Slice of Norway #2 PREIKESTOLEN (supernatural warning!)

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PREIKESTOLEN - directly translated; “Preacher Chair”, both meaning and physically resembling just that. It is stretching 30 meters (98 feet) out over a 604 meters (1982 feet) long drop into Lysefjorden.

2 preikestolen.jpg

This is a very popular tourist attraction, even before the summer have kicked in with all of its enhanced colors and beauty. These photos are from early April, before the grass has turned bright green, and some snow is also still present.

3 preikestolen.jpg

During the daytime, you will most likely never have the plateau all for yourself, and during mid-season it can get pretty crowded. Yet, with some patience and good timing - you might get lucky!

4 preikestolen side.jpg

Unfortunately, it does occur that people throw themselves off the edge. Sometimes amidst crowds of people. I have not statistics to show to, but my impression is that this is very rare.

5 preikestolen side.jpg

WATCH YOUR STEP - it’s a long way down. The next picture might give you a slight indication of how it is too stand on the outer corner edge looking down. However, it will far from provide you with the sensation it is standing half a step from diving 600 meters down into the even deeper Norwegian fjord.

6 the fall.jpg

If the picture didn’t do it for you, I decided to throw in this little video. I do hope you’ll enjoy!

A MENTAL BARRIER you might want to prepare for, will be shown in this section. If you prefer the life in blissful ignorance of possible lurking dangers, you should stop reading and skip past the two next photos right now... I guess I have kind of made that impossible for you now... I'm sorry.

If you are anything like me it is likely that, until you are either standing to top of it, heading back in from the edge or looking at photos after returning from your trip, you will not have noticed the enormous crack stretching all across the plateau!

8 the crack.jpg

… and continuing down the entire side of it, as seen from the position in the next picture. Despite the little reassuring sight, geologist claim the plateau is safe. At least it has a track record of holding firm through all of know history.

9 the crack2.jpg

GETTING THERE will not be a big challenge for most. The hike is less than 4km (2.5 miles) with a 330m (1080 feet) ascent. Still, I would suggest bringing proper clothing and footwear for the best experience.

10 getting there.jpg

The road is well marked, and many places you will be walking on a prepared trail or wooden bridges.

11 getting there.jpg

SOMETHING STRANGE caught my attention one day I was going through the pictures from the trip, months after having returned. This photo is taken just before we reach the plateau, facing up the trail towards Preikestolen. Do you see something "standing out"?

12 something strange.jpg

It was one of the humanoid shapes in the background that caught my eye, standing out from the rest of the people with its height and extremely slender body shape. While everyone else is taking in the view outward from the plateau, this shape shows no interest for the scenery, facing in towards the mountain, gazing up into the sky...

13 something strange.jpg

While I was there I never made any note of anything out of the ordinary, and neither did anyone else, it seemed. I will not bring you on a chase for the supernatural. The shape could possibly be explained by exposure settings by the camera, combined with an already tall skinny pale girl perhaps. Still, I do find this photo quite intriguing.

Do you have a possible explanation to what we are seeing in the photo? Please do share you thoughts below.

Thank you for reading, and should you decide to go visit Preikestolen for yourself, I wish you the best of luck on your journey!

Best regards,


This was part of my Slice of Norway Series. Supposed to be a "bite-size" portion of Norwegian nature. The series is meant as a piece of inspiration to anyone it might ingreague. Included in the series there will be some of the most popular attractions, yet also some of the unknow sides of Norwegian nature. If your idea of Norway was an icy cold and dark place with Polar bear running freely in the streets – you might be in for a surprise.


Love this please keep doing these because your pictures are beautiful along with the writing to match! I did not notice the girl and like your commentary!

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Great inspirational feedback! Much appreciated.

Thank you for sharing @warjar.

Good info and good pictures.
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I have posted a little from the Western Norway this summer.
If you want to see:

Thank you Xpilar!

Your video montage from your western norway trip is great!

Thank you so much

Ok another beautiful place I must visit one day. ; >

Thank you! I hope you do take the time to vist one day.

Wow this is fantastic, such beautiful views and photos.

Thank you @kerlund74!

Hello friend nice image and palace I like your image and beautifuln post.......................................thanks

Thank you @rajubala8! Glad you liked it.

I love your articles! Seems Norway is an incredible place.

Thank you Mark! Much appreciated!

I like the way you provide information and decide the division of your paragraphs

Thank you @hatemmkh!

Why am I the only one commenting. This post deserves to be in the trending section!

Very kind of you to say Mark.

I hope you'll keep posting stuff. I enjoyed this very much.

Norway AwesOme Place I wish I'll visit one day!!

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