Sndbox Weekly Question [What makes a good hashtag?]

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Welcome to our Weekly Question Series - every Monday, @sndbox will publish a question designed to challenge and explore new ways of engaging the Steem blockchain.

The #TagTeam Challenge

What makes a good hashtag? With this challenge, we're asking you to invent a brand new tag and incentivize others to use it! Hashtags (or categories) are a very important part of any Steem post. Tags help publishers assign specific themes to content and allow readers to discover that content more dynamically.

New tags are being created all the time. They're a great way to rally visibility around a contest, a campaign, organize a community, or simply to showcase a niche. For our Monday Question Series - we use new tags each week to help organize and discover entries.

But this time, we're asking you to invent a totally new tag (one that has not been used before).


How to Play

  • Publish a post using YOUR new #hashtag. Make sure it hasn't been used yet.
  • Collaborate with others. See if you can encourage others to use your tag!
  • Comment (below) with a link to your post and tell us a bit about the concept / success / failures behind it. What makes your tag different from other tags? Did you tag catch on?
  • We'll curate our favorites!

Explore Past Challenges


The Weekly Question Series, stems from research topics within the Sndbox incubator. This series is made open to the public in an effort to engage all Steemians and explore new forms of collaboration.

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Over at CritDay I've created #buildingonblockchain to explore the future of architecture with the introduction of blockchain. Feel free to share your ideas!

i'm enjoying this week's challenge. #ihaveanxietytoo is the one i have chosen and i hope it will incentivize people to speak up about their anxiety and ways they naturally treat it.

I introduce a new hashtag called #foodmodel because the scene of people excitedly take out phone to snap the food just means food is a great model, as great as human model. Haha. I know there have been alot of food-related post or contest or photography, but I still think food is something which all of us can relate with. And we have so many different types of food around the globe represented in this platform.

#foodmodel is NOT a photography contest. Is just a contest for people to showcase their food and I hope with this contest, I can showcase those who participate too. A new contest is officially ON using #foodmodel. Hope it can get alot of support to increase the prize pool 🙂. We shall see.


Here is my post:
I think these will be very interesting but not many ppl can do it! Hopefully, many ppl will listening to support and development their own culture!

Some friends and I do a simulcast on dlive every Tuesday and I thought about using a hashtag 2 bring the community together on post! So, #thesteemingpile is tonight! :)

Anyways, first time commenting or seeing your posts... But I look forward to Future ones!

What an amazing tag, thanks for sharing @shawnsporter :)

@sndbox Here is my entry with tag "STEPUP"
will share its result soon. weather my idea works or not will see in coming days. Thanx

Ok, from the weird coincidence department, I was chatting with a business partner about a specific need for a new tag for one of our @YouAreHOPE mission campaigns coming up soon, and while waiting for his reply, scanned my feed and saw this article on top. Woah. LOL.

So um


Hi @sircork, the blockchain is full of #weirdcoincidences... and #weirdcoins too, hah!

Sincerely, I have been on the blockchain for a while now and I haven't seen someone blog about something interesting and productive in few paragraphs like this before. Anyways, I guess here is one. Lol
I would consider inventing my own tag(s) now, except there is a restriction to numbers of tags. Meanwhile, expect something short, concise but controversial and subjective. You guys are idea box instead of @sndbox Lol.

That can only comes out from creative mind. It sounds really interesting. With this play or contest more people will follow sndbox. I will really give a good though and than I will come up with certain tag... My own tag... Soon enough. Thanx for bringing this idea.

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Nearly missed this week but scraped in just in time ;-) Thanks @sndbox for continuing to provide interesting inspiration for posts outside of my usual wheelhouse. Here is my entry:

The Joy of Creation - #joyincreation

I created the tag #hispanopost for all those members of the Spanish-speaking community who believe that their effort and quality work in Steemit is being undervalued.


This is an interesting idea. I will give it a go. I am getting my thinking cap on today.

Great idea. @beatking13 this one is for you.

in this post I use Hastag #attitude is a new hastag hopefully someone uses this hastag.

Thank you @sndbox

I would like to try it looks good

I got the concept from the sojourn I had on the blockchain despite the fact that we all have our experiences though. There is always a uniqueness about our experiences on the blockchain and it will be lovely to share it using - steemhardcore or extreme as a tag.

The failures and the successes are attached to each stories from different individuals. I hope you like mine...

Extremism: Am I really a Steem Extremist? My addictive nature for Steem Blockchain

Thank you @sndbox

What is the time duration for submitting the entry?? ..i would love to play one

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Our team will curate the comment section here until the next question is revealed (next Monday) :D

Here is my link: hashtag #bestpie (after all I am from the south) Also making something a contest, as you know increases the hashtag success. I allow the use of the hashtag in comments also by creating a post and using it for a contest. Yes, putting up my precious SBD for this fun.

hashtag #bestpie is catching on overwhelmingly in comments on my post and some made a post using the hashtag #bestpie!

The proof is in the pudding, excuse me, pie.

#codeblock - Codeblock is a tutorial series which seeks to help young programmers and those interested in knowing the workings of basic coding for blogs, web, software... various computer architecture, build better blogs, web pages and, indeed, whatever sort of computer structure. In It, content on how to apply detailed computer codes to achieve defined results are explained.

I began #codeblock with blog design and have a few posts (with text, audio and video materials at times).

Here is a link to an earlier post on Codelock.

Suggestions and contributions are most welcome, as I believe that those who possess knowledge owe knowledge a responsibility to pass it on and improve its understanding.

your thaught is great

Much content every day do not receive the support they should, with the new hashtag "valuablepost", authors with quality content can receive all the assessment they deserve.

Here is my entry:

Gooooooooo~d #hashtag exploring and challenging project ! :)

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

#analyzer - Analyzer is a system which allows Steemit users have an overview of tag performance and other personal info as they blog. The application is being developed in Java and is open source. The system will allow users trade with one another and with the system. Another way to describe Analyzer is a Discord app or oovoo that allows users analyse and trade using cryptocurrencies.

Analyzer is in its early development stages.

Here is a link to an earlier post on Analyzer development.

#schoolman - SchoolMan is a Nigerian educational system which allows users print out variant questions for various subjects in basic and pre-basic stages.

SchoolMan is also in its early development stages.

Here is a link to an earlier post on SchoolMan Development.

Assistance and contributions of any positive kind is most welcome and needed for both hashtag.

I've finally posted my hashtag. I think this was a really fun challenge, it had me give a good think on how we use hashtags, that's for certain. Here is my post.


I was surprised to learn that my hashtag, #comparativeliterature, has never been used. On the Steemit platform, this #hashtag would seem to be a natural. #Comparativeliterature brings cultures together, as Steemit does. It sees trends and relationships, as Steemit does.

#Comparativeliterature is much broader than literature. It encompasses all aspects of culture, because these are the materials from which writers draw.

As I wander around Steemit (yes I do), I read posts in different languages. That's the spirit of #comparativeliterature--ignoring boundaries of geography and language in order to see relationships. I'll use my tag #comparativeliterature in the future and hope to encourage others to adopt it.

Here's my post, in which I try to demonstrate how a #comparativeliterature post might look.

Hi @sndbox here is my link to my hashtag #steem-vent post.

A hashtag is the identity that gives wing to a topic i belive @maxiemoses-eu have explained it so beautifuly that i missed to answer it in my post.
My hashtag is #steem-vent is based upon the frustration level of each individual in today life that make them sick. Through my hashtag, I wish user to come and share their worroes to keep themselves away from woes. It is very general topic still i belive gonna be very effective.
Just as we have confession room in church for our sin , i made #steem-vent for sharing any kind of fruatration.


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Hai @steemflow
thanks for the mention and for stopping by my piece

Is that so.....😕 i think i messed it....again😯

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@sndbox please confirm if you have already declared result of this post.

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