We've got Plans for a Smart Media Token with a NEW Collaboration [Sndbox Weekly Question]

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We're really excited by this week’s Question from @sndbox because it fits right in with our Syllabus assignment this month. Busy with the preparations, announcements and blockchain adventures for our community we're ready to share more!

TYGS is a Hip Hop Battle Series founded by @vandigital back in 2008 and ran monthly live events to promote local Hip Hop in Malaysia. The last event in 2014 staged Emcee, Beat, Beatbox and Dance battles and was support by the burgeoning local scene. But it's 2018?!?


To provide some good visuals and give you an idea of how it worked, we’ve selected one of the videos from the most popular Battles taken in 2012. So given that we are working together to bring this concept back to life in 2018/2019, we are getting really excited so read more below about how this all fits in with #sndbox and #utopian-io and see how you can get involved!

Why an SMT?

If you haven’t heard. Smart Media Token are coming very soon to the Steemit platform and this week’s Question from @sndbox focuses on exploring the exciting opportunities that this upgrade can provide. It's how we move forward Hip Hop The Blockchain not only here, but in the real world and our local Hip Hop communities. Watch a Video by @ned to learn more.


It's fitting that this part of the growth-plan for @hhtb is our partnership with TYGS and to expand the evolution of the Hip Hop Battle Series into something not just for the Steemit community, but for each of our local communities to benefit from while preserving an integral part of Hip Hop.

The TYGS Token (or SMT) will become the platforms way of rewarding participants and incentivizing the battles. It will be functional within the TYGS Dapp (currently in ideation) as well as over Steemit with our activities here. It's our first attempt at a Hip Hop economy!

Our SMT will not only benefit the battle participants, but also the communities to hold events and bring people together in the true spirit of Hip Hop. Through support (in token) we can work together to do this!

Hip Hop has always been about empowerment, not just financially, but also in building and strengthening communities. Currently, there are no digital assets that represent Hip Hop, so we hope to be among the first to create a token that is dedicated to Hip Hop and the spirit of healthy competition. Uncensored and raw to the core, it’s only fitting that the decentralized framework of Steemit become our first Blockchain home.

We hope to work together with @utopian-io @sndbox @fundition and anyone else who might have knowledge in development and programming to help us out! With SMT’s coming soon, it’s the perfect opportunity to collaborate and make this happen!

Join our Discord server and drop a comment below if you’re interested in participating in this project

Progress Report

We are taking steps to grow with a new website being created for @hhtb as well as the first draft of the logo for TYGS. Local Malaysian Hip Hop head @akmxmlz is doing the design work and we’re happy to share it below!

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-06 at 02.33.28.jpeg

We are also planning to set up a dedicated Steemit account for TYGS where we can focus in greater detail on the project and utilize some more of the amazing Dapps being built here. It's an exciting time in the @hhtb camp and we would really love more participation from our community here to help give us more ideas on how we might best develop this collaboration and Battle Platform. Holla!

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Thank you for your contribution to the @sndbox challenge, in association with Utopian.

This contribution was unique and delightful. This is definitely more than an idea triggered by the challenge, as it seems like you have actual real plans for your own SMT, which are exciting and ambitious.

I do have a couple of issues in terms of style and grammar, however. Lemme cite a couple of examples:

  • "Busy with the preparations, announcements and blockchain adventures for our community we're ready to share more!" This sentence needed a comma before "we're." Also, as a fan of the Oxford comma, I would have preferred one before "blockchain" as well.

  • "So given that we are working together to bring this concept back to life in 2018/2019, we are getting really excited so read more below about how this all fits in with #sndbox and #utopian-io and see how you can get involved!" I've been preaching the gospel of shorter, clearer sentences in moderation comments for a while now, and this is an excellent example. This didn't need to be one sentence. It would have benefited greatly from being broken up. How about:
    "We are working together to bring this concept back to life in 2018/2019, and we are getting really excited. Read more below about how this all fits in with #sndbox and #utopian-io, and see how you can get involved!"

Comments aside, I am most definitely looking forward to seeing this idea come to fruition, and await further updates.

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Thanks @didic for the comments on our post. We will definitely keep this in mind for future posts! Yes, we've been thinking about this project and how it can come to fruition for a while now. Let's see where it goes!


Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 1 contributions. Keep up the good work!

How beautiful to read and see this, this is another true example of how leveraging the power of blockchain tech and its communities can create and support great initiatives. Kudos @hhtb wishing you all the best with the new initiative and looking forward to seeing TYGS in action soon!
@sndbox steward


Thanks @djlethalskillz and much love for being involved in this project, your support has been invaluable

Awesome to see this progression, from early conversations to getting closer and closer to wider attention. Keep up the good energy bro.


Thanks @seapilot appreciate the support!

Such a great opportunity to be involve in bringing back one of the iconic Hip Hop platform in Malaysia!


Thanks @akmxmlz we're really looking forward to your contribution!

This proposal is epic @hhtb! A battle token - TYGS - would be an amazing was to incentivize these artists and create a social event out of it. In the tournament style of things I bet there's a whole way to airdrop influence to winners so they can further build out influencers within their own networks.

You should host a battle with TYGS at Steem Fest 4! :)


@sndbox it surely was meant to be! Thanks for the question triggering the movement forward of this project. It's been on the burner way too long, but now it looks like, with the help and power of Blockchain, it's going to be here soon! Yes, a TYGS battle at Steem Fest 4 would be awesome! I'm sure we can make it happen!

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Thanks @utopian-io! We're really looking forward to the opportunities as we push to engage more #hiphop on the #blockchain!

Hell yeah... this gonna be great.. it us indeed a bright future for a lot promoter and all hip hop community. Cheers for that...

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Always appreciate your support @bboyady! Let's do it!


Cheers mate.. let's do it

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Hi there - having read your idea here, a number of additional uses sprung to mind. But firstly, I wonder if you are aware of the currently running Steem Use-a-Thon by Byteball?

It's a contest in which innovative and creative use cases for the platform compete for the grand prizes and a weekly prize for best progress are awarded.

What initially came to mind is the use of the token. The Byteball platform allows for totally straightforward token creation without requiring any programming skills. It's basically a 10 minute process on a website and you have your token.

Since you arrange events, I suspect there's often a number of volunteers helping out to make everything run smoothly. One thing that a token and a super user friendly wallet could bring, is a kind of event-economy, where users buy the token at the entrance, and then use your token to pay for food, drinks etc. at stands manned by volunteers. They have a simple QR code printed and customers pay using mobile phones. The benefit would be that volunteers would never actually handle money and you wouldn't really have to trust people to not take a dive in your money :)

Anyways - I just thought I'd let you know of the possibility and regardless of your decision on joining the contest or taking a look at the possibilities, I wish you the best of luck on the project.


Thanks @byteball.org! We will definitely check it out. We've previously also explored Waves as a token creation option but at the time we couldn't see the benefits of having the token solely function within their platform, but we're always open to see what what can work. Going to check out the link now. Thanks again!

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