~ 137 ~ Walk With Me: Lotus Flowers & Our Fishing Village

in walkwithme •  6 months ago

The Stars of the Show


But first we have to leave my house...

Let's Get This Walk on the Go!


The front #yarden, as promised, is completely turning from yellow (black eyed susans), to pink (cosmos).

I Hit the Highway


The Church Next Door


More Pink


I was wow'd by those yellow flowers.


Nice to see a tree blooming in September, outstanding!

More Blooming Trees!

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 11.27.07 PM.png

Ok #STEEM Fam...by this point, I was feeling just incredible. I'm so happy to be out in the morning light, seeing all of this beauty, smelling the ocean air and not having a care in the world.


You could say I was feeling on top of the world.

He Feels On Top of the World Too!


You go Mr. Gull, you go. You live a life most of us only dream of...


Another Posing Gull

They were letting me take photos of them today which was nice. Some days they just fly away as soon as I point the camera their way. I don't blame them, my lens is kinda big...may look like a weapon to them.


I love how it looks like there's a ray of light shining on this gull. It's actually the reflection of a white boat causing that lighting.



Exciting News!


They are making repairs to the dilapidated fish house! For 4 years it has looked like it was about to fall right into the ocean. I'll show you the before below:

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 11.43.44 PM.png

Take a tour with me in this #DLive video: ~ 134 ~ Walk With Me to See the Famous Dilapidated Fish House Up Close

Awesome to see them taking care of it before it was too late...


This Garden Was Rocking Out



Totally was thinking of my friend @phoenixwren...


What I've been waiting to show you...


Lotus Time!


This pond is just loaded with them.


Notice the reflection of birch trees in the water?

Thank you for coming on another #walkwithme, I hope you enjoyed it. I curated the tag from 6 day old posts, up until posts that are 2 days old, and found some gems of the week which I'll post below (ordered least to most recent).

Keep on walkin' and taking us with you, and always...

Keep on Steemin'!

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Ooh I love the painted rock garden! :D I'm inspired.
And those lotus flowers and lilly pads! WOW! O:
I'm glad to see they are repairing the fish house, too! Yay!
Thank you for showing us the beauty in your neighborhood! :)


Aw, thanks for coming along on so many journeys with me Phe... <3 I'm glad you get to see the evolution of this place. I always enjoy your neighbourhood updates too, especially the construction lol.


And in a shocking development, construction!
HEY! There was construction in yours for once: they repaired the fish house!!


Me too, @phoenixwren! That rock garden really got some gorgeous energy kicked into my head when I was enjoying the photos, too.


Right? I want to paint more rocks now...


I hope you do it, brother! It's a great idea. I would like to do that as well. Maybe in an upcoming DLive stream. You know they're doing a #dlivestar campaign now, man. It'd be cool to see some of your videos of the project!


No, I haven't heard of that! Where can I find more info, please? :D
Edit: oh, I see on @dlive - sorry! I am on dlive but I hadn't followed them yet, lol.
Well, I doubt I would ever win, but you might!


Hey man, I think that it's one of the coolest things to win when you didn't realize you already had. Happened to me with DLive just yesterday when I was a winner in their IRL campaign.

If you wanted help with any of it, I can help you. I had to learn some things for live streaming but it's easy enough to do and you can also just upload videos straight from your mobile or whatever. Their app is great and the community is so helpful.

I tagged you in the comments of the campaign post for this contest. And hit me up if I can help or if you ever get crazy and want to do a livestream.


Thanks! :) And congrats on your win!!

Rock garden is amaizing! :D
and i also like the lotuses and the eichhornias ^_^
it's one of my videos i made in the botanic garden of stavropol:


Very nice @reinikaerrant, thank you so much for sharing!

I hope that either myself or my wife are able to get some of the yellow water lilies from up here to post. Just have not found a patch close enough (easy to walk to) yet. I know they are out there. Maybe next week.


Good luck in your search @bashadow! And keep up the great walks!


Thank you, it was fun. I have been enjoying the photo hunts and photo logs.

Wow. those lilys on the pond. Are we not so friggin blessed living here. aahhhh...I never want to leave. My world is in order here.


This place is the missing piece to the Soul.


YES. That is what it is. I have never felt this complete anywhere that I have lived. I have had nice places, quiet places and places I loved more than others, but YES that is it entirely. Thank you. For the past two weeks that I have not removed myself from my deck I kept trying to come up with it. You got it. That is it. xx


In Joy that Deck!

oh, what a miracle!
Lotus is so amazing flower, it seems to me it's too beautiful to grow near cruel humanity..
By the way, it sounds strange but we're definetely on the same wave somehow, dear!;)

the thing is that this summer I planned to go on an excursion to a lotus valley, but it's situated rather far from my city, it's another big city, and we must ride there for about 3-4 hours there, and then the same time back home, so it's rather long and difficult road for my boy, so I decided to reject from the trip. But I wanted to see lotuses soso much!
aaaaand....yoohhoooo))) who shoed me lotuses this year without even going out from my flat?:) Bingo - it's Lyndsay:))) <3 <3

there are no ocassions in our life;)


Aww!! I'm so happy that you shared that story with me Natalia...

I'm smiling so much...we are definitely kindred spirits, I'm glad I could bring these special flowers to you. This is the first time I have seen them too. I didn't start going for walks until last autumn. I must have missed their season last year!


it's the photo from our lotus valley (my friends came there this year, and she showed me - like another world!)
this year I enjoy local and Canadian lotuses at home, well.... I've great friends who have given me a chance to see them even at home;))
but I'll definetely go there next year, you've woken up my great desire to see them alive!<3


Wow...that photo is out of this world...

Those gulls on the roof were killing me! Thanks for the laugh.

@buttcoins turned me onto the hashtag #walkwithme. It looks like you might be the person to talk to about what the vision is for that particular tag. I often write posts about my wanderings and hikes...is that the basic idea?

Thanks for the great pics!


Yes, your wanderings, your hikes, strolls in your town...all perfect for the tag! I try and curate it regularly :)


Cool beans, thanks for the info. :-)

Lotus flowers are beautiful. I've seen it only a few times in my life though. I always happen to be there either before they bloom or after :)

I love cosmos! It's so funny to see that they are just starting blooming in Canada. Their season here is already over..

I have the same experience with animals. As soon as I point the camera on them, they fly away or run away (depends on the animal, LOL) But today you were lucky! And we are lucky too as you shared the photos with us!

I'm so glad they are making repairs to the fish house! It would be a pity if it would fell in the ocean.

The stones are cute! I would never think about painting on them. What a great idea!

I love your walk! Thank you for taking us with you.

I made a post that I think you would like (about wooden churches). I didn't use #walkwithme as wanted to try a different tag and it's limited to just 5. I guess you didn't see it because of the tag missing. This is in NO WAY begging for vote :) Don't worry about voting.. I just think you will like the photos.


I look forward to seeing the wooden churches post!! Thank you for telling me @delishtreats <3 <3 <3 You know I would love that.


I'm sure you'll love them! ❤

The lotus flowers on the pond are just amazing! What a lovely edition of "walk with me!"

It's fun to watch the seasons change over there on the opposite coast from where we are; fall seems to have started here; still a few flowers but much of the vegetation has reached that stage where it looks a little "tired" at the end of the growth season. Still have lots of apples to come, though!



Mmmmm enjoy the apple season! <3 <3 They are so beautiful to see dotting the trees...

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Hey another beautiful post my friend .. your pictures look amazing, the colours are so vivid. even better now I'm looking at them on #steemspeak :) I'm so glad that beautiful old fish house is being salvaged .. I was awaiting the sad day when it fell into the water.


Yessss #steempeak is the bomb!!! I'm loving my new feed there, with all the big pictures <3 <3 <3

I can't tell you how happy this one made me, but I am certain that it was haloed well. And I'm so honored to have witnessed the Purrrrfect Key of H because it busted the aloha-hallway of hollering I know as the Hallelujah Halo and helped me seal the ring on a deliverance sleeve of "Yay."



Thank you so much for enjoying it Jakob, hehehe nice prose too! <3 <3

Another glorious walk, Lyndsay. You live in such a gorgeous area. The flowers, the sea, the birds all make it spectacular. Thanks for sharing with us.

Lotus is the national flower of India.
I love it

A wonderful walk in a very beautiful place @lyndsaybowes It was such a pleasure to veiw. (U & R )


Thank you for coming along again Trudee!


My pleasure Lyndsay. 🌸

Whenever I see lilly pads(if that is what they are), I consider how big the bass are under the front edge. I picture dropping a crawdad lure just off the edge and feeling the strike...


Thanks for the visual @roundhere, it was pleasant.


Fishing, whether catching or not, has always been a positive healing experience for me. Almost as good as basketball.

Those Lotus flowers are awesome..
I'm not a bird fan but those are good pics of the seagulls


Why thank ya Dave :)

Thank you very much for the mention! :)

Que hermoso debe ser el caminar y encontrarse con tantas bellezas naturales como las que nos muestras en esas fotografias @lyndsaybowes. Las Lotus Flower y las casas cerca del rio es un espectaculo sin igual por eso y más #walkwithme

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Really very beautiful flowers photoshoot ..and lovely post...i like it your all post...my dear friend lyndsaybowes

Your pics are beautiful.