Blockchain Urbanism - Sndbox Lecture at Columbia University in New York City [DTube Video]

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Sndbox + Steem @ Columbia University

Last week, Sndbox Co-Founder Kirk Finkel (@voronoi) was invited to speak at Columbia University GSAPP (Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation) as part of a Summer Lecture Series in New York City. The talk was centered around blockchain, cryptocurrency, Steem and how these new technologies are impacting design. Specifically, our team highlighted Steem as a community building resource that is drastically changing the way we connect, collaborate and create in the digital era.

Lecture - Blockchain Urbanism: Exploring The Future of Decentralized Design Practice
Location - Avery Hall, Columbia University (New York City)


Education + Examples

With events like this and The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition that opened on Friday, our team @sndbox is seeking to provide a compelling window into the crypto world through the lens of creativity.

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@sndbox has been a great source for my learning about the blockchain world other then helping me improve my writing and blogging abilities and make best use of the technology to support my music along lots of projects and initiatives. Much respect to u guys doing and all the support u giving to the communities and content creators around the world, Keep rocking those chains! Kudos

Totally true ma' man!

We have been reaching a road with so many new knowledge, trust and respect by the way.
This kind of things are the real power behind a Decentralization.

Kudos @djlethalskillz
and Keep on Rollin'! ;)

100% Its been a great journey with a lots more to come ;)

Keep on mah man! Salute to the sndbros worldwide

This video was so helpful for my understanding of blockchain, Steemit and who Sandbox is and the work that you do. I had no idea. I was already planning to go to New York while you guys are exhibiting so that I could hopefully get a better understanding of the Steemit platform. I am relatively new to Steemit, and I am being coached by my son who talked me into joining. I have always felt somewhat lost, but I just kept trying to contribute on a regular basis. Now I feel that I can have a deeper purpose after watching the video. I am really looking forward to the exhibit so that I can learn much more firsthand. Thanks for sharing.

So happy to hear that @jluvs2fly. Our hope is that talks like this one (later made into video) will help familiarize newcomers to the range of what blockchain tech is offering. It's diverse, growing and changing every day. With Steem especially, so much is evolving and it's all very young!

Exploring examples (like Steem Park) help make it real and tangible. Thanks again for stopping by and hope to catch you in Brooklyn before August 15th :)

Is great to see how you are spreading the word in such a professional way.
I truly think that this kind of talks are an example for all the Steemians and why not? users that try to spread the word about a Descentralized World.

As always a pleasure to see you work @voronoi & @sndbox team!

Peace V!

Thanks for the hard work guys, let's spread crypto to the moon .. just followed you on twitter

Hey thanks for spreading the love, @jordanlove!

Great initiative to explain the concept behind blockchain and the use of Steemit... Any video about this lecture ?

Yes! The first image is actually a link to the DTube video :)

Oh sorry, I didn't see the link for the DTube video. Just perfect.

These lectures will clarify questiins,doubts of people about crypto.Will there be other lectures in future too? @sndbox

We're hoping to do many more of these university lectures @gaurang. There will be more in the future!

Very insightful. Helped me to understand how the company started, potential projects and capabilities.

Many thanks for your support @pyemoney :)

If you are trying to collect Flags you are doing right man! Stop doing this @harrysaini. Thanks!

noted and thanks for guiding me


I like your post great work keep it up. Steem is the best opportunity for everyone.

Thank you for your support!

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@sndbox i am sure founder would have enjoyed giving lecture olin columbia university. Thank you for a such a gpod info

Useful video for all steemian.
You may help all of us.
God bless you for giving this information.
Thanks for sharing sir @sndbox.

Excelente informacion....!

Excellent project ! it is a merit to see the growth of this company, because of course it is due to its prestige and its credibility won in the market by its professionalism ! Success to the whole team !!!

Verdade, ótimo projeto!

Interessante saber como o projeto começou, e suas transações o Steem como um recurso de construção da comunidade está mudando drasticamente a maneira como nos conectamos.

It's a lecture I'd like to hear, but ...It's too far away for me to be sad.

If you have time, I want you to watch the Webtoons drawn by me as a Korean. I want you to support my dream.

Wow, there's so much to learn this days.

You have given very helpful information in this post. We thank you, and wish you good luck.

@Sandbox Sir Thanks Share Your Valuble knowledge in beginners .

this video is so helpful thx

Such a wonderful @art 😊😊 and magnificent @creativity . Just Wow😍😍

thanks :)

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Such an interesting information

Good One.

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Great initiative

Nice event, i have good lucky.

Decentralized is the future of crypto currency bro , in next few years we should have e all exchanges decentralized and that is good , thank you you bro for this information

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@sndbox ,thanks for explaining the concept ,sir i am new to steemit and have a little knowledge . I am just trying to understand it . after watching your video ,i am looking forward , and want to learn more , thanks for sharing .

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is launching a regulatory sandbox to encourage blockchain and other financial technology innovation .

Thanks for the keeping us posted @sndbox! It is really appreciated !

blockchain is a future technology.

With Steem, it's a now technology too :)

This one can call "the project" a great job and will get its reward!