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2018-06-24 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@surfermarly72Only For Brave Girls: Surfing Indonesia! - The Video
2@c0ff33a65Now is the time for all the good people to come to the aid of this platform - inspiration by @c0ff33a ☕️
3@adelsz36مواقف شجاعة أبطالها نجوم مسلمين - أحدهم طُرد من فريقه وآخر سُجن بسبب موقفه
4@josuhimovic44Si eres amante del café debe saber esto!!
5@adelsz36Ahmed Saad was jailed for inciting sedition and spreading lies with the song "Impose a Tax
6@mightypanda55[busy.org] No comments message is showing up when there is a comment
7@lama1033World Cup 2018: Group H
8@adelsz36من هم الطوارق وهل هم أمازيغ فعلا ؟
9@adelsz36المنتخب المصرى
10@difelice38Reintroducing utopian.io as I see it a while later.
11@andreina8945The Rich Dinner Today
12@simnrodrguez65Informe Semanal Utopian - Las traducciones van muy bien... Optimizando la Puntuación, Colaboraciones Interesantes y Más [15 de junio / 2018]
13@artmom57Butterfly magic world.
14@phillips9345Doble Cafe con algo de Arte
15@andreina8945Una Cena Fitnes
16@agromeror27VIDEO!!! Old Woodpecker making home
17@johntor52The Lampster - The Coolest Table Lamp Ever
18@sweettais50iTalent Round 6- Drawing "Iris and strawberry"
19@josephace13560My Journey In One of Steem Blockchain’s Promising Platform – Steemhunt
20@mightypanda55[Tutorial] How to convert fiat to Steem Power with minimum fees
21@tobaloidee62My Logo contribution to Trimesh (merged&used)
22@troopper25How to master CCNP ROUTE #1 Intro To EIGRP (CISCO)
23@ionutciobanu61Upfundme-for bring people on Steemit and start a new project in real life with my job.
24@arithmatic36The terrible contribution of modern technology: The history of the war aircraft
25@luschn57[KnackSteem] - Frontend with React/Redux and Ant Design
27@mesutkrgln53Xiaomi Mijia Night Light with - Xiaomi Mijia Night Light with Motion Sensor
28@josephace13560[eSteem Surfer] [Version 1.0.5] - Markdown Renderer Problem
29@steemitglass56IPstock - Free Cloud Service For Storage of Images
30@kkb03141행복을 전하는 글 / A message of happiness
31@pckurdu55How Can We Use Clipboard in Electron Applications
32@imcesca56TRANSLATION REPORT: CONSUL via CrowdIn (Part 1)
33@adelsz36Neymar's Lifestyle
34@smhp201638The Beast: The American President's Running Fort
35@josuhimovic44If you are a coffee lover you should know this!
36@hafiza14356LOGO for Web Dog Tracker
37@mys59[ThreeJS Force Graph] Dispose deallocated Material array bugfix
38@adelsz36Lionel Messi's Lifestyle
39@adelsz36Crimes and racism in the West compared to tolerance of Islam
40@tobias-g62 eSteem Surfer - [1.0.5] - Navigation corrupt following logging out and creating a new post
41@issavets52Trazabilidad en producción agrícola y pecuaria, orgánica !!!
42@electronicsworld56Blinkit v2.7: Arduino integration - OLED Display
43@rezaarmada44World Cup Rusia 2018 : Costarica dan Panama dan tunisa gugur diputaran kedua
44@cc-billboard58Utopian: A Crypto-Fueled Open Source Economy
45@adelsz36مهارات نجوم كرة القدم ميكس 2018
47@adelsz36مقدمة تاريخية لمعتز مطر عن صدمة محمد بن سلمان وبن زايد بعد فوز اردوغان بانتخابات رئاسة تركيا
48@danluppi28New balance
49@markup52Statistics of 'utopian-io' tag 2018-06-23
50@leczy59Building custom websites with play 2.6.x(Scala) part 1
51@filippocrypto50Translation report part 2: Steem White Paper (Genesis)
52@trufflepig54I am a Bot using Artificial Intelligence to help the Steemit Community. Here is how I work and what I learned this week! (2018-25)

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