The Crypto Renaissance - Exhibition in NYC [Final Installation + Opening Tonight!]

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Opening Night!

This month, the @sndbox and @creativecrypto design team are working together on an exhibition! We’ll be sharing mockups of our exhibition boards for Steem DApps and resources over the next several days. All of the graphics we create as a result of this exhibition (posters, infographics, icons, Steem explainer pamphlets) will be entirely open source and available for all Steemians to use for events of their own, apps, marketing and beyond.

Click here for more on The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition

This public exhibition will showcase the tools and resources built for creative professionals on the Steem blockchain and specifically how @sndbox members have integrated them into their practice and daily work. The exhibition will be open to all visitors for several weeks and serve as a free and public space for New Yorkers and others to learn about the Steem blockchain, the world of crypto, and immediately begin converging their creative work with the Steem ecosystem.

The Crypto Renaissance Details

  • Schedule: July 20 (Opening @ 7:00PM) - August 15, 2018
  • Location: 100 Bogart Street | Brooklyn, 1st Floor Gallery


As part of the show, a series of exhibition boards will showcase several Steem-powered projects that were part of Sndbox's first Cohort. Here are a handful of them, below:












Image uploaded from iOS (1).jpg


























Follow @exhibition to track our Steepshot Selfie Station!

The @exhibition account will be LIVE throughout the entire 4 weeks. Visitors can log on and use the account as they please. Be sure to follow along and engage.

100% of the liquid rewards from the @exhibition account will go towards reducing the cost of The Crypto Renaissance exhibition. You can learn more about the show, here. The @exhibition account will accrue Steem Power that will then be used for future events and Steem meetups around the globe. Learn more about the @exhibition account and this rotating initiative, here.

Click here for more on The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition

Our Fundition Page: link here

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Hey @sndbox
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We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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You blow my mind once more. @sndbox on point. I downloaded some off the photos which i will love to use for projection during my meetups.I wish to be part of this great community soon. I need a means to pour out my creativity.
It's your blockchain Entertainer

Looks great, keep up the good work, looks very "Augmented Reality" everything is like out of a futuristic game,

Steem looks amazing :) grew pretty nicely with the apps :) great way to feature the blockchain as well with that tower and pretty @sndbox -y as well :P

Wow wow wow wow wow (yes, 5 wows). This is one of the most amazing works of art I’ve ever seen! The design is so articulate and eye-catching. This will bring SO much attention to the Steem eco-system. I’m mean, how can someone not stop to look at this? Fantastic 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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Looks fantastic. Great designs, layouts, everything is just super slick!

Great job @sndbox team!!

Congrats and yay yay yay! Tonight is the NIGHT! It's been an amazing journey with @sndbox and it will continue to be amazing and superb! 😍😍😍

@sndbox wow this is amazing exhibition installation!! It's pretty cool to see the progress and now the finale for the exhibition happening in NY. Unfortunately I'm in Canada and unable to check it out in person but looking forward to more posts about the exhibition so at least I can see it via here :) Upvote to support! Awesome work, it really looks amazing!

Yay, it looks awesome. Hope the evening went well!

Looks great @sndbox!

This is gona by huge! Very nice and clean compasition...i feel proud to be part of steemit :D!

It looks amazing! As we pictured it and hopefully opening night went well! All the best for the next four weeks or so! Let the word of Steem spread!

P.s. Great to see our name on that Donor Wall 😉

Everything looks incredible @sndbox! You even got @roelandp’s Steem Whale in there too! 🐳
Maybe next event you can do in Denver 😜

Haha, thank you for showcasing my illustrations at the show :) it is always to pleasure to work with you!

If I only could have been there helping you out...:/

Awesome & excellent . @sndbox good jobs friends!

Thanks @sndbox for sharing this I want to join this exhibition... Keep it up

Awesome work mate.
If only I could help you with it.
Keep steeming.

Thanks! Will try to make it.

I'll see you and keep a good heart.

@sndbox looking awesome... thanks a lot for such a beauty

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