{Vietnamese Translation Report} - Part 3 - Source: Steemit Whitepaper (1209 translated words)

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Steem White Paper on Github

Steem White Paper on Crowdin

2.Project Details

  • Project name: Steem White Paper
  • Translation's Reasons:

Working as a Vietnamese Translator for the Vietnamese team, my second task is Steem White Paper. This is an updated version of Steem White Paper (Genesis). My purpose in translating this document is to bring to my community the most up-to-date source. Because I can understand the importance and the role of Steem White Paper in providing the readers with information as well as the way to approach Steemit.

As you know, the Vietnamese Community seems to be a very young and a new community not only in Steemit but also in other cryptocurrency markets. The lack of the official source of information could cause some barriers for the Vietnamese to join the open world.

The second reason I would like to point out here is that the White Paper plays an important role in communicating the vision, mechanism and values that a cryptocurrency brings to the community. It then persuades the users to engage in the development of value for money and the network.

Joining my team in translating Steem White Paper (Genesis) into Vietnamese gave me a chance to understand more about Steemit, about cryptocurrency as well as to use my skills in converting English into my native language. Then, its result could provide my community with a good and exact source of information.

Before I dive into the report I would like to say that it was a difficult week for myself and Steemit. I have been busy with a new year school term in Vietnam (a school term lasts for 9 months and then we have a Summer school break for 3 months) and I could not contribute as much as I usually do. Thanks to the easy topic of Steemit White paper which is similar to the last project that I translated Steem Genesis, I manage to finish up this project within a couple of hours.

3.Contribution Specifications

3.1. Translation Overview

This is the final translation part of Steem Whitepaper. This part is almost the same as the Steem Genesis white paper that I did in the past. By doing re-translating the Steem white paper I realize that I could speed up the translating process and enhance my knowledge about Steemit.

The topic is pretty much the same as the last project so I will quote it here

As the name of the topic, each part, in turn, shows the strong aspects of Steem system. If the Tips optional talks about the difference in the way Steem pay rewards to the content producers in comparison with the other current network, "Value is in the link" brings the view of Steem of the links. Then, Steem will find out the good methods to protect and appreciate the user's links. Through the third part, the readers could get themselves the ideas of what makes Steem become more popular and easy-to-use than many other widely used websites.

3.2. Languages:

Source Language: English

Target Language: Vietnamese

3.3. Word count:

As usual, with the proper names, I kept them the same with the original version, for example, Steem, blockchain, bitcoin... The total of untranslated words are: 32 words.

The total translated words are 1209

Instead of spending a lot of time in discussing the old topic. I would like to spend some time to brush up my report to make it interesting to the readers. I will try to make a new banner, just a simple one but does not mean it is a boring one.

3.4. Proofread

My translation part was proofread twice by the Language Manager of the Vietnamese Team - @carlpei. It means that my work was checked and followed in details by the authorized person.

4. Proof of Authorship

You can lookup Crowdin project on the following link, as well as the summary of my activities:

Crowdin Project Activity

This part I would like to spend to say many thanks to you and my team for taking your time to follow me and my translation. Moreover, I would like to say a big thank to my Language Manager for his time reading and making proofread in details. I highly appreciated what he has done for our team.

I am so happy to be a part of our team and we are trying our best to bring to our community the useful sources of information. You can check more Vietnamese translation via my team who have Steemit account are: lantracy, symnop, adam.tran, lecongdoo3.
Finally, I am so grateful for being an approved translator of Davinci and Utopian.

My other contributions:


Thank you for your contribution to the Davinci-Utopian translation project @lenancie. This is your 8th contribution to the translation category.

  • You had advised me that you would be busy this week, thus you would be translating fewer article than the previous week but it is okay as long as you can provide accurate and high quality translated work.
  • I enjoy the bit where you add the extra information to explain the new jargon in crypto, I value your time and your study on the subject.
  • From my proofreading, quality is as good as usual.
  • I can see that Steem white paper is now at 99% completed with a 1% remaining untranslated for the Reference. Could you please go ahead and translate the remaining to your post as well? I will compensate for your trouble. Thank you.
  • Your ability to work independently is top-notch but you also provide assistance to your fellow translators.

It is a pleasure to have you as a team member. I look forward to seeing your next contributions.

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