Upvotable #11: Bangkok, Watermelon, and Norway!

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How do we find the best posts to upvote outside of the trending page from newer authors? Upvotable is one answer! If you want me to upvote a post, sharing the post here in the comments is the #1 way to make it happen as these authors and their friends have done below!

  1. @gmichelbkk shares his first travel blog post from Bangkok Thailand at https://steemit.com/travel/@gmichelbkk/a-night-in-bangkok-at-the-mercure-bangkok-makkasan-hotel. I found this one from seeing Michel upvoted a lot of my posts at once and then checking his profile!

  2. @babettxx shares the benefits of eating watermelon with us! I guess it is time to eat more than I already do! https://steemit.com/health/@babettxx/great-benefits-from-eating-watermelon. Thank you for finding this post @winvideos and sharing with us! You earn 10 SBD!

  3. @freehuman asks a powerful questions "Could Steemit be 'The Change' we want to see in the world? Find out for yourself at https://steemit.com/freedom/@freehuman/could-steemit-be-the-change-we-want-to-see-in-the-world. Thank you for finding this post @lann, Earning 10 SBD!

  4. @warjar shares more incredible photos of Norway. See the slice of Norway for yourself! https://steemit.com/photography/@warjar/slice-of-norway-2-preikestolen-supernatural-warning It is a long way down!

  5. @bitbybit says we sounds stop using the "S", lets hear what they have to say in there post! Read it at https://steemit.com/steem/@bitbybit/dear-steemians-please-stop-using-the-s-word.

  6. @hfigueroa say, "who the heck has time to meditate?" Well, as a matter of fact you do! Read why at https://steemit.com/health/@hfigueroa/who-in-the-heck-meditates-anyways.

  7. @conditionedminds explains that we live in a materialistic world. This leads us to have more desires and more suffering? Read for yourself at https://steemit.com/philosophy/@conditionedminds/how-your-desires-can-cause-you-to-suffer.

  8. @tishyaoedit shows us around one of the most beautiful gardens! See for yourself at https://steemit.com/nature/@tishyaoedit/city-oasis-chelsea-physic-garden.

  9. @suvisbodyofwork shares their thoughts on domestic violence and divorce! Everyone needs to be away that this is an issue! https://steemit.com/health/@suvisbodyofwork/thoughts-about-domestic-violence-and-divorce. Thank you @transptrader for sharing some great content Earning 10 SBD!

Where did I find these posts?

Upvotable #10 comments were reviewed by @aarellanes and then I read each post plus added one of my own along with upvotes on all! Would you make comments here with the posts you would like to see in upvotable #12 here because you will get a 10 SBD finder's fee for sharing a post written by another author that we share?

Part of the purpose of the finder's fee is to encourage collaboration among friends to submit each other's posts and get the same upvotes along with a 10 SBD finder's fee. Work together and earn better alongside the 3 finders that earned 30 Steem Dollars on this post!

Will you please upvote this if you would like us to keep doing these because upvoting feels great and pays out curation rewards?

Jerry Banfield


Thank you @jerrybanfield, I replied to your comment btw. I hope you can answer the question that torments me. It's refreshing to see someone as popular as you follow someone down here. And I don't understand why the others here who have 10000+ followers and only found a few people to follow within a year on steemit, like 65 or something.

To anyone reading this, it's getting lonely out there talking to yourselves. Be open to something new, @ocd is also a great place to find new authors with incredible talents.

The high-ranking authors here should support the new batch of talented authors to be able to motivate and keep them writing for steemit. It's for steemit's growth!

Hey there, @jerrybanfield i have joined steemit after watching one of your youtube video...i am still learning and am dont quite know what exactly to vlog about..i have posted a blog about "things to do in bangkok" but it did not get me money...then i thought of posting a blog on riddles...check my blogs out if you can...upvote and please suggest me what i should do to earn money through my blogs...thanks...

Great comment, thanks for the @ocd mention. :)

Good feedback here I will start mentioning the other curation projects like @ocd in my upvotable posts to help bring as much participation to all curation projects as possible!

The I read all your posts and i find those awesome. Please help me Writing some more posts if you find my posts valueable.

Thank you! :)

You're welcome @diabolika thank you for contributing here and encouraging collaboration! I need your help as much as you need mine especially in making the comments more interactive because I can only respond to so many!

No worries @jerrybanfield. I will try to help out as much as I can. I will help myself and the community. :)

@diabolika I followed you and am interested to see what you post next!

I love upvotable! So cool...
This week I'd like to contribute a nomination for a post by @arevolution, it's about making your own kombucha and some great tricks for boosting it's health benefits! I hope some of you try making it at home, its really easy and sooooo much cheaper than buying it in stores :)

Another one I just upvoted from comments on the Poloniex post that I would really value your feedback on Albert!


Yeaaa! I had been looking forward to the next one! It's an awesome thing, this upvotable series.

@jerrybanfield, you are truly a team player.
Wish I have a post ready.
Keep on steemit !!

How old can the posts be for their consideration here @ jerrybanfield

Within 7 days is preferred because we want to up the reward!

what's with this no shirt business lmao?? Shock value much.

Goodday jerry!.hope you could take a look.. thank you 😊https://steemit.com/writing/@annesaya/the-truth-behind-a-street-child

Thank you for sharing with me @annesaya I gave your post an upvote after reading!

I'm submitting another post for consideration. It seems every time I do, it gathers steem on its own. This one isn't brand new so I don't think that'll happen. Hope you like it. Either way, I love what you're doing. Thank you!

You're welcome and thank you for sharing your post with us!

your video being used by another author @jerrybanfield

Nice you earned more with your comment then they are getting so far! I am okay with anyone using anything I create!

ahh i see your point =)

thanks jerry!

Thank you for doing another one of these @jerrybanfield

This is great gesture @jerrybanfield. You're really doing a great job out there. I am thinking of the same for my followers but I am not able to support them yet. I have no resources rightnow and neither I have a loyal follower base. But with time, I ll definitely help tHEM.
Anyways I have made some great posts, if you like you can read them. They provide the great value to your life. I don't want you upvotes, I just want you to have a look. I think it's really worth your attention
A glimpse of my hard work you can find here. Please have a look .


@cryptonet thank you I hope to keep publishing your posts on upvotable! Albert checks all the comments and makes the list for each post because then I have time to just read what he has already approved!

All great people to follow! Supporting people like this will just make the community just better 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

I found this post which will be helpful for people on steemit to learn something new.
https://steemit.com/art/@marty-arts/eye-drawing-tutorial-step-by-step-tweaks-eays-for-about-15-minutes by @marty-arts

@vj1309 thank you for sharing with us!

Welcome! Thanks for starting this curation initiative...it definitely provides a good exposure and motivation to the author of the contents who are working hard to create something meaningful for the steemit community.

@vj1309 I love these type of art posts! People showing the full steps of how they made their art pieces! Thanks for sharing! :D

I like this idea!

I bet my readers have some great hidden talent, too. I can't read everything that goes through my feed~


Hi Jerry, I have a couple that I think you may like :) This pencil artist is amazing and it seems that his posts are way under upvoted :(

Check the work that this young kid does - really, every one of his posts gets ZERO (0). He really deserves a lot of credit, he is not only smart but his ability to creat videos and communicate thru teaching is incredible!!! I am linking just a couple of his great videos to this post, but all of them really deserve to be notice - very talented young man.


Have a GREAT weekend!!! SUNSHINE247

Actually Jerry and Albert - any of the posts on @iconzbranding or @jansenslessons would be great!!! Thanks for taking a look at these :) SUNSHINE247

I must say that since I commented in here Jerry about this wonderful artist, his upvotes have gone up tremendously!!! The artist has let me know that he is very appreciative about this - I really believe you should give him credit!!! All of his posts are great - SUNSHINE247

@sunshine247 thanks for the great posts! Just some pointers, Any art posts should show some step by step instructions or pointers on how they drew it! :D

And for the videos posts if they had a video and several paragraphs with it they would be excellent posts :D

Here is a post I made earlier today! Not my best quality, but I assure you I am working hard. Enjoy


I would like to suggest this post, not because it is so great but because of all the hard work this guy is doing to help new people on Steemit. Lets face it, you can bring all the people in the world to Steemit but if they don't know what to do after they get here what good is it? Thats why I am plugging this post, its the latest of his Video guide for new people on Steemit. https://steemit.com/steemitbasics/@probizranker/basics-on-how-voting-works-on-steemit-for-new-people

Thank you for your submission @n-doorplants, we have chosen a couple of these in the past but are taking a break from sharing more of this type of content.

Thanks for the shout out @jerrybanfield! Much appreciated!

ok, Im just going to say it, dude are you wearing clothes in your picture?

This is a good idea Jerry.. And I just heard you sold your 1,000 Dash Masternode for steem. Awesome! I am starting to collecting some steems as well now..

Keep up the great work finding these posts @traveldiaries! :D

Great post! You always help other :D Love it!

I'm still not sure what separates money making posts from my non-money making posts but I guess it's just a matter of paying my dues.. Any fight fans out there?

A very good idea. Thank you!

Thank you @jerrybanfield for including @suvisbodyofwork, she is creating incredible content and it is great to get that encouraged by yourself!

Great and thanks for showing appreciation as well..

please have a look at my fiction story.. https://steemit.com/writing/@cryptodreamer1/a-fake-identity-by-doctor-crime-fiction

hey @jerrybanfield, i would like to share my post, its about the black sea urchin which is an interesting fellow. i hope you would enjoy my post😊

Egg-citing post about hatching one's own eggs from a farm. Great, personable post.

A heart-felt post by a friend in another country I would have never met without Steemit. Worth a read for anyone.

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@jerrybanfiield, glad I found you. I am fairly new to steemit and was getting information overload until I was in my kick back and relax mode. I decided instead of watching a movie, I would go to youtube and see if I could find any good training films that would help me fast track. Your you tube video "Everything you need to know to gt started fast with steemit. social media pays." was indeed just what I needed. The video was so well layed out and presented with the visual I needed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to put together this video. Aloha and Mahalo, @thethreehugs

Thanks Jerry, I submit Washington Island, WI by new Steemian @nortjenn, peace!


Its my opinion that this post should have gotten a lot more attention. Please take a look at it.


Seems like less addictive cigarettes is a step in the right direction.

I love this post as I am into birds, as you can see in my posts. This is a very good look at endangered birds in North America.

Ya ampun, luar biasa! Saya kagum pada Anda @jerrybanfield

Vote me back

Great initiative! You should check out my post about the Expedition Everest ride at Animal Kingdom, you may like it: https://steemit.com/travel/@jeffjagoe/expedition-everest-animal-kingdom-walt-disney-world

Show Me Your Best Post 🏆 Community Content Showcase
I'm asking fellow steemians to share their best original post/content with myself and the SteemIt community.
Great way to grow this community, @jerrybanfield. Feel free to share your best post with us! We would also greatly appreciate the support. Resteemed because what you're doing is awesome! Thanks, Brandon Holsey • @grow-pro

Money on the way?

Jerry you mentioned the other day about growing pineapples on your front lawn. You could have a couple of sheep first. They would save on the lawnmowing fees and they would fertilise it. Then your pineapples would grow even better. Check out the post about Green Acre Homestead getting their first sheep :

@pennsif Thanks for remembering jerry talking about growing pineapples and sharing this great post with us :D

I'd love for you to check my post.. I have a latest one you'll find it.. Thank you

Thanks for sharing this @jerrybanfield . This will help many people. You can check this out: https://steemit.com/courage/@smyle/who-are-the-cowardly-lions. Thanks.

Great informative post. Have updated abd resteemed.

It was great. Thanks man.

Dear Sir, @jerrybanfield
I was send you some steem for upvote my recent post: https://steemit.com/photography/@muarju/10-best-stock-photos-downloaded-over-10-000-download-free
I hope you will help me to grow up this community.
Thank you so much

Hello @jerrybanfield Have a look at my post on tips to be Successful in life. https://steemit.com/life/@vikbuddy/tips-to-be-successful-in-life
Have a Great Day. Awesome Work @aarellanes you are also doing great work with Jerry. I appreciate your efforts . God Bless You .👍

Love what you are doing in carrying everyone along. Never regret joining steemit because of you. Keep up with the good work..you need to check out my post on what i love about steemit!


Hey Jerry. This extremely entertaining OCD-curated post of mine could do with a big vote and more exposure: https://steemit.com/story/@arekwolf/illustrated-flash-fiction-short-story-about-me-and-stunning-asian-bankster-gal

Laundry day at Jer's house!

This is really awesome of you to do Jerry. Its great to see a successful Steemian sharing the love with others so we can build a strong community

Hi Jerry, I have been following you for quite awhile -well before I joined Steemit. I have you on auto upvote and resteem all your valuable content - thank you! Even your daily routine post was wonderful... I recently created a post with my Mom and myself playing a guitar/ukelele acoustic instrumental version of Girl From Ipanema. I thought it was a pretty cool post and submitted it for the Week 43 Openmic contest. While many other contestants are receiving between $50 and $300+ for their performances, my Mom and I received $3.16 after 1+ days so far and we are both professional jazz musicians. If you would consider upvoting it that would bring us both great joy. I am trying hard to get my Steemit account going, and am having limited success, though I am going to continue to push hard and make it happen. It will happen! Here is the link I hope you enjoy it and thank you in advance for whatever you choose to do. take care my friend, keep the amazing content coming... Ted Crotwell aka @cryptoted

Nice tip for us newbies :)

Great post @gmichelbkk! Thanks for sharing @jerrybanfield. Following you now.

Hi Jerry - a humble request to share my own post. I am writing regularly but am struggling to reach a good amount of followers and therefore rewards. It would mean a great deal to me if you could do share anyone of my posts, but i guess this one is best for now as most recent. https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@attalis/3-reasons-why-buying-bitcoins-now-from-your-alt-coins-is-a-losing-trade
Lots of others with good quality i think, but that is up to you to decide. Please feel free to let me know if you would change anything in my posts in order to get a good following.

Here is a very interesting post in science and astronomy I made: https://steemit.com/comet/@serggioc/fascinating-objects-in-the-cosmos-comets
Hope everyone likes it

Wow Brother you are an absolute inspiration. for the last 2 days I have been scouring your steemit, facebook and youtube channel and have to take my hat of, you have fuelled my fire for steemit posting.

Sir you are a real Steemian Hero

I have recently been introduced to steemit by my good friend @eco-Alex And I have just started positng my new series with loads of my Photography. I believe we have a lot of shared principles and you would love my post. Please let me know what you think.


ps. Oh forgot upvoted and resteemed you too, have a lovely day :)

Awesome idea Jerry. I will dive into that Bangkok one now. Happy to Tweet this.

Hi! I want to promote my posts. Not because I have write it but because I want to make the people read about my country. It would be nice if you can help me resteeming this and read mya posts

Also Italy, please

@Jerrybanfield thank you for everything you are doing. I recently added this post and would love your upvote. It was my first experince skydiving. Have you ever done anything like this?

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Florida Sunset from an award winner and filmmaker https://steemit.com/photography/@markvance/my-florida-sunsets-1

I would like to share this homesteading post. It definitely highlights some of the fears and joys of being a homesteader! Hope you like it!


I got your point and will follow [email protected]

here is something i wrote please have a look Thanks!

Jaynie made a nice post about Soul Connections. https://steemit.com/life/@jaynie/soul-connections

great post Jerry, really like what your doing here. when i first came to steemit your videos and posts help me post and build up my steemit account. Thanks for all the help.

Great post!
Would you upvote my post please? It's another one of my blogs of my trip to Thailand!
thank you :)

@jerrybanfield check this post. very insteresting. this user generates arts from photos with deepearning algorithm. please upvote

I developed a website plugin to show content from steemit.com on your website. I'm really confident that it deserves some attention. Maybe you could promote it in your next upvotable post.


Nice post as always jerrybanfield 👍. Please check out my recommendations on Cryptocurrency and other cool stuff @crypto-expo 😎

Hey JERRY, please check out my post below - read & reply to Chinese/Korean/ any language. My goal is to communicate on steemit worldwide, without regard for language, knocking down the walls of language barriers.
Please AND Thank You...
steemit world wide with Google Translate.

TranslateForeignIntroStep0 copy.jpg

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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Hi Jerry and Albert (@jerrybanfield, @aarellanes),

A community based guide, especially for minnows and newbies, to make Steemit known. It's a great Steemit education resource that I have created. Please have a kind look. https://steemit.com/steemit/@ilyastarar/the-science-and-maths-of-steemit-rewards-explained-even-for-a-9-year-old

Jerry I would love for you to take a look at my first post. I have posted a few other things as well but this one is the most meaningful for me. Thanks for taking a look!https://steemit.com/life/@codenovember/the-chaotic-journey-to-fatherhood

I am your follower :) and u know that ? your posts are super, post more like these! @ronaldmcatee

Omg 😲 I've been on the road for a few days and just found out I was featured in one of your posts. Thank you @jerrybanfield you rock!

Another great post as always Jerry. Would love your feedback on how I am doing. I'm fairly new around here still.

Cheers, appreciate your leadership.