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2018-07-05 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@tangerinetravels69Things That SHOCKED US About Guadalajara, Mexico 😳😮
2@mindscapephotos56[Review] Dropil, the automated smart trading platform for everyone [EN/DE]
3@ggabogarcia59Logo proposal to Anole Chrome Extension [Task Request]
4@jolugo2344one designs for a future project
5@boyonpointe48Google matrix and PageRank
7@drmaizo60[ENG][ESP] - Surgeon's Case: Amputación; a surgeon´s decision.. - Caso de Cirujano: Amputación, una difícil decisión.
8@swapsteem28[Task-Request SwapSteem] - Add escrow button to swapsteem.online
9@almamun29844Garlic CurryRecipe!!
10@dumar02270FetchMyPendingPayout - BIG UPDATE
11@almamun29844The process of making 10 different tastes sauce!
12@adelsz37العاشرة مساء
13@sirmiraculous48Ulog: why is the battery not lasting longer than usual?
14@mansyaprime55New Logo for AutoStarter
15@anixon36The Colour Red
16@adelsz37معتز مطر
17@almamun29844Olive recipe in a spicy masala!!
18@anixon36On My Birthday(I started writing in steemit not to express my feelings)
19@markgreek38Photography photo drawing unique
20@sargoon60Building Node Chart with using Vue.js D3-Network and Materialize CSS
21@sourovafrin62Steemhunt 1.0.0 - If there is any symbol before @username, steemhunt is not showing it as a valid mention
22@anixon36Pencil drawing art( my friend )
23@optimusprime201738//History series//The myth of the invention of numbers(part-01)
24@melaffection50Adding Network Speed Tester,Allowing Custom Websites To Show Ip And More On Retroshare
25@sweettais51portrait for @airdrophunter
26@superoo762[Analysis] Blocktrades worldcup contest Round of 16 #mypicks analysis on choices made
27@adelsz37Welcome مرحبا
28@optimusprime201738//History series//The myth of the invention of numbers(part-02)
29@anixon36Good night
30@tobaloidee63My Logo contribution to HHTabBarView (merged&used)
31@iqbalhood60Logo Design Proposal for face-recognition.js (Used In Project)
32@anixon36pencil drawing (my friend)
33@silentworld52The 12 food that works like a drug for the growth of sperm
34@valeria2249hairy surprise a rainy morning in independence in Venezuela
35@isabella39455Spanish Translation of OroCRM (Part 1) (1118 words)
36@adelsz37Top 5 Most Dangerous Got Talent acts !
37@camiloferrua58My Logo Design Proposals for Alé Limón
38@michaelizer61[Translation][Spanish] OroCRM (+500 words) Part #1
40@shyamoli30Neymar 'performance, "said Maradona, what to do with?
41@iamedmjr35Make up practice
42@sadiajahan2239Which soup you will try, when sick?
43@davidmind51My Contribution To TEdit Application Merged & Used
44@iamedmjr35Challenge accepted
45@utopian.stats32Utopian Moderator Payout - 2018/7/5
46@georgemales53Why @steemhunt and token HUNT can fail...
47@douglas5041Is it necessary to pay taxes in your country? ... // economic crisis
48@anaprimera41Woman ... Hormonal or bipolar?
49@umairshehzad52How to show typing message through Php using Ajax Mysql
50@frederichs51Bitcoin Holders and Everything Related to Criptocurrency by Some Important Web Pages at This Time
51@danielacu36¡OH NO! My food has no flavor ...
52@almamun29844Guava leaves help to grow hair!
53@ideba51Implementing Savit - Android Journal App
54@fabiyamada63Fluffychat logo / app icon / banner [Accepted/Merged/Implemented]
55@almamun29844That leaf will solve the problem! Removal of sexually transmitted diseases ...
56@viki.veg61Steem White Paper Translation [Italian language, 513 words]
57@samuellmiller58[Translation][Spanish] OroCRM (1057 words) (Part 3)
58@kiwijuce345Adding Steem Power Delegation to the notifications tab on Busy.org
59@santarius55Guide for users applying for creating an account with Steemfounders
60@quamce49🎨The king♕ of the jungle (Drawing)🎨
61@valeria2249lactation and weaning of the new guinea pig
62@adelsz37لو راجل كل
63@filippocrypto56Translation report part 9: Steem White Paper (Genesis)
64@tecoky2u31TicTacToe -- Development process -- Tutorial
65@bflanagin58eduSteem developement update (Week 4)
66@anixon36Why Homosexuality Is A Crime
67@fbslo66Application to become a DaVinci Language Manager (Slovenian)

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