Smart Media Token Futures: Natural Medicine

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This week in the @sndbox Cohort 2 we are asked to take a look at:

What would your Smart Media look like?

If you could customize your own SMT, what would you want it to do? Is there an industry problem that you'd like it to tackle? Would you want it integrated into your existing website or publication? This weekly question aims to get the brainstorm-ball rolling.

We are given these guiding questions:

  • What would your token do?
  • What problems would you like it to address?
  • What type of community do you imagine it might empower?

They've invited us to take a look at these questions along with the SMT website for inspiration (if you're unfamiliar with the concept of SMTs I suggest you read the whitepaper on the website.)

Alright let's start the brainstorming!

Natural Medicine


Many of you have likely seen the @naturalmedicine channel on Steem, which collects, incentivizes and promotes the sharing of experience, wisdom, tradition and science-based practices of natural medicine. This can include herbalism, alternative healing modalities (including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques, etc), nutritional or diet therapy and anything else that fits under the umbrella of natural medicine.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 3.58.11 PM.png

The vision was dreamt up by @riverflows and she and I, along with some others, make up the backbone of the team. We have weekly contests, a newsletter, and we resteem dozens of posts (see above) and engage the community around natural medicine.

Lately I have been dreaming up creating a token to go along with our blossoming community.

What would your token do?

Our token would reward high quality posts sharing ideas, experience, practice, skills and stories of natural medicine. Given that there is a wide berth of varying types of information shared underneath this tag, there would be "gatekeepers" (perhaps the Oracles of the community) who would sort through the posts and reward the best ones with the token.

In this way, we can create a reputable and skillful sharing of helpful information regarding natural medicine on the net. When we are in need of help or have questions, many of us search the internet for clues or "natural remedies" and via this token and SMT community, we could provide a safer and reputable storehouse of these wisdoms.

We can also share human stories and thus shed light for others and reward them with the token. We learn from one another. This can be demonstrated through the @naturalmedicine interviews.


This one was done between @riverflows and @ofsedgeandsalt

What problems would you like it to address?

As I mentioned above, there is a lot of natural remedy information floating around the internet. A token around natural medicine would address the problem of safety and reputation and filtering when sharing a remedy, skill or awareness.

Instead of SBD or Steem, members of the @naturalmedicine community could be rewarded with the Natural Medicine Token.

Not just any posts would be shared via our community, but practicing professionals, people who have legitimately been healed of certain things using natural medicine and others could share their expertise, stories and what has worked for them.

On most sites, there isn't an incentive to share, let alone a reward or a guiding community that makes sure what is being shared has merit or passes certain standards. Within this community, the token would incentivize quality posts.

What type of community do you imagine it might empower?

Many of us go to natural medicine when we need help in our lives, whether spiritual, mental, physical or emotional. While Western and modern medicine has its place (and even does well to collaborate with natural medicine), there are gaps in service. If we pass over natural medicine entirely as a culture, leaving it to "home study" or continue solely rewarding or certifying alternative remedies, the practice of these remedies will not be as safe or effective as it could be. Through this token and the incentive of sharing quality and trustworthy information, we can collect a database of knowledge which will attract people who have worthwhile, focused, and powerful information to share.

The practice of natural medicine is indeed as old as humanity (perhaps harkening back even to our primate ancestors) and it would be a shame for all of us if it doesn't lessen in stigma and find its place again as a reputable and trustworthy source. In this way, I believe that this token and the creation of this community could empower anyone who is looking for alternative remedies and also the people who are involved in skillfully and wisely sharing what they know.

This model can also work as a part of a plug in on natural medicine websites across the internet. Whether you are a holistic practitioner or an herbalist website collecting information on the practice and study of varying herbs, you could incentivize and reward connection and quality forums on your own website. The token, in this way, can expand past the Steem platform and through countless natural medicine channels around the world -- but all leading back to the Steem blockchain via the invitation of reward for this token.


Since learning more about SMTs and what they bring to our space (and taking part in @actifit just this week), my mind has been continually opened by realizing the sheer potential that they hold to bring people together in focused and visionary ways to empower humanity.

As @ned says, Steem's goal is to tokenize the web. This is no small undertaking, but as their teams have been steadfastly working behind the scenes making the platform scalable for the sizeable populations that can be drawn via many of the SMTs that will flock to Steem, I know that they have been working on it and I am excited to see how it transforms Steem!

In fact, as many have said, I imagine the current status and community of Steem will be so transformed by these additions that within 1-2 years, we who are here now may not even recognize it.



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Hi, thanks for the contribution and for participating in the challenge.

Very good idea an interesting pos. Keep up the good work!!!"

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Thank you for your review, @kit.andres!

So far this week you've reviewed 1 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Great idea. And good post. It furthered my SMT knowledge. I admit I haven't really been paying attention to SMT. Thanks.

This really has huge potential. The depth of information already shared is amazing. It has been fun to watch the expansion of the natural medicine community, adding new groups and ideas each day. Well done you guys, can't wait to see what unfolds with tokens ;) ox

Boom. 🤜🏽🤛🏽 This.

I've been thinking along the same lines, albeit taking a slight vectored approach influenced by what @thewritersblock are planning.

As you say, content on the www about natural medicines are mostly crap, with some gold flecks scattered throughout.

By having a decentralised publication, professionals, researchers, students, and the lay-person all have access to it, and can gain reward for creating and curating it.

I love the idea of a plugin (like a newsfeed) that nat-therapists can include on their own branded websites. I think the various professional associations would also like to be in on this, especially if we can also ensure we publish reputable research items.

So when do we start?


We have already started - this dialogue!!

By having a decentralised publication, professionals, researchers, students, and the lay-person all have access to it, and can gain reward for creating and curating it.

THIS! Yes. More gold nuggets than gold flecks!

The plug-in idea is great - do you mean like, say, you'd have an Instagram widget on a blog?


Yes very exciting times ahead with the long awaited SMTs! It will be very nice to see post fork if we will indeed have streamlined onboarding. Chart analysis shows we have completed our bottom pattern in valuation and if so with some divinely timed mass adoption lol, we may well see double figure STEEM and all sub-communities pushing their own tokens by the end of this year. (Not financial advice of any kind lol)

NM I feel would do very well with it's own token as it has real world application for many who are interested in natural cures to reward it's content creators. Also consider the e-com possibilities that @artemislives for one example could sell her healing products perhaps with perks for a NM token buyer. Opening up a whole internal economy to buy and sell natural healing products or services/consultations, remote healing or counseling. There is already so much value being delivered in this community that to be able to award additional rewards to the authors as well as highlight the "safer and reputable" practices would be an incredible incentive to engage.

Looking further forwards envision those tokens as well as steem raising in value enough that those willing to put in the work are able to become self-sustainable financially and well.. then we're all only but a hop, skip and a solar powered earthship away from complete sovereignty. One must hold goals and step towards their dreams.

I would like to see Stinc address some of the foundation aspects of the platform mechanisms that have proven problematic however and I trust that all hands on deck are getting us through this fork and towards the good of the whole. Inevitably this SMT conversation has been revived at a time when health competition is emerging in the DPoS space. My hope is that as things are ironed out, we see new solutions emerge so that we are able to preserve the environment of where we have placed our communal seeds. MEanwhile I will continue spreading then far and wide.

Thank you to @riverflows for inviting me to share some waffle and insight on this topic. I for one hold natural healers and care givers very close to my heart and will always do my up most to serve and protect the wisdom carriers as we go forth in this new and exciting digital age.

Wholeness is balance, love and be loved one and all.



Thanks for making your way here @kenistyles - your response is really heartening for us. The real world application IS real - thanks for having the vision to see this too. Thanks so much for your injection of 'hopeum' - it inspires us to keep doing what we're doing x

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token will make natural medicine more acceptable .It will give influence to them & power to community.

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An SMT for NM would be so wonderful. A reputable and knowledgeable source of information is absolutely what we are aiming for and such incentives would help build that. One of the most powerful has been the sharing of stories related to natural medicine. It's been incredible to unearth so many wisdoms in so many different areas, from herbalism to yoga to TCM and EFT. Can't wait to see where it goes!!!

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yes! we are in the brainstorming phase and we're right on time! hoping to attract some tech-minded people to our group as well so we can further get the ball rolling :)

What an amazing program, I wish I can join you

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