Wednesday Walk by @tatoodjay - - - End of the Road Homer, Alaska

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Homer Spit, "End of the Road, Lands End"

We will start our walk with the signs.

040 lands end.jpg
Nikon D7500 35mm lens f/6.3 1/2500 sec. ISO-400

The Hotel at the end of the Homer Spit is called Lands End. No roads beyond this point, until you reach land again. If you would like to more about the Hotel or enquire about cost here is a link to their page;

Next sign; this was a tricky one, the sun was shining on it, so I could not stand in front of it to get a good shot direct on. So I stood off to the side and then used my paint/photo program to try and straighten it out some. The sign was done by the Pratt Museum - - - - in Homer Alaska .

006 beach sign.jpg
Nikon D7500 35mm lens f/16 1/1000 sec. ISO-400

It is a pretty informative sign with a lot of information, some of it is a little blurry, but I think if you downloaded and opened it in your own photo program you would be able to read most of it. Due to speed limit of my internet connection I do not like to upload the full sized images, I would be out of bandwidth in no time at all if I did that, so I shrink them all to 1000X whatever the crop comes out at.

Okay on to the beach. First the pier, it is pretty good sized for handling the big boats.

012 the big boat pier.jpg
Nikon D7500 35mm lens f/13 1/640 sec. ISO-400

Kind of hard to get a really good picture from the beach with all those post holding everything up, but there is some nice reflections of the post, and the seagulls love all the little hidey hole areas under the pier. Sometimes you can see sea otters playing around under the pier, we didn't get to see any today, but have in the past.

It was about four o'clock, so a lot of fishing boats were coming back from their day on the water, the seagulls were having a blast just flying around or floating and bobbing in the water.

041 coming in to home(r).jpg
Nikon D7500 35mm lens f/6.3 1/2500 sec. ISO-400

On the way back up from the beach one last look down and I saw this nice little shell. Got as close a shot of it as I could, should have bought the macro lens along also, but didn't, still it came out okay. I would have take more shots of the flotsam on the beach but what there was just did not seem very photogenic to me at the time.

038 one small shell.jpg
Nikon D7500 35mm lens f/6.3 1/640 sec. ISO-400

One of the forms of transportation in Homer is the Homer Trolley,
This was the first picture out of the vehicle, you would think that by now I would remember to check what setting I am on before pushing the button, or at least use my eyeball to look at the eyepiece information along with the subject matter, Well it didn't happen. Fortunately I was able to rescue at least the Trolley part of the shot.

001 homer trolly.jpg)
Nikon D7500 35mm lens f/2.5 1/2000 sec. ISO-400

So that pretty much concludes the beach part of our trip to the end of the road in Homer Alaska. There is a load of stuff to do and see on the spit, including the Salty Dog Saloon. Sorry no picture on this trip. to learn more about the community of Homer Alaska here is the link to their Chamber of Commerce web page:

I would like to thank all the people that came up with the

I hope you all do not mind my use of them. I think it is @lyndsaybowes who started walkwithme tag, but am not sure, and that BeachWednesday - led by @lizanomadsoul and initiated by @uwelang.
I got that off of @tatoodjay post - So I thank all of you. My third wednesday walk post. Soon our beaches will be snow and iced covered, not looking forward to those days.

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Cool idea combining three challenges into one post, of this interesting area

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk tip!


It's kind of nice having a few different and overlapping tags, sometimes I have a hard time deciding what five to use.


Yeah I love when I can combine tags as well, five is so limiting i wish they would increase it even if only to 7

howdy there bashadow! haha! I love this area and this little trip, I've never been up there but I'm most likely missing alot from what I see here..thanks so much for sharing the great photos. By the way, the Salty Dog Saloon sounds like my kind of place! lol.

Sounds like something out of the Old West for sure..I don't know where you live, are these just photos from a visit or do you live there?


Homer is kind of a strange little town. We don't live there takes about an hour and a half to two hours depending on tourist traffic, road construction, or snow and ice conditions. Right now with all the tourist on the spit it is hard to get a nice shot of the salty dog saloon. last time I was in there they had a lot of peanuts on the floor, hats and business cards and fishing gear remains on the walls. That was before it became real famous from the Discovery Channel Show "Deadliest Catch".


howdy back bashadow! oh wow is that the area where they film the Deadliest Catch? well the area seems wonderful and I imagine the saloon is highly entertaining!


They had a couple episodes where they talked to the Time Bandit Captain and crew in the Salty Dog. There are a few pictures of the Time Bandit ship docked at Homer. I really need to go in to the salty dog and take a look see again, but I think it will be after tourist season and fishing season.


oh yes how interesting bashadow..I've never seen full episodes of that show but I'm assuming that it adds to the tourist trade if it has some connection to the saloon and visa versa.

Look so nice beach.

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That looks amazing, my children would love it !
How was the temp like?


That day it was about 58F or 14.4C. I know it sounds kind of on the cool side, but when it is 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21C), it is very warm bordering on hot feeling. So a pretty pleasant temperature.


That's quite decent indeed, and with the sun shining I am sure it's bearable