Announcing the Winners of "Review a Wallet DApp" Contest ft. State Of The DApps!

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Hello Everyone,

14 days ago, we launched this task - Review a Wallet DApp & Earn Rewards ft. State Of The DApps!.

Another successful run and brilliant entries submitted by many Steemians in the comments of this blog by @oracle-d.tasks.


After reviewing the entries with the help from @stateofthedapps as per the guidelines and the quality of the blog, we have selected the following reviews as top 5 winners:

Many congratulations to all the winners. Please create a post about your experience and your win in the competition which will be used to give the rewards. The winners will also get access to the internal/closed OD Tasks available on OD Portal. Major thanks to @stateofthedapps and team for partnering up with us for the challenge.

Featured on @StateoftheDapps

All the winning entries have been published on :


Please stay tuned for the future tasks!


Wow Im stoked stoked stoked stoked to be an Oracle-d contest winner. Wow, it's been my aspiration for so long. This means so much, thanks to @Oracle-d, @Dapplovers and @stateofthedapps

Congrats to the other winners as well.

Here is a post about my experience and win

thats amazing .thanks to stay on.

Oh my God...I am featured in the list. What a pleasant surprise !!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Congratulation to others too.
Thanks, @oracle-d @dapplovers @stateofthedapps

Congrats on the win

Thank you for the recognition! I really enjoy these contests. The undertaking of introducing users to new dapps is always an exciting one.

Congrats on the win, the contests are quite enjoyable indeed.

Congrats everyone!!! And @bozz I'm so happy for you that your lost work didn't go unrewarded!! I was hoping for you to win the task so your efforts didn't go to waste :)

Thanks! I still don't think my second draft was as good as my first, but I was very happy with the end product. Even more so now...

Congratulations to all winners of the contest
@bozz @daan @sthitaprajna @milaan and @mistakili

Meanwhile, I wish that @Dapplovers and @oracle-d team would always exclude pro-writers from this contest to give room for others to grow.

Thanks. It was a wonderful review experience.

Hey @uyobong. Many pro writers have earned their PRO tag once they won the @dapplovers contest. Some of them even participated for the first time when they won. So if your content is good, you win! Simple. Doesn't matter you are a PRO or not. Our open tasks are for everyone and everyone has a fair chance to win.


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Meanwhile, I wish that @Dapplovers and @oracle-d team would always exclude pro-writers from this contest to give room for others to grow.

I don't agree with that, not because I won, but because everyone always has a fair chance of winning. It's all about article quality and newbies can certainly write an amazing article as well. All the info is publicly mentioned in the task posts, so it's just a matter of putting your best work forward.

I do hope that more first-time Oracle-D writers win these challenges, there's nothing stopping them from doing so ;)

Congratulation winners. I am thrilled to see my entry in the list of winners. Winning an @oracle-d contest is one of the major accomplishment in Steem. I am feeling elated now.

Thank you...steem on and stay blissful.

Here is my latest post "on my experience of winning this contest".

Hello @sthitaprajna, congratulations for this achievement, Happy day...

Hello @sthitaprajna, are you on discord? Please drop by to our discord channel and say "HI" so that we can give you PRO access.

Hi, is it mandatory to submit the winning post experience with the Oracle-D portal? Because I didn't, should I repost?

Congratulation to all the winners. They must have deserve it to be selected as winners

Congratulations @dapplovers!
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