Walk With Me In Denver: I Love My Neighborhood Edition

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beginnings of autumn 2018.jpg
The first signs of fall are here. I just love how this one (and another beside it) branch went full yellow while the rest of the tree is still totally green. ^_^

Welcome back to Denver! Come along as I run to Petco and Sprouts and FINALLY finish my virtual race! I have been working on this one ALL YEAR. No joke, I actually started it on 31 December. And then, my energy levels crashed hard and stayed down for months and months and months. And of course, it's the longest race I've done so far, ha ha. But today's walk polishes it off! Hooray! :D

litter bin.jpg
This is the refill station that I refill my litter buckets from at Petco. No packaging and it's cheaper, plus I had a coupon for 20% off anything of their house brand litter today. Score! Saving those two bucks enabled me to get all three things at the grocery store I really wanted to get.

shepherd fairy.jpg
Why I love my neighborhood edition? Because we have active antifa who like to decorate. ^_^ Here's a new Shepherd Fairy poster, and...

fascism free zone.jpg
...then there was this on the crosswalk sign. :)

otherworld portal 1.jpg
THIS TREE HAS TWO OTHERWORLD PORTALS ON IT! It's so cool! I could very easily picture a wee little door here.

otherworld portal 2.jpg
Otherworld portal on the other side, or really, about 25% of the way around this very big, very wide tree. <3

first mturk groceries.jpg
The first things I bought with the money I've earned from doing Amazon Mechanical Turk. Cat litter, yogurt, heavy cream, and rice. Yay! Yep, rice from the bulk section scooped into my own jar, as well. 58 cents at a time is doable! Plus no packaging, of course. ;)

That's about it from here - I hope y'all are having a good day! I'm going to go enter my miles into my virtual race now and then WAIT FOR MY SHINY METAL! The precioussssssss!

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This really is a fun neighborhood Phe! I wish we had bulk places here...it would be so much cheaper. We have farmers markets but they don't sell dog food kitty food or kitty litter. ☹ I can't believe it is fall already! You just got summer! Love that tree! I would be so tempted to put little doors on those portals...


Yeah, I can't get their foods in bulk, but I can get Yuan's litter. Maggie uses a different litter which doesn't come in bulk, either. I get dry bulk things from Sprouts - rice, whey protein, sugar, etc. They also have bulk spices which I've gotten some from before. I wish they had more bulk available! More than half of what they have is snacks (nuts, candies, granola, that kinda thing) and only some is staple stuff. I would love it if baking soda came in bulk. And liquids! Vinegar bulk? I know Whole Paycheck has honey bulk, but they're miles away and I don't generally walk that way. XD Vitamin Cottage has peanut and almond butter bulk - you grind it right there as much as you want.


Here, we have a pharmacy that will sell baking soda in bulk. About 51 cents for 2.5 pounds. I get 100% glacial acetic acid (concentrated vinegar) by the gallon in our farmers market. Then I have a table that I can mix correct amounts for vinegar. This cost me about $8 for 4 months supply of vinegar.

Yeah for no packaging.. yeah for medals...



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Buying ... litter? I usually rather want to get rid of litter ... hm :-)


Wakka wakka wakka!

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YASSSS I love those posters, what a fun neighbourhood you live in, and of course you are always adding to the conscious art fun too, just raising those vibes! <3 <3 I can't wait to see the new preeeeeeeciousssssss....


I love conscious art. ^_^

Mturk! I haven't heard about that one in awhile, are you able to make minimum wage or close? Truthfully I don't even know what minimum wage is anymore but I had trouble making 5 an hour years and years ago, but it did seem if you could get a groove going you could get close.

I enjoy your walks! I do also enjoy buying scoops of someone elses bulk purchases. I'll try to post an awesome rice recipe before too long, when I went to Colombia it really changed my mind about rice when I realized we were making it all wrong!


I'm definitely not making minimum wage yet, BUT according to guides I've read online, once you get to 1000+ approved tasks, you start qualifying for a lot more higher paying ones. So, I'm sticking with it at least until then, and then once I'm over that mark and getting those tasks available to me for a while, I'll reevaluate. Either way, I need the money.
I like making rice as sticky rice. What I need is a good teriyaki sauce recipe. I have a cookbook that I tried a recipe from, and it was just pretty much soy sauce and sesame seeds, for some reason - it wasn't teriyaki-like at all, even though that's what they called it.

Your neighborhood is awesome! I love the antifa art! 🤩

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Me too! I would give them a high five if I knew who put it there. :)

Those portals are dope. You should check out @dswigle #marketfriday. She usually resteems all the posts with the tag and she's a very nice person.

Love that spot of gold in the tree there too!


Thanks! I will check her out!


Okay, so, is the tag to be used when you blog about going to a market of some kind, I take it?


Yes only on friday though hence #marketfriday. It was a very quickly growing tag and can be used anywhere you shop. Visit @dswigle for more info


Every friday she initiates the post and you just post yours under her post she'll normally pay you a visit and resteem.


Oh, I see! Cool, thanks! :)

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