa2f171c6dc6f3b06b69727237a4203766

Share and Get Upvote

At the same time, we also launched the “Share and Get Upvote” activities. Anyone who shares a screenshot of the success of the delegate on Steem Blockchain, the post may get a lot of upvote from @nutbox.mine or @wherein.


  1. Post need to be tagged with #walnut-mint in order for us to find your post.(The tag must be in the first 4)
  2. This event starts today (February 22, 2022) and lasts for 15 days until March 9, 2022.

About Nutbox Walnut Network

Nutbox Walnut is a DAO creation platform without coding. Web3 communities can use Nutbox to:

  • 1)Issue your own community Token(cToken for short)in one click, define the distribution rules of cToken;
  • 2)Use ISO(Initial Staking Offering)to bootstrap the cold launching of DAOs;
  • 3)Create Staking contracts around cToken(i.e., create liquidity mining pool contracts of cToken, Stake cToken Mint cToken to incentivize long-term holders etc);
  • 4)Configure the Governance of the community, DAO management and the allocation of DAO Fund;
  • 5)The integration of functional modules such as Social and NFT etc.

Using Nutbox Toolkits, anyone can create a DAO in one click.

Walnut Delegate SP:https://walnut.nutbox.app/#/sub-community/staking?id=0xaf1772fa2f171c6dc6f3b06b69727237a4203766





Create A DAO - Guide:https://nutbox-io.gitbook.io/nutbox/create-a-dao/create-a-dao-in-3-minutes

Thanks to the following accounts for participating in Walnut:


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