Creamy Peanut Butter Caramel Brownie Bites 😍(Give'm Something to Keep'm Coming Back!)πŸ˜‰ (Vegan+GF)

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Gramma always used to say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

I know that's true for me! You can win me over any day for anything if food's involved... take me out to dinner, I'll be your girlfriend... cook for me, I'll move in immediately πŸ˜‰ Anyways... my stomach aside, how's yours? Hungry yet? You will be in a minute!

cake 13.jpg

As some of you may already know (since I won't shut up about it) πŸ˜‰ my not-so-vegan father was visiting me a couple of weeks ago.

(I have intense daddy issues OKAY,) so I was terrified to cook for him and avoided it like Frogger jumping through oncoming traffic.

When he first got to the other side of the Earth to meet me, we were traveling together so we were eating out and I'd get my thing, he'd get his, no problem! It made sense because we were staying in hotels and there was nowhere to cook but when we got back to my house, we kept up the trend because... well, I was being a coward!

Instead of boasting my skills in the kitchen and converting him over to my ways πŸ˜‰ I was showing him all of my favorite vegan restaurants in town, letting the chefs of the area influence him ever-so-slowly.

We had a break where I went to Maldives and he went to Thailand and when we met back up, we both wanted to save money and start eating in but I wouldn't let him bring meat into the house so it meant I needed to step up to the plate and be a big girl.

Damn it, the pressure was on!

Suddenly, we were at my house and he put his Italian chef coat down and I was the one putting the dishes on the table.

Well, my pop’s a hard critic and he LOVES certain items cough, dairy, cough that are not part of my recipe repertoire so, I had to step my game up to prove to him that life exists beyond the confines of traditional ingredients.

Everything was going better than I ever could have imagined! He loved my food!😍

I got excited and wanted to show him what I was really made of but something happened to the clock and all of a sudden his time was up and he was about to go back home. I knew I had to send him off with something he'd remember!

Before you go poppa, you have to try this (so you'll come visit me again soon!)😍

Creamy Peanut Butter Caramel Brownie Bites

cake 15.jpg

What You Need:


cake 1.jpg

  • 1 cup pecans
  • Β½ cup pitted dates
  • 1/3 cup hemp hearts
  • ΒΌ cup cacao powder
  • Small piece of vanilla bean
  • 1 tsp sea salt


cake 5.jpg

(The coconut milk got confused and landed itself in this picture but it's for the next part so don't add it here!)

  • Β½ cup peanut butter
  • Β½ cup dates
  • 1/8 maple syrup


cake 8.jpg

  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • 2 tbs chia seeds
  • 1/8 cup maple syrup
  • Β½ cup peanut butter
  • 1 tsp sea salt

What to do:

cake 2.jpg


  • Pulse pecans, hemp hearts, dates, cacao powder, vanilla bean (or extract) and salt together in a food processor or high speed blender until it all sticks together forming a thick dough like consistency.

cake 3.jpg

  • Press the mixture into an oiled container and put in the freezer to set.

cake 4.jpg


cake 6.jpg

  • Pulse peanut butter (or nut butter of choice), dates and maple syrup together to get a pasty mixture! Add some vanilla here if you’d like!
  • Gently press the caramel on top of the base layer and put the container in the freezer to set together.

cake 7.jpg


cake 9.jpg

  • Add chia seeds to the coconut milk and blend until you get a thickened batter.
  • Blend coconut milk mix, peanut butter, maple syrup, and salt together and pour on top of the base.

cake 11.jpg

  • Decorate with maple syrup and chia if you want to dress it up and put in the freezer to set (about half an hour to an hour!)

cake 12.jpg

  • Cut into pieces of heaven and enjoy!

cake 14.jpg

Did he like it?

dad cake.gif

I'd say so, wouldn't you?!

Success! πŸ˜‰

I actually got a little message from the poppa back home telling me about his change in eating habits and his plans to try to move into my house permanently haha I think I caught him ya'll πŸ˜‰

Hope you like this one! I'd love to hook, line and sinker you too! 😍

heart thing.png

I truly believe we can heal ourselves through food and it is my mission in life to create and inspire delicious, mouth watering creations that are beneficial and packed full of plant based goodies to fuel our bodies, minds and lives!
Just a friendly reminder to all that I am hosting a very vegan contest click here to see the post explaining how to get involved! Anyone can enter and anyone can win as long as you follow the rules! πŸ’–

Until next time!

Sending you love through food,

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You know how I do ;)

If he is moving in, where does that leave me? Haha. Who wouldn't want to come back after a treat like that? Show me your cooking skills, and i will convert to your amazing ways. I guess we both have that about food. Haha. Since i can take you away with food, get ready for some packing.


I have a 3 bedroom house my dear, don't worry :) More than enough room for everyone at the table to all eat these delicious treats/meals together ;)


Yaaaaaaaaaay! I love you.

Of course he loved your food! It always looks so beautiful and delicious. I would love to be spoiled by you and eat all that yummy food =)
These brownie bited look like they are to die for =)


Hahaha thanks Nicole <3 That is too sweet! You know, he just made such an effort not to like vegan food I never thought I'd win him over but it felt so great to finally get him on my side by the end <3
I'd make you whatever you want! I spend 80% of my day in the kitchen haha

Thanks @heart-to-heart for all your great posts and recipes. I'm about to make my second batch of vegan cheese, and planning to try one of those "bleeding burgers" the next time I'm in NYC. You are really helping a lot of vegans stay excited about delicious food!!!

Here's a little vegan humor post I just put up that you may like:


Awww I'm so excited to hear about your cheese! I made a bunch of different recipes last week. I got a little cheesy ;)

I'm not going to be in the states for some time... I am waiting for someone anxiously to let me know what they taste like!

I checked that link out- you are too funny my friend ;)


I'll report back after I try those Impossible Food burgers. Stay tuned.


I genuinely cannot wait.

I love your post! I giggled reading about your vegan resistant papa! They're the hardest ones to convert! But it sounds like you were successful. We can learn so much from our children. And...the recipe ah... I can't wait to try this one. Well done Resteemed!


Haha he is crazy! He just wanted to pull because I was pushing then when I pulled, he pushed. Just a big game for him ;) In the end, I just gave him the tools to choose on his own and sounds like he's making huge strides so I'm excited to see what happens next for him!

As for the recipe, it's a must try in my opinion! I let him have most of this one so I only got a little because I'm a great sharer haha but it's really yummy :)

abSOULutely mouthwateringly awesome recipe. Thank you @heart-to-heart for sharing healthy comfort food options like these creamy peanut butter caramel brownie bites. I am a Taurus Sun & Taurus rising....can't resist my love of food :) so I super appreciate this gem.

Cheers!! and Happy Steeming!!


Awww thanks @reiki-trail <3 I am all about comfort foods turned healthy ;) I love making them and seem to make them faster than eating them so I am always posting tons of new recipes if you love food, I'm sure you'd get hungry hanging around here haha

Your name has beckoned me to go and surrender myself to a practice now, thanks for that <3

Have a great day!

wow teasty food @heart-to -heart


Thanks @olivia14 it is my absolute pleasure to share it with you :)

Peanut butter date caramel!!! Shut your mouth! That's definitely a direct shot to my heart right there. Don't mind me while I swoon thinking about eating a whole pan of these...


I know right? I need to just relax on the treats for a minute WAIT NO I DON'T THEY'RE HEALTHY! ;) I have an addiction to making them! You're so lucky though because I miss Amazon sooo badly haha the luxury of an item showing up at my door when I need it for a recipe. Those were like some luxurious times for me ;)


Amazon is dangerous! I've been better the last few months about trying to order only when I realllllly need something. ;) I'm actually pretty lucky with the selection of items in the stores around here, too. Chatting with people on here makes me realize that since I know many of you are a bit more limited on what you can get your wonderfully creative hands on, though that never seems to stop all the yummy recipes from coming!


Hahaha I know, I can't believe it was almost 2 years ago when I was in Texas with one click on demand. Not so great environmentally I admit -_- I still actually have my Prime account because I just like to think I could order the stuff I still put in my cart all of the time haha ;)

Honestly girl, if I lived in the states I would just never leave the kitchen because you're right, you just have access to everything and a lot of it cheaper than anywhere! It's crazy! Anytime anyone I know visits I make them bring me a suitcase of like nuts and stuff :P But yes, it does make you really push boundaries with creativity when you don't just have anything you need/want. Wanna house swap for a bit? ;)


Swap houses? No way, then we couldn't hang out. ;) I'd rather just visit each other!


Hahaha well duh. Thanks for pointing out the HUGE flaw in my plan! 😍😘

They look and sound great will have to try them I’m trying to eat more plant based as I suffer with terrible reflux and inflammation. Do u have a substatutes for the hemp hearts if I can’t find them?


Hi @stylebeautylife! That sounds great! You know when I changed my diet a lot of my stomach issues just ran away! It was amazing! I used to have a lot of problems and having them disappear from my life really made me committed to the changes! I wish you the best with your health <3

As for the hemp hearts, just omit them if you can't find them! Or, you could add another nut because the hemp hearts have a light nutty flavor. I add them mostly for their nutritional value so not to worry if you can't add them in :)

I was just about to catch up on all of the Latest Confession stories when these Brownie Bites caught my eye! ;) These look soooo delicious, I am curious to know the Macros? Sorry I am that person now! I have been tracking all of my food on MyFitnessPal it has become an obsession now!
Anyways Great post! These look a treat!


Oh my! I certainly understand how that can happen! I have had clients that really want to see the numbers! Honestly, I don't know the stats on this my dear, I haven't run them! I don't count anything to be completely honest! It's not part of my practice! I just trust my body and the best plant based ingredients I can get my hands on to make these recipes with! I believe that if you're using healthy ingredients, your body will respond positively but that's just my belief 😍😘


That's very true 😍

YES girl! Just the kind of sweet-treat inspo I was looking for! Thank you!


Heyyyy @yasminep you are so welcome, treats are my thing so if you like them, check in once and a while here and I guarantee there will be new recipes to try! I make treats on average about every 2 days ;) 😍😘