The Crypto Renaissance - A Steem Exhibition in NYC [Utopian DApp Mockup]

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180625 Exhibition NYC-01.png

Showcasing Steem in New York City

This public exhibition will showcase the tools and resources built for creative professionals on the Steem blockchain and specifically how @sndbox members have integrated them into their practice and daily work. The exhibition will be open to all visitors for several weeks and serve as a free and public space for New Yorkers and others to learn about the Steem blockchain, the world of crypto, and immediately begin converging their creative work with the Steemit ecosystem.

The Crypto Renaissance Details

  • Schedule: July 20 (Opening @ 7:00PM) - August 15, 2018
  • Location: 100 Bogart Street | Brooklyn, 1st Floor Gallery

The Crypto Renaissance Mission

The Crypto Renaissance is the first exhibition in New York City dedicated to creative and entrepreneurial work made on and through blockchain technology. In this show, Steem will be taking center stage. The Crypto Renaissance will showcase the Steem-powered projects executed over the course of the Sndbox incubator as well as the blockchain-powered tools (Steem DApps) that helped make them real.

The exhibition will be held in the gallery of 100 Bogart, a building complex in Brooklyn that houses dozens of influential blockchain startups. 100 Bogart has been a core part of dubbing this region of Bushwick as “Cryptolandia” alongside neighboring companies like Consensys (of Ethereum). This gallery space is the perfect location for a New York-based Steem launch.

180624 Exhibition Drawings-03.png

The exhibition will feature large scale boards that document community projects that have taken place within the Sndbox incubator as well as an introduction to the Steem ecosystem, and showcases of the many apps active across the blockchain. iPads will be placed strategically throughout the exhibit for visitors to browse, post, upvote, and comment in real-time. (More on the @exhibition account, below.)

180624 Exhibition Drawings-02.png

180624 Exhibition Drawings-01.png

Exhibition Mockup for @utopian-io

This week, the @sndbox and @creativecrypto graphic design team is hard at work. We’ll be sharing our mockups of the exhibition boards for Utopian, Fundition and more! All of the graphics we create as a result of this exhibition (posters, infographics, icons, Steem explainer pamphlets) will be entirely open source and available for all Steemians to use. We are thrilled to have the support of these amazing Steem-powered applications and are working directly with their teams to ensure quality text descriptions, links and graphics. Our team is also in touch with @esteemapp and @dtube to create compelling material for the show.

Looking ahead, we're also in the process of designing material for @dlive, @steepshot, and a number of key projects like @busy and steempay. If you are a member of these teams (or others) please message us via or here in the comments. Let us know what material you’d like on display!

Our Utopian-io Poster for the DAPP Tower, below:

180624 DAPP Utopian-01.png

Link to the Utopian poster and open-source editable files, here.

This folder contains open-source assets (adobe illustrator files, icons and infographics) that will be used for The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition in New York City. These graphics were developed and used for signage pertaining to the exhibit and are made available here to the public to use under a Creative Commons license.

All @sndbox content CC BY-NC-ND, 2018.

How Can I Support this Exhibition?

In order to fundraise for the Exhibition, we have a "DONOR WALL" where Steemians can donate SBD in exchange for a customized portrait of your profile picture and your Steem Username. This WALL will become a collage of faces and contributors and will be installed in the very front of the gallery. 100% of the SBD donated will go towards the costs of the exhibition.

AmountSend SBD to the @sndbox account w / memo: "EXHIBITION"
100 SBDCustom portrait / username illustration = 12" x 12" (square)
50 SBDCustom portrait / username illustration = 6" x 6" (square)
10 SBDIllustrated Steem username = 3" x 6" (rectangle)

180625 Exhibition NYC-02.png

Thank you to our donors so far: @hansikhouse, @voronoi, @ericvancewalton, @natureofbeing, and @barbara-orenya for their generosity and support of this exhibition!

Future Announcements

  • Public Workshop and Event Schedule. The exhibition will be stacked with public events meant to showcase the creative energies of the @sndbox and Steemit community for the general public.

  • @exhibition. This account will be used as a digital guestbook for visitors to explore the Steem blockchain. @sndbox will be curating this account during the exhibition as a method to raise funds to pay for new Steem accounts for visitors and workshop attendees.

  • Outreach and Post-Production. The exhibition won’t just be limited to the duration it’s up on the walls. We’ll also be developing exclusive online, video, and physical content in the following months.


Learn more about the @sndbox incubator:

Help us spread the word!

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Thumbnail illustration by @aaronhong


Can't wait!! So thrilled to be a part of yet another amazing physical embodiment of the crypto-sphere brought to the world by @sndbox. Amazing!!

Thank you so much @dougkarr! We're absolutely thrilled to have Dwelling featured in the exhibition! Looking forward to opening night on July 20th :D

I'm excited to be part of The Crypto Renaissance, looking forward to seeing you all next month.
I think I need to put my face on that wall too!

Wow thank you @opheliafu! Looking forward to seeing both you and your amazing work in a few weeks!

hope this will be soon in other countries also

I see a new age coming for artists and entrepreneurs. I recently went down the rabbit hole of crypto - so I by no means understand what all is out there. All these ICOs popping up everywhere sparked a thought (granted I believe Andreas has said this at some point) - why not have an individual token?

A new age for artists is right! There are more resources for creatives now than there have ever been before.

Home Town in NY

Swing on by! :)

I ran a blockchain exhibition piece once at an art exhibit went really well I hope you have 10x the success I am very jealous of your set up 😡😊

STEEM will change fintech in the world. Soon*

Yeah go @sndbox
Steem promo to the world
Me and my team promoting steem to our immediate world


Nice pic bro...

Thanks for your support! :D

Hey @sndbox

I am really admirer of your posts!
Can you tell me the secret??😜

do the same is the secret hope you understand @hadim123

Ohh that's great😂

Hey @sndbox good initiatives and wishing you all the way to success..

Hey, thank you for your support!

hey what think about btc its price will goes up we have to purchase it more or not

Well done my [email protected] sir.
This post and art very beautiful.
Thank you and upvote done sir..

please help him for vote and like me @muved

I wish you development and success.
Let all your ideas come true.
Very interesting and informative, @sndbox
Thank you for your work and your desire
to make life brighter and better.

Great art works bro 💜💜

@sndbox ,The Crypto Renaissance is the Good Work Done in New York City .Your dedication to creative and entrepreneurial work made on and through blockchain technology Is Great Thought . I hope You Done your Work Very Hardly But This Is Possible ?

After looking at this type of great projects,i think steemit community has a bright future......Thank You @sndbox

Excelent post, please, read my last post. :)

Great post :)
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@sndbox it will defenately show good impact on market and steem will be on moon what you think

I have go through your post and i am impressed for the amazing content you have used. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the artical!

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@sndbox I'm very excited for these kind of physical collaborations. but it is America so i can't join it because I'm living in Dubai. is there any chance to any future exhibition in Dubai?

@sndbox great information mate. Thanks for sharing

I hope steemit community have a bright future. Steemit team work well and try to deliver more benefits of the world.Great step for the community growth.

Thanks for telling us about such an event that will enhance our skillsets because this kind of integration will rock the nation..I love to hear about this exhibition..and pretty excited this mission.

You are really so great post.
I appreciate your art.
Best of luck...

You are really so
Great post. I appreciate
Your art. Best of luck...

                 - feju

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hope someday I can be part of this, thanks for sharing ;)

@sndbox Great art word its Awesome Amazing.

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