Walk With Me: Walking Along The Beaches & Coastline Of Southwest England

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Life's A Beach

So I was hoping to get a philosophical post out today, unfortunately I have a heavy cold and the deeper layers of thought it would take to finish it are not conducive with a blocked nose and a head of cotton wool. In a change of plan, I would like to invite you for a hike along the sand dusted and windswept beaches of southwest England. Are you ready? Let's go!





With 630 miles of stunning vistas, hidden coves, sub tropical woodland creeks and pristine coastline, it's easy to see why the southwest coastal path is recognised as one of the best long distance trails in the world. Equally, although its on my bucket list to walk the majestic sublimity of its entirety, today I will (for the most part) step away from the path and place a chief focus on the beach.





As I wander through this timeless landscape, the visual majesty of creation unfolds around me and frees my mind from the constraints and time schedules that modern life places upon us. For me the construct of our society is too often akin to an invisible prison wall, a barrier between higher states of consciousness and deeper levels of creativity .. today the walls are coming down :) .





Along this particular section of the coast there are a myriad of hidden coves, forgotten villages and ancient churches that come complete with crooked spires.




The southwest coastal path is an ancient network of paths used by coastguards, lighthouse keepers and indeed smugglers! On a wet and windy day this coastline can be treacherous and has claimed many lives and ships, today I am lucky to wander through this landscape with clear skies and warm sun. As I continue, the cool breeze greets me like a long lost friend and the clouds become transient whisps of chaotic beauty.


What a difference a day makes, I may have been a little hasty on the clear blue sky front .. but it's warm and dry and looking like another beautiful day in paradise so I'm not complaining.




Along this stretch of coastline are several abandoned boats. Further along the tidal sand flats there is a community of people that live in their boats (mooring/rent free) and I sometimes wonder if sizeable percentage of these (old) boats hail from said community. Oh what's that I see on the horizon.





So after a couple of days getting away from it all and enjoying the local beaches it's sadly time to go home. I'm going to head across the sand and then through the sand dune network. This vast area is the largest dune network in England and also one of the largest in Europe.



The dunes form the upper end of a UNESCO biosphere reserve and are internationally famed for their rare flora and fauna. This reserve is a good day out, and a large area to explore .. but that's a post for another day.



Written by perceptualflaws
Original pictures by @perceptualflaws
Banner gifs courtesy of @justcallmemyth


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Awww, for some reason, even though I know you're on the ocean, beaches and Britain just don't go together for me hahahaa! I love these shots! Brings a whole new perspective to me. The graves photo was amazing, but that boat in the sand.. WUT!!! So cool!!!!


Hey @lyndsaybowes thank you for stopping by .. hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend my friend.we're just back from visiting some friends and my cold is disappearing .. so it's been a good one here. A little bit of trivia for you .. there are over 5,000 islands in the British Isles and Britain has a coastline of over 8,000 miles :D .. loads of hidden beaches, Ill have to send you a post I made when I first joined .. loads of remote beaches in Scotland.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures, I love the graves picture and the Church's crooked steeple .. where I used to live a man spent a lifetime building a church and when it was finished he climbed to the top and realised the steeple was out .. and threw himself off the top!! The boat is mad eh? I think people just let them go and buy another rather than repair it .. must have been some storm that carried it in .. look how far from the water it is! Thanks again my friend :D


You need to do a post on British/Scottish Bikini Babes, the world needs to know!

Oh I dreamt I was 'home' last night and was trying to make my way to Bristol from London and all the trains were cancelled lol. I think its coz my husband's headed there without me in Dec and my son and his girl are headed there in November and I'm wishing I was going too. Beautiful photos my friend

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Hey @riverflows .. thank you for stopping by :)

Oh I dreamt I was 'home' last night and was trying to make my way to Bristol from London and all the trains were cancelled lol.

Funny you should say that, the autumn is biting here and I've been dreaming about an Australian summer :) Although you're bang on about the trains .. you can set you watch by them, or not! lol

Thanks again, it was a beautiful couple of days .. but as you know, this is a place best avoided in the winter .. so you're well placed :)

How majestic! Thank you for sharing these pictures. There are far too little untouched areas like this left! The bourgeoisie like to buy the land and build shit on it, it’s frustrating!
Feel better my friend, those stuffed sinuses are tough!


Hey @complxty .. hope you're well my friend, glad you enjoyed the pics .. luckily much of this coastline is protected, in fact 450 miles of this 630 mile coastal route will take you through not only stunning but also highly protected landscapes. You will walk through a national park, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, two world heritage sites and five areas of outstanding natural beauty! But yes I feel what you're saying on the property front .. many people from London buy a holiday house down here and then when the season finishes it's left empty .. over time this has turned entire villages into winter ghost towns :(

Thanks, I'm feeling a little better today .. I do suffer with sinusitis so a cold on top takes it to another level, there was no way I could think straight enough to write my post .. but hopefully I'll have some respite this weekend .. thanks again.

What beautiful images, they are so beautiful that they embrace the soul. As you commented on the images, I imagined myself walking the sand, feeling the smell of the sea, the sea breeze. I believe that these walks serve not only to see the landscape but to find oneself, to fill oneself with energy, to leave aside the clock that enslaves us. I also live near the sea, but mine is full of palm trees, white sand and sky blue waters. When I feel the weight of life on my shoulders, I walk barefoot and it's as if the breeze takes everything with it. Seawater is also good for curing the flu! Greetings!


Thank you @nancybriti I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures .. there are some beautiful places along the southwest coastline and I fully intend to walk all its 630 miles .. one day :)

I believe that these walks serve not only to see the landscape but to find oneself, to fill oneself with energy, to leave aside the clock that enslaves us.

Yes I couldn't agree more .. when I go for long hikes and camps I try to simply be one with the moment, in terms of time I normally leave my watch at home and follow my instincts :) Your beach sounds beautiful and I love your thoughts about the breeze blowing your troubles away .. very true. Thanks again my friend.

They are all lovely really but the cutest thing among those photos is the Dog...couldn't take my eyes off it...lol


Hey thank you @empress-eremmy glad you like the pictures .. but you're right, my dog always seems to steal the show .. if she begins to write philosophy then I may be in trouble lol :) Thanks again my friend!

reminder of a place I once lived, loved and respected, until I knew better, great post bro, shame about the cold, not had one for a year or so, maybe due to not eating GMO's or maybe not spending time around other people, not sure as yet, stay honest bro, likes a style.


Hey dude, hope you're well and have enjoyed a good weekend? We're just back from staying at a friends so it's been a good one here. It's very different to the Midlands in the rural southwest .. stick a hammer through the TV and you're blissfully away from all the bullshit lol Prior to that I was up in the Scottish Highlands, so I've been staying one step ahead until I'm ready to make my move. With the cold, I used to box a lot as a youth and I can no longer breathe through my nose .. hence as the nose is a bug filtration, I'm prone to picking up the odd cold at this time of year :(


Had a superb weekend thank you kindly, nice also to see you have.
The part about the hammer through the tv made me chuckle, as I could not agree more.

I used to box also, and do Thai boxing, you needed to stop getting hit and hit harder bro lol. :-)

I walked faster than you trough the dunes, but enjoyed the outing as you did. Specially loved your Moon footprint in the sand. Yes you have been there!
Get better soon man! Being at the seaside most of the time was a good remedy for me.


Thank you for stopping by @johano .. glad you enjoyed the walk .. and equally glad you didn't miss the moon footprint ;) lol. I'm starting to feel a bit better thank you .. unfortunately I wasn't feeling well enough to drive, but if I was then rest assured I have been heading back to the coast for some medicine :)

It looks like the Shire!


It's always good to get back to the Shire :D

Oh this so reminds me of the Irish coast, such beautiful beaches and coastline that is not developed, can you imagine what it would be like if the summers were hotter, it would be destroyed, it is because of this that the coastline stays mostly untouched and pristine. Oh I do long to be beside the seaside xx

As I wander through this timeless landscape, the visual majesty of creation unfolds around me and frees my mind from the constraints and time schedules that modern life places upon us.

Oh I do love how you write xxx


Hey @trucklife-family hope you're well and have enjoyed a lovely weekend my friend? I lived in the far north of Scotland (Sutherland) for a few years and it's definitely the cold that keeps people away! On a beautiful day, the sand is white and the sea is turquoise blue .. the beaches are literally world class and yet you have then all to yourself.

It gets a little busier down here in the southwest .. but equally, I specialise in finding the places that are far from the madding crowd .. indeed if you're prepared to work for it you can find your beautifully secluded beach :) .. But like you say imagine if the coastline of Britain was in warmer climes .. there would be no coast left!

Thank you my friend, I love your writing also .. been away this weekend, but looking forward to catching up with your posts.